Andy mcnally and nick collins relationship quizzes

Who’s Best for Andy McNally, Sam or Nick?

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship quizzes

Last season, Andy McNally learned to stand on her own two feet and gradually found with breakup buddy and former undercover colleague, Nick Collins. Nov 7, Nick asked Andy as he lent forward slightly. McNally and Collins both nodded " And all this other numbers? "Right you guys are going in as a couple so make it believable, but keep it professional you're on the job. both of you again on Sunday to answer any questions you guys have and to quiz you.". Jul 9, Neither Nick nor Andy can contact anyone, so Gail Peck, whom Nick was Episode 2, "Homecoming", begins with Chief Frank Best's marriage.

While she's looking through a computer, one of the men returns, knocks her out, and she awakens tied up and duct taped in the back of a van. Back at the police station, Blackstone is telling 15 that Simon Dent, a man Dove and officer Oliver Shaw arrested earlier that day for reckless driving, is part of the drug operation and needs to be in play in order for a successful takedown of Nick's group. Eventually, Blackstone admits that he's lost contact with Andy and Nick, which prompts the chief and officers of 15 to rush to rescue their officers, no matter the cost to the undercover operation.

Meanwhile, the head of Nick's group names Andy as the mole and forces Nick to shoot her to prove he's not a mole as well. He takes the shot, but it's a blank. When the leader orders the group to get rid of Andy for real, the officers escape to a different room and hide. Nick tells a furious Andy he knew the gun wasn't loaded before he shot her, and Andy gets a call in to Sam, which leads to their rescue. Afterwards, Chris learns he received the transfer he requested to Timmins, so he can raise his son in a better environment.

Andy goes to make amends with Sam, but sees him kissing officer Marlo Cruz, a newcomer. Later, Nick reveals he took the undercover job thinking Gail was leaving for France.

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Andy and Oliver stumble across a bank robbery, where the suspect seemingly has a baby strapped to him, so Andy can't shoot. The suspect, Timothy McRae, escapes the bank after needlessly shooting the bank manager.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship quizzes

Just as the team figures out that McRae was after the bank manager specifically, he shows up at the hospital and kidnaps the manager's wife, who is McRae's ex girlfriend. The chase leads to a standoff-- McRae holding his wife hostage in a van with Andy and Sam blocking him off on one side while Dove and Chris close in on him from behind. In the grand scheme of things, six months isn't that long. In fact, some would argue that it wasn't enough time to expose the operation at the center of their investigation and bring in the bad guys.

It feels like ages, though - being away from home, not talking to Gail, not being in uniform and not being himself. It doesn't help that every night, the dinner conversation always seems to come back to one name. Soon, the days start to blend, and it's not until they both have a gun pointed at their heads that Nick prays for one more achingly boring conversation - if it means they survive to have it.

Not long after they make their return, Andy comes to the slapping reality that she's been replaced by a female Sam drone. And try as she might to be quiet about it, somewhere along the way Nick's ear ends up metaphorically chewed up and resting somewhere on the floor of their squad car.

He doesn't mind though, even thought it drives him crazy the way Swarek is missing what's right in front of him. He doesn't mind because since they've come back, they don't ride together like they used to.

Or maybe it's just all the time they spent undercover - anything less feels like an extreme. And neither is Chloe. In fact, not long after they return, she's the first one to pick up that there's something more there. Nick's frustrated and Gail's mad, and unspoken feelings, feelings that they refuse to talk about hang over the couple like a dark cloud.

There is a light, though, and Chloe sees it. And whether it's a jab or not, intentional or accidental, the light is made known to to Gail. And Gail is mad, and Nick is still frustrated. It means absolutely nothing. That night was a turning point, and it's not long after that everything else falls blissfully apart.

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There's a kidnapping, and secrets are revealed with Blackstone in the mix. And Nick is there to hear every last word.

He listens as she defends herself in the car, he really does, hanging onto every word that suggests their bitter end is his fault. And maybe it is.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship quizzes

Maybe it is his fault for not realizing until now the feelings that are creeping up on him. The sparks have gone out between him and Gail, but is his wrong for hanging on in hopes that the embers have a little more left inside them?

It doesn't matter now because he's telling her goodnight and she's looking at him with shame and guilt and anger - all things he knows she wouldn't being feelings if he hadn't come back into her life.

And then it's not long before he realizes how safe he's been living his life. And I don't mean physically living, because as a cop there's a chance to get shot at every day- almost as much as there is when he was wearing a different uniform.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship quizzes

The relationship with Gail had been safe, going back to something he knew before though it hadn't worked the first time. Well, it had failed this time too, and this time, it's Andy who's his "break-up buddy" instead of the other way around.

He looks at her with gratitude, knowing full well that she could so easily look at him with daggers.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship quizzes

The feeling of thanks is mixed with something else, something Chloe had discovered before, something that shouldn't be there. But now, it doesn't matter. And maybe he should have waited longer after the split with Gail, but that whole taking chances thing means finally being honest.

After all belated honestly had destroyed his engagement to be engaged. When she was young her father took her on camping trips out in the woods Andy's luck with men may be not so thrilling.

She was dating Detective Callaghanuntil he cheated on her with his ex Jo Rosati. She has feelings for her training officer, Swarekand in the last three episodes of season 2, Andy and Sam enter a relationship. Although she is a fighter, she has some weakness when it comes to Sam Swarek Is she ready for this? After dancing around a relationship, Sam and Andy take the plunge. Unfortunately, when Sam is in the middle of a dangerous undercover operation, Andy helps find and rescue Sam from the dangerous Jamie Brennan, but when the two are suspended for three months, Andy realizes that she can't stay in town and obey the orders to avoid Sam.

When Sam followed Andy's hunch instead of his own instincts and his best friend Jerry Barber was killed as a result, Sam was distraught and began to distance himself from Andy and his other friends at Sam broke up with Andy, leaving her heartbroken and confused in the parking lot of the Penny.

After ignoring her calls for weeks, Sam tries to repair the relationship when Andy finds herself in a life and death situation. Unsure of whether she can trust Sam, Andy leaves on an undercover mission with Nick Collinsleaving Sam sitting at the bar waiting for her at the end of season 3.

Andy McNally

Season 4 finds Andy returning from her six months of undercover with Nick Collinshoping to get things back on track with Samonly to learn that he has moved on with a new cop, Marlo Cruz. While it seems that Sam is immediately conflicted, and realizes that Andy didn't leave for undercover because she no longer has feelings for him, it looks like he may crack, but he continues his relationship with Cruz. When Andy realizes that Sam is no longer an option for her, she finds herself involved with Nick Collinswho has made it clear that he has true feelings for Andy, which jeopardizes her friendship with Nick's ex, Gail Peck.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship quizzes

When Sam realizes that he may have lost Andy for good, he pours his heart out, just before getting shot in the station. The finale ends with Sam on the operating table, Andy by his side. Season 5 finds Andy and Sam confessing their feelings about each other, and they start dating. Nick wants what's best for Andy and they break up.

Andy had to train rookie Duncan Moore, but Officer Moore abandoned her when she was protecting a child from a gunman.

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Andy reported Moore to the authorities. This led to a court battle.