Arrow oliver and felicity relationship quizzes

Arrow: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Felicity And Oliver’s Relationship

arrow oliver and felicity relationship quizzes

In Next of Kin, the latest episode of Arrow, Oliver Queen and his on-again, off- again love interest Felicity Smoak got back together. The strong and silent type is nice, but a good relationship can't be all brood and brawn. Felicity brings out another side of Oliver, usually with a. The couple may not have been paired together in DC's original Green Arrow comics (instead Oliver/Green Arrow is often paired with Dinah.

They were headed for a romance, except they weren't. In the second season premiere, Kara abruptly decided to focus on being a superhero and kicked James to the curb. Her annoying change of heart came out of nowhere for a lot of fans. The CW superhero show spends as much time setting up and knocking down romances as it does villains.

arrow oliver and felicity relationship quizzes

Finagling relationships is inevitable on a TV show with a relatively small cast, and Arrow is no exception. With the exception of only a couple of the characters, everyone has dated everyone else on that show. One of the most annoying relationships was one that existed at the outset of Arrow.

The relationship between Tommy Merlyn and Laurel Lance wasn't meant to be the love to end all loves. It was only a plot device to create tension between Oliver, his best friend and his ex-girlfriend. Plus, when Tommy died, it gave Laurel some serious motivation for becoming a vigilante in her own right. Married folks enjoy the occasional roll in the hay too, even when it's with someone other than their spouse. In one of the most shocking plot twists Arrow ever served up, Malcolm Merlyn revealed that not only did he get it on with Moira Queen, the result of their tryst was his daughter, Thea.

No one wants to find out that their mother wasn't as saintly as one hoped. Oliver and Thea were understandably devastated to find out their mother had betrayed their father. Moreover, the audience was annoyed that someone with as much class as Moira Queen would slum it with someone as smarmy as Malcolm.

Of course, Malcolm's paternity has provided plenty of emotional layers for both Malcolm and Thea, as well as a steady base for future plots. The audience feels like their part of the superhero's inner circle since they're in on the big secret.

However, for the superhero, keeping such a big secret can be a big strain, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. One of the most annoying relationships Barry had was with Linda Park.

The consequences for that lack of of trust ave been played out on the show, multiple times. There is suspicion and resentment, and when one of those whoppers comes to light, it just ignites a powder keg.

As the Arrowverse teaches us, being the good guy is hard work. He also neglected to tell Felicity about this plan.

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While the League of Assassins is a dangerous foe, Felicity was already in their crosshairs anyway. When Iris and Barry were having couple issues, they went to an actual licensed therapist-- they had to omit details but got the gist across.

arrow oliver and felicity relationship quizzes

Oliver and Felicity needed to be trapped in a bunker with the chip in order to get through their issues. They are both to blame for getting to this point.

There was a lot of hurt feelings between them that needed to be cleared up, but it took them to be trapped together in order to do so.

arrow oliver and felicity relationship quizzes

In actuality, they just needed to talk to each other. Despite being an empathetic sort of person, she tends to have trouble processing her own feelings.

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While Oliver is not an example of emotional sharing, he does process his emotions. Felicity, however, kind of buries them deep down and just lets it fester in a real ugly way. If she wants emotional availability and honesty from Oliver, then she needs to do the same for him and for herself.

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One of the more jarring things is that she never really seemed to process redirecting the nuke to Havenbrook, ending everyone there. Arrow itself apparently debunked it with Oliver willingly coming out of the vigilante closet, rather than being forced out decades later.

arrow oliver and felicity relationship quizzes

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