Belldandy and keiichi relationship trust

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She acted in such a way because the Goddesses were trying to wrest Keiichi from . the inter-species God/Demon relationship that they intended to have had to . One can gather that Belldandy is trusting and confident like that because she. And Bell in turn trusts Keiichi believes in him, and accepts . the slow progress of their relationship, Keiichi and Belldandy had. Skuld shouted, not too thrilled of the idea of Keiichi and her big sis being . living plane combined with Belldandy and Keiichi's close knit relationship. "And I'm professional," Kain stated gruffly, "Trust me, I know how to keep.

If there was a friendship any more. She went up to his room and rang the bell. She didn't feel like running away, but knew that if there was any other way to put things right, she would take it. Kenji answered the door. He was still wearing the clothes that he had on last night, and looked as if he had never even gone to bed.

His expression remained neutral as he saw her.

Keiichi and Belldandy

Well, thought Skuld, at least he didn't slam the door in my face. Nevertheless, she could feel herself wavering at the door. Stop this, she thought. You need to do this, more than anything. If Keiichi could have the courage to propose to a goddess, then surely she could muster up the courage to heal her broken friendship.

Skuld walked slowly into the room, sitting down on the couch. I--thank you for allowing me into your home. After all, you are a goddess. Do you think I'm going to call a curse on your head if you don't do as I say? Do you really know so little about me?

Everything about you, everything I thought I understood, is now gone. Why did you keep this from me? Did you think I'd blurt it out to the first person who came along? None of us could! Even Keiichi's sister didn't know about us until last night! It's a secret that has to be kept, no matter My sister Belldandy is the goddess of the present, and Urd is the goddess of the past. I suppose a more human term for us would be computer programmers.

Ygdrassil, our main computer in heaven, does most of the work for us. We just have to watch over it. That's mostly my job; I'm a debugger back up in heaven. Belldandy used to write programs, but Kami-sama transferred her to the Goddess Help Office a few years ago.

Doesn't heaven need you up there all the time? I was told by Kami-sama that I had to stay on Earth as a surface trainee. Apparently my people skills weren't all they could have been.

Can't you appeal to Kami-sama to let you return to your duties? But I've come to like it here on Earth. There's always fun things to do, I don't have as many responsibilities weighing me down I can be free when I'm down here.

I think that's why Urd stays here, too. He tried to imagine the pressure a twelve-year-old girl would feel if she was in charge of maintenance for the computer that ran the world. No wonder she had mood swings. I don't know what it was, exactly. I do know that you became my friend when I desperately needed one. I have so many mechanical friends that I invent, all of them talking and smart, but I don't really know how to make real friends.

I always screw it up. Kenji was looking at the back of her head, and her lustrous black hair. He wanted her to face him, wanted to be able to see her expression.

I'm sorry that I never told you about me But I haven't been hiding my true self, Kenji. I'm no different from the girl you know, Kenji. There was still a great deal that he didn't know about her, but it could keep. If he wasn't ready to accept her now, what difference would the rest make?

She looked at Kenji. He was so handsome, sitting there looking at her. After a few minutes, she said, "Kenji? I had no idea that you were this important. I thought that we just had a nice, normal friendship. I can't just accept you again and go on as if nothing happened. Well, thank you for being honest, Kenji. She sat again with a wary expression. When I first saw you there was something in my chest that just I don't know if it was my subconscious telling me you were a goddess, or Every time we see each other, I don't ever want you to go.

I can't possibly send you away. I promise never to do anything that would hurt you in any way. I was happy to be your friend when I thought you were a mortal, and I'm happy to be so now that I know your true destiny. Now it was his turn to wait, as Skuld sat thinking about what he had said. He wondered if she could accept it. This was perhaps the closest he had gotten to showing his feelings for her, and he was afraid that it wouldn't be enough.

Skuld looked up, and there were tears in her eyes. I don't know what I'd do without you around.

belldandy and keiichi relationship trust

There are times when I get really mad, and then I think of you, and I calm down. It doesn't matter to me that you're a mortal. You're my best friend. I'm nothing like my sister, nor do I want to be. But yes, Kenji, I do see that future for us. I see it, and it shines brighter than the others. Friends for now, but the promise for more now vocalized. They held each other for a long time, in relief and happiness.

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It had been a busy day. After breakfast, Belldandy had gone up to heaven, explaining that she needed to formally ask Kami-sama of this boon. She didn't see a problem, though. Keiichi had spent the morning taking care of a few things here on Earth.

He had called his parents, and arranged a meeting tomorrow to announce his marriage. He knew his mother would go ballistic, but he couldn't avoid it; they needed to be told. He also called Tamiya and Ootaki, letting them know the news, and inviting them to the wedding. They didn't seem to be surprised at all; in fact, their main concern was Keiichi's bachelor party, which they insisted on despite his protests.

He also got a promise from them not to tell Sayoko and Aoshima until the last possible moment; no sense inviting trouble. With that done, he returned to the temple to await Belldandy. Despite all the assurances she had given him, Keiichi feared what Kami-sama would say. After all, he was trying to marry one of the best goddesses in heaven, one of Kami-sama's closest confidants.

Would this be allowed, even if the two of them did love each other?

belldandy and keiichi relationship trust

Keiichi's train of thought was interrupted by Belldandy coming out into the backyard. There was a smile on her face, but Keiichi immediately noticed that the smile did not reach her eyes. He reached out to her. He would not give us his blessing He says that the contract of marriage will have to hold us together, not anything else. I agree with him, I suppose. Keiichi, there are many things we need to discuss. Kami-sama does not want you to marry me without realizing everything that goes with it.

But it can't work that way. After that, the human is usually Scrysha huffed and pressed her knuckles against her hip, "Well you're as forthcoming with information as ever," she said sarcastically. Kain sighed, "Very well, just please don't interfere with my work.

Scrysha pushed him in the shoulder. Both laughed lightly and then Kain sighed, "I suppose I should get to work then. Shall we rejoin the others? The pair returned to where everyone was eating and sat down. As the meal began so did the conversation. Most of the light is due to the presences of you goddesses on the living plane combined with Belldandy and Keiichi's close knit relationship. I will definitely be putting that relationship to the test, as is part of my job.

However, I must ask, why is there a demoness working at a convenience store and none of you are doing anything about it? She sighed with glee and leaned back, "We don't do anything because she's not a threat. After all I outrank them. So I wouldn't be communicating much with humans," Scrysha stated.

Kain nodded, "Only goddesses are unable to lie, the closest my blood gets to them is my angelic blood, but that's not enough to invoke the inability to lie. Part draconian and part seraph," he stated. Kain therefore exhibits a grand amount of humane appearance and the angelic DNA in him furthers that appearance.

His draconic appearance is completely internal," Scrysha stated. Skuld put down her plate, "Ah that was delicious. I'm so full," she said and stretched. Scrysha slurped the last of the noodles in her bowl, "Yes that was rather appetizing. You're a good cook Belldandy. Out of the question! Not…" "Of course you can stay here," Belldandy smiled, "We'd be delighted to have you. You know what we're taught. They act all friendly and then they stab you in the back first chance," Skuld said.

Urd could barely contain her laughter. I'm about as subtle as a fireworks display," Scrysha said, picking her fingernails. Belldandy's expression grew serious, "but no, I've no interest in harming any of you. Skuld still gripped the folds of her older sister's dress tightly, "but I'll protect you if anything does happen so don't you worry. Keiichi-san, will you help me? She's up to something. There's no way she'd just naturally volunteer to help like that out of the goodness of her heart.

Urd's pov I helped Scrysha first. She summoned all of her belongings all with magic. While she did that I helped Kain pick out a room, but I also had some questions for him. My message seemed to have gotten across, "Not particularly, although I've never actually had a serious relationship before. I've never had a woman like me for anything besides my status and my appearance," he told me.

We entered another room. Besides I'd outlive any family I'd start and that's one pain I don't want to bear," he said.

I laughed mischievously, "So you aren't all iron in and out, how interesting. He grabbed my wrist. He sucked in a breath, "You seem to be enjoying it.

I backed off him, "Well ok, I'll see you tonight," I winked. Keiichi's pov As I turned from the sink to go and put a dry plate back in its proper place I saw Skuld squatted down by the door holding some form of remote control. I sighed, afraid of the answer to my question, but I was going to ask it anyway, "What are you doing Skuld?

I was not getting involved. When Scrysha found Skuld's toy, broke it and came into the kitchen on a revenge hype, I was not getting involved. I think it's rather mature of her," Belldandy stated.

That was Belldandy for you: This is a very delicate process," she said, fiddling with her remote. I never could tell with her.

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If that's what she wants to do, we should let her," Belldandy seemed ok with it. Ok, she's hiding something, I told myself. While Urd and Belldandy talked, Skuld leaned over to me, "That's it we're going to find out what's going on when we get back. I turned my head, rolling my eyes. Urd's pov Hook, line and sinker, with those three occupied for the evening, and Scrysha going to go practice her magic I've got no distractions.

That evening 3rd Person pov Keiichi, Belldandy and Skuld came back to the temple about an hour ago, exhausted from their excursion all of them now asleep.

Kain had managed to make all the mental notes he needed about the living arrangements of the goddesses and Keiichi. He found it to be fit to keep the light on high standards here in this world. He was also pleased that Urd was playing a helpful portion of the equation by trying to push Keiichi and Belldandy closer, despite her failures.

He was currently looking over a book he had brought with he when there was a light knock at the door. It was Urd, dressed rather provocatively, even more so than usual. Her robe was low cut, revealing quite a lot of cleavage and it was apparent she wasn't wearing a bra. The robe came down barely past her knees. She was barefoot and the sleeves only came about halfway down her forearms.

He stood up and walked over to her, Urd twirled out of the way, "Making me work for you? She leaned back as he steadied her with one arm as if they were dancing. He then grabbed hold of the elbow of her outer arm and brought his lips to hers.

The silver haired goddess reached her arm up and placed it on Kain's shoulder, closing her eyes and enjoying every moment of hers and Kain's contact. When they broke for air, Kain slowly lay Urd down onto the ground and sucked on the side of her neck causing Urd to gasp, but not that loudly. With his right arm Kain undid Urd's robe belt and slid his hand underneath the folds of her robe and trailing two fingers up her front, very slowly.

Urd shook slightly from the pleasurable sensation, the man she was with was certainly no novice at pleasing women. Kain traced his fingers around the goddess' skinny abdomen, creating a diamond shape around her navel; Urd let out a pleased "Oooh" as a result. Kain slid his hand up farther, slowly again and pushed off Urd's robe, grabbing her left breast and began to fondle it, flicking the nip with his middle finger from time to time.

Urd moaned to the delight of the feeling. Kain removed his lips from the side of Urd's neck, turned his body to maneuver underneath her and then propped her up on his lap. He wrapped his whole arm around Urd's ample bosom and with his other hand slid it down her stomach.

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As his hand reached closer to her womanhood he turned his wrist so that his fingers were facing up towards the ceiling and pulled down Urd's panties off of her, exposing her heat.

He then placed his hand back onto Urd's smooth skin and moved her clit around in a circle. Urd gasped, trembling slightly from Kain's pleasurable touch. Kain then moved his hand up and down along the outer side of Urd's pussy, causing Urd to squirm in anticipation, wanting Kain to just go in her already. He then slid a single finger down the centerline of her snatch before slowly sliding it in Urd arched her back and tilted her head from the sensation, but not in a jerked motion, it was controlled and slow.

belldandy and keiichi relationship trust

Kain inserted another finger into her and then began to pump them in and out of Urd while his thumb rubbed her clitoris. Urd's breathing became quick and her face started to turn red. Kain began to pump faster and then started playing with Urd's right breast, grabbing the nipple in between his pointer and middle finger and twisting it.

As she recovered Kain looked up to the wire he had strung around near the ceiling. He pointed his finger and channeled energy into it creating a crimson lightning channel all along the edge of the wall near the ceiling. He was extremely well toned. He had powerful pecs and a six-pack.

It was enough to make Urd almost drool. When his member came out into view Urd was taken in by its large size. Kain leaned down next to Urd, but she put a hand on his chest.