Can you have a relationship with both liara and ashley

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can you have a relationship with both liara and ashley

Generally this situation is only possible if you wait until late in ME 1 to recruit Liara, because if you're at the 'challenge' stage with both. Now if you have ever been in a relationship you would know it is full of . I think both Liara's and Ashley's relationships are intentionally put on. You can progress through *most* of the romance dialogue (there is no true subplot, just conversations with both characters) with both characters, but towards the.

Now fast forward to me2. Cerberus screws everyone and I dont blame her for being doubtful and you can see by her email that she really does care for you. In me1 the complaint that she was xenophobic I understand this game deals with very important social issues such as racism and sexism, but there is no way you wouldnt be a LITTLE bit xenophobic in her position.

Regarding Liara and Ashley romance

Also a lot of her concerns are very valid like when she is concerned about giving the other squad mates access to all of the Normandy's secrets in me1. That ship was humanities Bees-knees per say.

That thing was a pride and glory to the alliance and the whole human race. That's like saying "Well the US and the UK are friends so lets give them access to our top level stuff. Sorry I dont think it works that way. We need to look out for our own interests no matter how good of friends we are with someone.

can you have a relationship with both liara and ashley

That doesnt make us less of friends, its just simple rules of survival. I understand the whole issue with her in me3 as well.

can you have a relationship with both liara and ashley

The part where she holds a gun to you. She wouldnt be so concerned and distraught by your decisions and doubt you so much unless she cared so much. In the end I feel like her relationship had the most "real" factor to it. She is in all three games yes I know barely in me2but Liara to me feels completely forced by bioware. Maybe it is because she is an alien and that just the way they are, but I feel that if Shepherd had to have a canon LI which I dont think there is one, I think its all preferenceIt would be Ashley.

Sorry for the long rant, I could go on longer talking, but I would love to hear everyone's opinions.

Only a decisively Renegade conversation path will negatively impact the romance at this point; otherwise the romantic interest will comfort and reassure Shepard. However, the intimate mood is immediately shattered by Joker with an urgent call over the ship's comm.

Mass Effect 3: Ashley Romance #6: Ashley's jealous of Miranda

Conclusion — If the romance subplot has been continued, while en route to Ilos the love interest pays a private visit to Shepard 's personal quarters aboard the SSV Normandy. Paragon choices will make for a passionate ending and an intimate cut-scene.

Choosing Renegade results in the love interest leaving the room; this does not, however, end the romance, which continues on to the next game regardless of the response picked.

Completing the romance subplot unlocks the Paramour Achievement. Asari consort Edit If Shepard helps the asari consort Sha'ira to stop Septimus from spreading lies and subsequently proving her innocence to XeltanSha'ira will offer a reward of words upon returning to the Consort's Chambers"an affirmation of who you are and who you will become".

If the Commander expresses dissatisfaction with the offered reward, Sha'ira will initiate a sexual encounter with Shepard.

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However, pursuing this action will not grant the Paramour Achievement. Media controversy Edit The inclusion of a sex scene in Mass Effect led to some controversy and inaccurate rumours of the game being pornographic in nature. These rumours have since been quelled. An additional message that can be found in Asteroid X57 's pirate radio shack in the PC version of Bring Down the Sky may be a "response" to this controversy.

Mass Effect was banned in Singapore for a short time before it was lifted with an M18 rating. Censors in the country said that a scene with an alien and human female caressing was the main reason why the game was not allowed to be sold in Singaporean video game stores.

Mass Effect 2 Edit If an imported Shepard has a love interest from the original Mass Effect, then that relationship will continue into Mass Effect 2, even though the love interest will be unable to join Shepard's squad.

The conditions for importing a love interesthowever, are seemingly arbitrary as consummation is not necessary, and apparent rejection of a love interest may not prevent it.

can you have a relationship with both liara and ashley

It is not possible to break up with a romance interest that has carried over. If a romance interest is carried over, a picture of Shepard's romantic interest from the original Mass Effect is visible on the desk in the Commander's quarters near the private terminal.

While there are no romantic plots or interactions available with Shepard's original love interest, should Shepard stay loyal to that character, they briefly exchange either a kiss or an embrace when reunited, and a short cutscene takes place en-route to the final mission, in which Shepard stares deeply while smiling at the picture.