Derek and casey relationship counseling

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derek and casey relationship counseling

What kind of relationship did Derek and Casey have?. The following is a list of episodes of the Canadian sitcom Life with Derek, which also appeared Soon, Derek connects the two incidents to Sam and accuses Casey of secretly crushing on him. Derek is opposed to a relationship between his best friend and his stepsister so he tries to sabotage the possibility of them. Life With Derek - Rated: T - English - Humor/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, - Reviews: 44 Anyone in a relationship with Casey Macdonald is in a relationship with Derek Venturi. In which Derek wants to move, Casey attempts to assist, and the idea of there being an eleven Casey turns to The Expert for advice.

Recurring cast[ edit ] Shadia Simmons as Emily Davis, Casey's best friend and next door neighbor who had a crush on Derek. She dated Sheldon Shlepper who moved to Newfoundland. She and Derek went on a date once, but decided it wouldn't work out when Derek admits he only asked her out to bother Casey. However, they began to date again after Derek realized he did like her and asks her to the prom.

She often tries to help Casey become more popular at school, helps her fit in and helps her figure out boys along the way. According to Casey, she has a "lighthearted way of dealing with Casey's many problems".

She started dating Derek in the episode "Surprise", but they broke up, since Derek took interest in Roxy. Arnold Pinnock as Paul Greebie, Casey's guidance counselor. She constantly goes to him for advice when she gets stressed; however he usually asks questions so that Casey can figure out her problem on her own. She will ask him questions and then immediately answer them herself. His last appearance is in the episode "Futuritis". After receiving Derek's permission, they begin dating in the episode "Male Code Blue".

After breaking up numerous times, they call it quits in the episode "Middle Manic", but decide to stay friends in the episode "Battle of the Bands" when Casey becomes the lead singer of Derek's band. Lauren Collins as Kendra, popular girl, friend of Casey's and Derek's ex after the episode "Misadventures in Babysitting". She still has a major crush on Derek, and she attempts reuniting with him in "Just Friends".

Robbie Amell as Max Miller, the school's quarterback and Casey's boyfriend beginning in "Misadventures in Babysitting". He dated the head cheerleader Amy before asking Casey out.

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They broke up in the episode "Allergy Season". Casey wanted to get back together with him in the episode "Two Kisses, One Party", but he had already moved on. Shane Kippel as Ralph Papadapolis, one of Derek's friends and fellow band member.

In season 4, Ralph harbors a crush on Casey. William Greenblatt as Sheldon Schlepper. He is currently living in Newfoundland.

So what was going on with Life With Derek?

All of his siblings have once been class president except him. Keir Gilchrist as Jamie, Lizzie's best friend who harbors a crush on her. Kate Todd as Sally, Derek's co-worker who starts to like him after breaking up with ex-boyfriend, Patrick.

derek and casey relationship counseling

With some interference and planning from Casey and Nora, they finally begin to date. Sally and Derek break up after Sally decides to go to UBCget back together soon afterward, and then break up for good when Sally actually goes to Vancouver. Joe Dinicol as Truman French, a new boy in school that Casey has recurring dreams about.

Casey denies her feelings for him, but in the end, finally agrees to date him. They agree to go with each other in "No More Games" and they start going out in the episode "Teddy's Back".

derek and casey relationship counseling

They break up in the episode "Truman's Last Chance" because Casey sees Truman being kissed by Vicki and think it's vice versa. Casey was upset, but she reunites with Truman at the prom, and they reconciled in "Surprise;" however, they broke up. Alex House as Trevor, a "punk" boy who goes to Casey's school. Derek bets Casey she can't get him to ask her out, and Casey takes the bet, soon developing a crush on him.

derek and casey relationship counseling

She loses the bet after telling him about it after Derek interfers and makes her feel guilty for lying to him. She finds out Trevor was only hanging out with her because he had a crush on Emily, but the two stay friends.

He is one of the guitarists in the band, D-Rock. Although Casey has asked him, he won't tell her what to do, only give suggestions.

derek and casey relationship counseling

He is also very clumsy. Once, when tipping his chair back to far, he fell and landed in the trash can. Max Miller - Robbie Amell Casey's current ex-boyfriend.

derek and casey relationship counseling

He is a jock, being quarterback of the school football team. He is revealed to be quite impolite sometimes, for example: But after Casey talks to him, he becomes more chivalrous. Casey and Max break up at the end of Allergy Season because Casey needed a break from her and Max just to figure out what was causing her allergies.

Relationships with other characters Derek Venturi While Casey has a lot to deal with in her life - living with George, Edwin, and Marti; trying to fit in at a new school; and figuring out where she and her sister stand in this new family; it all pales in comparison to her single biggest challenge, the show's namesake. Everyone in the Venturi house has always been expected to play by Derek's rules, and Casey doesn't like that.

While Casey is sneakier than she portrays herself to be, her "good person" side will come out if she really believes Derek needs her help, whether he really needs help "Grade-Point: Average" or he's pretending to get his own way "The Party" or somewhere in between "The Wedding". In the episode "Prank Wars", Casey is very concerned for Derek and fights against the principal for him not to be expelled.

But Derek also cares about Casey, as shown in "Crushing the Coach.

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At times, Derek can be a true friend to Casey, and save her from dangerous situations. When Casey wants Lizzie to do something unethical or "mean" to beat Derek, she has to badger her into it. While the sisters have very different interests, they share a general appreciation for organization and femininity, although Lizzie isn't as passionate about it as Casey would like.

They are very close. Although Casey loves Lizzie, they are the opposite of each other. Casey is some-what girly and doesn't enjoy sports, Lizzie is tomboy-ish and enjoys sports, like soccer and hockey.

And to Casey's dismay, Lizzie likes Derek and kind of enjoys living with the Venturis, although when Casey's around, she pretends to hate it. Even though Casey controls Lizzie like Derek controls Edwin, she is rarely mean and never violent. Lizzie admits herself that Casey is "usually a great sister. On the other hand, she's a Venturi, and a weak one at that, making her the quickest possible route to the takedown of Derek. Casey is always an excellent babysitter for Marti - she feels a little sorry for Marti since she grew up in a house of guys.

Casey and Marti have a good relationship. As seen in "House of Games" Marti didn't like Casey because she stepped on her imaginary friend Daphne, and quote, "Too late she hates you". Marti later forgives Casey though and loves her like a big sister. Through-out the series Marti starts to act older. Though she is only 6 and almost 7, she still tries to prove to Casey she is smarter than what she seems at times.

Edwin Venturi Edwin is Casey's youngest step brother and they don't do much things with each other though they do talk sometimes. She is also protective of him.

Casey helps Edwin with relationships like in the episode He Shoots, She Scoresshe gave him some advice on how to talk to the girl.