Eleanor and jasper relationship test

eleanor and jasper relationship test

Jasper finally poured his heart out to Eleanor on the season 3 finale of Meanwhile, Kathryn's sister is making her question her relationship. Meanwhile, Eleanor was struggling to write a love letter to Jasper after always kept his relationship with Kathryn secret because he was the. Eleanor had no choice but to acknowledge that the result that said the king was not her father, It did not matter what the blood test said, he was her father. Jasper had not left her side since she had gotten him from prison.

He had to force her to eat, and had taken to plunging her in the bath when she refused to wash. He knew she was broken hearted; she had not taken one toot of a joint, one line of coke, one pill of ecstasy or a mouthful of drink. This death had hit her differently from Roberts'; he had just about gotten her through that one. How was he going to get her through this one?

The thought of Robert's death had brought him back to the first night he had started as her detail. He smirked at the way he was so weedy at their first meeting in the wine cellars. Eleanor had steamrolled over him with his phoney British accent, and ten minutes after their meeting he had decided that Jasper had to go. He thought he could pull it off get her to like that Jasper, but this was 'The Princess' and she was used to having her own way.

If he was going to last the week he had to be a bit more creative. He saw a different side as she sat on the ground outside the palace swigging the wine and talking to her dead brother picture. He heard her put her brother Liam wellbeing before her own, and his heart melted a little. This was not the 'Princess' he was used to seeing in Vegas. The spoilt prima donnas who cared about no-one. This was a true princess like in the fairy tales, who was royal and regal but was just as human as the rest of us.

He had not forced her to be with him on the bed, but gradually she had moved until she was next to him. He had never before cuddled her, or snuggled up to her or her, him. Their relationship was not about being all touchy feely.

Only in their love making did they show the other their true self. There was no hiding or pretence then. Fitting like a key and a lock.

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Jasper then appears in the room, takes his jacket off, and says; "Not going to have a day like we did today, because if we do, I'm releasing the video. Don't make false threats, Jasper, it makes it less interesting. However, she is left disappointed when Ophelia responds that she knows nothing about him. While Eleanor is texting OpheliaJasper is getting dressed and informs her that he knows she is texting Ophelia.

Jasper tells Eleanor he is from Nevada and worked as a security guard in the casinos in Las Vegas, but his parents were disappointed and decided to disown him and he lived in an orphanage -however, none of this is true. While they were waiting outside a room, Jasper tells Eleanor he likes purple on her, but he thinks black looks sexier.

While they were following Prince Liam's car, Liam got into a car accident, Liam refused to leave the car because he was worried about Gemma, which caused Jasper to punch him in the face, which knocked him out. When Liam got called to see the King, Eleanor steps up for Jasper, and says to Liam to tell Simon the truth except the fact that Jasper punched him in the face.

Jasper comforting Eleanor When Liam leaves, Jasper has a smirk on his face and Eleanor says that the only reason why she did that was because she wanted to beat him fair and square. Later on in the episode, Eleanor is crying, because she just found outthat the Queen made the press write in the newspaper about how her fashion show was better.

He tells her that her fashion shoot was better. This causes Eleanor to feel a little better. In Sweet, Not LastingPrincess Eleanor has to do a tour to gain positive press and improve her image.

While she's on her first stop on the tour, she takes ectasy due to the fact she can't deal with elderly people.

eleanor and jasper relationship test

As Eleanor enters the elderly people's home, she's high, which then leaves Jasper to take care of her. He pulls her away from an elderly woman, because she was making her uncomfortable.

When leaving the elderly people's home, she puts her head on Jasper's shoulder. They pass the pharmacy, which causes Eleanor to run in to and ask for a bottle of morphine. Jasper comes running to her saying to the clerk; "She's joking, obviously. She does it again, which causes Jasper to take her hands off and he lift her up. During the next stop on the tour, Jasper and Eleanor visit and open an animal shelter. Since she is still high, she takes the scissors and tell Jasper; "You seriously wouldn't believe how big these little scissors feel to me right now.

eleanor and jasper relationship test

While they were leaving, Eleanor ends up taking a dog and decides to name it Prince Rufus. Jasper then takes the dog and returns in, which causes Eleanor to be upset. In the night time, she finally comes down from her high, and admits she regets taking ectasy because it makes her feel sick afterwards.

Jasper is sitting on the chair, looking at her while she talks about how depressing life is.

eleanor and jasper relationship test

She says to Jasper; "Is this where you take advantage of me, again? This leads her to be getting drunk.

Eleanor and Jasper

While in the hospital, she talks about her hatred towards her mother, Helena. Eleanor asking Jasper to take advantage of her The destination of the last stop of the tour was one of Prince Robert's charities -a drug rehab center.

Eleanor notices this, and decides she is going to be sober and not do drugs to honor and remember her dead brother. While she is in the rehab center, she gets paired up with a troubled girl, which then leads to them having a conversation about getting high. Eleanor starts feeling sympathy for the girl.

eleanor and jasper relationship test

The last thing Eleanor says to her is; "How your mother treated you, it's not your fault, maybe once you make the choice to let go, it'll get easier. She calls at Jasper, saying; "Jasper! Come in here and take advantage of me! He asks if that is what she wants and she nods. This shows that he is not forcing her anymore, she had the power to say no.

Jasper then requests her to stand up and take off her dress. He asks her what changed her mind, to which she responds, that they all have choices to make. While talking, Eleanor pours tea for Jasper, but Ophelia thought it was for Ophelia. After Prince Liam leaves Eleanor's room, Jas to have the night off, but Eleanor tells him he doesn't have the night off. While saying that, she looks at Jasper and says that she wanted to see him in a tuxedo.

Eleanor takes a closer look at him and laughs when she sees the Jack Card as his cuff links, and says she still doesn't believe that he is from Vegas. In the ball, Eleanor asks Jasper to dan no to and that he is still working.

Then Eleanor puts a mask on Jasper's face and takes his hand, dancing with him. While they are dancing, she says; "I really worry about your ability to guard my body, Jasper. Jasper turns his head away before they could kiss. When the song ends, Eleanor whispers in Jasper's ear to come with her, and they both decide to leave the ball.

Eleanor pushes Jasper in a tunnel and starts to kiss him, clearly in control, When things get too heated, Jasper stops Eleanor and informs her she doesn't control this and leaves her standing alone.

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She then goes to confront Jasper, and he challenges Eleanor to tell the whole ball he is blackmailing her. She accepts the challenge, and goes up on the stage. Eleanor looks directly at Jasper while thinking about what to say.

Howeveyone about the blackmail, due to the fact she enjoyed where this were leading to. She then walks off stage and past Jasper. He has a smirk on his face, because he knew she wasn't going to tell everyone.

Later in t balcony and Jasper comes towards her and asks her to dance. She refuses, so he forces her to dance.