Eobard thawne and eddie relationship goals

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eobard thawne and eddie relationship goals

The Flash season 1 episode 22 eobard thawne Obviously, adding something as powerful as time travel to The Flash makes that goal nearly impossible, as you can basically . Eddie Thawne didn't need to off himself to stop the Reverse Flash. Barry and Iris have become a cute couple, but their early. Professor Eobard "Zoom" Thawne, also known as Reverse-Flash, is the with the ultimate goal of creating a vast number of addicts who would do his bidding. How Are Eddie & Eobard Thawne Connected On 'The Flash'? Don't think about their family relationship too hard, because it'll make your.

He remained in the past, reenacting his original year scheme as the impostor Harrison Wells.

eobard thawne and eddie relationship goals

But this time, Thawne's connection to the Speed Force was no longer flawed. Moreover, since he knew about his impending death at Eddie's hand, Thawne took steps to preserve himself and escape at the last moment. Using what he had learned about his future from Barry, Thawne was effectively able to rewrite his own fate. That meant that he had attracted the wrath of the Black Flash, an undead servant of the Speed Force that used to be Hunter Zolomon.

Thawne's next big Arrowverse appearance happened in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2. Constantly traveling back and forth through time to stay one step ahead of the Black Flash, Thawne assembled the Legion of Doom to help him reconstruct the Spear of Destiny. Thawne saw the spear as an opportunity to rewrite time itself and avoid his inevitable death. The season culminated with the Black Flash catching up to Thawne and seemingly destroying him.

However, the fact that Thawne dissolved into orange lightning suggests that he was actually absorbed into the Speed Force. That's an important distinction, as this means that both Thawne and Barry were trapped inside the Speed Force at the end of The Flash Season 3. And when Barry's friends freed him from his prison at the beginning of Season 4, Thawne apparently escaped, too.

Chronologically, this is the oldest version of Thawne we've seen in the Arrowverse so far, one who's already lived a life as the impostor Harrison Wells and battled the Legends of Tomorrow with the Legion of Doom. He's even begun wearing Wells' face again. That version of Thawne appears to be the same one now working with Nora in The Flash Season 5, though he's even older and seemingly imprisoned in the year Thawne's ultimate goal at this point isn't clear, but he clearly manipulated Nora into traveling back toall while withholding certain key details about his relationship to Barry.

Thawne seems to want to use Nora as a tool to reshape history again. This might suggest that Thawne's unusual place in the Arrowverse timeline is taking a physical toll on him.

He dyed the costume the reverse in color of its original hues. Naming himself Professor Zoom, he decided to become the greatest criminal in human history. His first crime was to steal the famous Cribi sculptures. However, Barry Allen, on a rescue mission to destroy an atomic clock that was also in the time capsule and had become an atomic bomb during time travel, stopped Zoom.

Zoom escaped prison and was determined to regain his powers, since the Flash had taken his suit from him. He discovered a new element, Element Zwhich granted him super speed when he wore a locket containing the substance around his neck.

However, the element was not stable, and he lost his powers after a short amount of time. Determine to fix this flaw, Zoom sent his astral image backward in time and contacted Al Desmondthe reformed Flash villain once known as Mr. Alchemy and one of the most knowledgeable scholars on elements in history. Here, he forced Desmond to mix a radioactive substance which would send Zoom's physical body to the 20th Century as well. The malevolent speedster then forced Desmond, against his will, to reprise his old Mr.

Element persona and commit several crimes, so that he would be willing to help Zoom out by purifying Element Z. Once this was complete, Zoom used the Cosmic Treadmill to return to his own era, where he attempted to blackmail the government by threatening to release dangerous prisoners from jail with his newfound super speed, unless he received vast sums of money.

eobard thawne and eddie relationship goals

However, the Flash followed him to the 25th Century, where Zoom was defeated. He was sent back to prison and his locket taken away. While in prison, Zoom did a great deal of research in the field of ultra-speed, developing radiation which could compel others to do evil, enable him to read and control the minds of others, as well as granting and taking away super speed.

After he had served his sentence for a year, he was subjected to a test which determined his level of rehabilitation. Because he had previously tampered with the device that was used to administer this test, he passed with the highest possible rating and was released from jail.

Building his own Cosmic Treadmill and using his new ultra-speed science to regain his powers, he traveled back to the 20th Century to test his evildoing radiation on Al Desmond, with whom he had become fascinated after their previous encounter.


While in this era, Zoom used his mind control radiation to cause the city officials of Central City to ban super speed within city limits, thereby creating a great amount of difficulty for his law-abiding foe, the Flash.

Element, to kill their common enemy. However, Element had given himself a post-hypnotic suggestion to save the speedster, which he did by destroying the device which was keeping the Flash hostage. Zoom was shocked at this betrayal, and the Flash took this opportunity to land a mighty punch, knocking him out. As this caused the vibrations which kept him in the 20th Century to cease, Zoom returned to his own era, where the authorities found him, unconscious.

eobard thawne and eddie relationship goals

Zoom was placed in a prison enclosed by invincible radiation, even feeding him radiation, so that no one would ever need to go in his cell.

However, he used the radiation of the cell to increase his mental capacity, to the point where he could actually follow through with his most recent twisted plan.

eobard thawne and eddie relationship goals

Wanting to enjoy the double life of Barry Allen, he used his enhanced brain power to switch places with the Flash, sending him to the 20th century and Barry into his own cell in the future. Changing Barry's electric shaver into a matter distributor, Zoom changed his face to make it look like Barry's. Of all nights, this happened to be the night before Barry's wedding to Iris West.

However, in the future, the real Barry escaped the radiation cell by using his costume ring's chemical formula to have a shrinking effect on the energy wall, and then vibrated through it.

He traveled back to the 20th century, where he broke up his own wedding, which was in progress, and took Zoom outside, where they battled. After the Flash defeated Zoom, the authorities from the future whisked Zoom back to his own era for conviction. Master Criminal of the 25th Century While in prison, Zoom created syntho-steedssynthetic horses used to replace the real things, which had become extinct.

The horse race-watching public was so pleased that Zoom eventually received a full pardon for his crimes and was released. However, Zoom had become enamored with the Raxalus wingsa priceless piece of art on display in Central City. He began an elaborate plot to acquire it by sending one of his syntho-steeds through time to the 20th century.

Here, it terrorized the city, and neither the Flash nor Green Lantern could stop it. However, they were able to determine that the steed was from the future.

eobard thawne and eddie relationship goals

They traveled to the 25th century, where they enlisted Zoom's aid in stopping the beast. He agreed, on the condition that Green Lantern steal the Raxalus wings for him. The two heroes reluctantly agreed, and so Flash and Zoom returned to the 20th century to battle the syntho-steed while Green Lantern stayed in the future to steal the sculpture.

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However, the Raxalus wings were yellow and thus were destroyed when the Green Lantern attempted to carry them back through time without being able to protect them with his ring. A frustrated Zoom accidentally confessed to his crime and he was taken back to the 25th century. Scientists in Zoom's era discovered a deadly form of energy known as cosma-spurs.

When he learned of them, he knew he had to return to the 20th century to use them on his foe, the Flash. This he did by creating a system of tornadoes laced with cosma-spur radiation which threatened to destroy Central City.

The Scarlet Speedster arrived on the scene, but was caught in a twister and would have been killed had he not vibrated into an intangible state. Meanwhile, Zoom began impersonating Barry Allen, hoping to take his place as Iris's husband. Iris eventually deduced that he was not Barry, almost immediately before Barry himself was finally able to revert back to his tangible form and defeat his impostor. To prevent this, Jay Garrick and Doctor Fate whisked her away and attempted to cure her.

When they failed, they sent her to the 30th centuryhoping that she could be cured by her biological parents, Eric and Fran Russell.

  • The Flash Timeline Explained: How Eobard Thawne is in the Future with Nora

The Flash eventually tracked her down, only to discover that Zoom was also in the 30th century and had convinced Iris to marry him in exchange for sparing all of existence. However, after battling Zoom, the Flash discovered how to neutralize the energy-flux in Iris.

However, during this battle, he came in contact with the villain's gemcausing the Thawne family hatred of the Allen family to boil to the surface. He then focused his attention on attacking a nearby police officer, Simogyn Allen. However, Zoom was stopped by a time traveling Wally West, but made a getaway and ran to the Flash Museum.

Here, he used the Cosmic Treadmill to travel to the 30th Centurywhere he hoped to claim the gem for himself. Labswhich they planned to use to transport themselves to Wizard's home dimension of Earth-Two and conquer it.

Eobard Thawne (New Earth)

Zoom, who was recruited in part because of his technological expertise, was put in charge of operating the machine. The Wizard determined that they could travel to the correct world by collecting three tokens of power so that he could cast a spell to break down the dimensional barrier.

Zoom was tasked with obtaining one of the tokens, the ring of Power Ring. He was successful, as were his teammates [19]and the Society arrived on Earth-Two, at the headquarters of the Injustice Society. In order to protect their loved ones, the League had Zatanna magically erase this information from their minds. Zyx" and appearing invisible by vibrating his molecules at superspeed, Zoom contacted Central City's corrupt police chief Matthew Paulsonwho he convinced to steal heroin that had been confiscated by the police.

Zoom's ultimatum Zoom fell in love with Barry's wife, Iris. One day, he came to her and asked her to either leave Barry for him or die. At a costume party the next day, Zoom asked Iris what she had decided.

She slapped him, saying that even if she didn't love Barry so much, she would never let him lay a hand on her. Zoom had one of his henchman drug Barry with "angel-dust". Barry felt dazed and Iris went to get him a glass of water. She entered a room where the deranged convict, Clive Yorkinwas hiding out. Here, Zoom vibrated to invisibility and slipped his vibrating hand through Iris' skull, fatally damaging the molecules in her brain. Obviously, all the evidence pointed to Yorkin.

Ultimately, the villain fitted the Flash with pair of heavy matter boots and left him to sink to his death in the Earth's molten core.