Eponine and gavroche relationship

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eponine and gavroche relationship

We first get introduced to both Gavroche, Marius, and Enjolras in "Look Down". They are basically like a group of brothers and their relationship is close. Right after Javert is caught, Eponine returns to the barricades. Gavroche's relationship to Éponine is not mentioned, however he is seen with the Thénardiers when they are arrested. Gavroche is also shown to be devastated. Get an answer for 'How does Gavroche and Marius's relationship compare to that of to look out for and assist their poorer brethern (Gavroche and Thenardier). that Gavroche, Jean Valjean and Eponine go to the barricades in the Rue.

Les Miserables Gavroche Death to Final Battle with Aftermath

Could it be your death means nothing at all? Is your life just one more lie? This scene is quite sad actually and is actually sadder when you know how unsuccessful the uprising actually will be.

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They end up resting for the night and Valjean prays to God to save Marius from the uprising. The next day, the students have run low on ammunition and they need someone to climb over the barricade to collect more.

Gavroche, despite being a kid, climbs over and he dies in the attempt. This scene actually shows how heroic and brave Gavroche is. The Thenardier children are the first two characters to die at the barricade. The loud hailer warns the students once again and despite feeling hopeless, the students are in fact still passionate about their cause.

Enjolras and the students agree to still attack and sadly all of them, but Marius, lost their lives. Enjolras, as a matter of fact, has the most heartbreaking death out of all the students. I love all of these characters due to how passionate they are about this cause. It was important that they all lost their lives because the June Rebellion of was actually that unsuccessful.

I love how much of a strong leader Enjolras is. Enjolras and Marius are close friends and as a matter of fact, all of the students have an amazing relationship.

Gavroche and Eponine?

His parents show him no affection and send him to live in the street, where he is better off than at home. Due to a freak accident, the two boys are separated from Magnon without identification, and encounter Gavroche purely by chance. They are unaware of their identities, but Gavroche invites them to live with him and takes care of them. They reside in the hollow cavity of a giant elephant statuethe Elephant of the Bastille conceived by Napoleon as a fountain, but abandoned unfinished.

This was no imaginary construction; located at the Place de la Bastilleit had been designed by Jean-Antoine Alavoine. The two boys soon leave him the next morning. They are last seen at the Luxembourg Garden retrieving and eating discarded bread from a fountain. It is unknown what has happened to the two after that. At dawn, Gavroche helps his father, Patron-Minette and Brujon escape from prison due to the request of Montparnasse.

eponine and gavroche relationship

He is accompanied by Cosette, with whom Marius is in love. Valjean promises to return later with money. Marius asks her to find the address of the father and daughter that just visited.

eponine and gavroche relationship

Marius overhears Jondrette and his wife plotting to rob and murder Valjean with the help of the Patron-Minette street gang. Marius informs Javert in the hope of obstructing their plan. Hearing this, Marius hides under his bed. She goes in the apartment, but does not inspect it.

eponine and gavroche relationship

She once again looks at herself in Marius' mirror and sings. While she does this, she shouts back to her father that she is looking over the room and there is no one present. She is later caught and joins Azelma in prison. Both sisters are released two weeks later due to lack of evidence.

After six weeks of not finding Marius, she visits the churchwarden Mabeuf and offers to water his garden. After she does this, she asks Mabeuf of Marius' current whereabouts, and he tells her. She tries to have a conversation with him, but he is unresponsive.

She then tells him that she knows where Cosette lives, hoping to impress him and make him happy. Marius still commands her not to tell her father, and she finally promises. As she takes him to the house, she reminds him that he promised to give her something in return for finding Cosette, and he offers her his last five-franc coin.

She sadly lets the coin fall to the ground, saying she does not want his money. One time, she tries to talk to him, but for the first time she is at a loss for words. When that fails, she threatens to scream and alert the police and the neighborhood. She then sits back down by the gates and sings to herself. Disguised as a boy, she throws Valjean a note that says "remove". He returns to Cosette at the Rue Plumet and tells her they must promptly relocate to their other house and leave for England in a week.

She is still wearing her disguise. Courfeyrac appears and tells her he does not know Marius' whereabouts. Determined that no one else will have Marius, she decides to accompany Courfeyrac to the barricades.

She then goes to the Rue Plumet, expecting Marius to visit Cosette at his usual time. Distraught over the loss of Cosette, Marius goes to the barricade, armed with the two pistols Javert had given him, and uses them both during the fighting. While he is searching for a new weapon, a soldier makes it inside the barricade and aims at Marius.