Federico fellini and giulietta masina relationship quiz

What Can Fellini Teach Us About Love?

federico fellini and giulietta masina relationship quiz

Federico Fellini e Giulietta Masina, 50 anni di storia d'amore, tra i set cinematografici e la vita privata, tra gli Oscar e le scappatelle. Federico Fellini's universe was filled with myths, decadence and orgies, recalls actor Barbara Steele in the book 'FELLINI: The Sixties'. Daily News Quiz Federico Fellini, whose deeply personal films were vivid, sometimes bizarre portraits of the with the relationships between men and women and between sex and love. . In , after a four-month courtship, he married the actress Giulietta Masina, later the star of many Fellini films.

Federico Fellini, Film Visionary, Is Dead at 73

Gelsomina's trumpet refrain is expressive of a longing for love she cannot see returned. Asked which film of the s made them cry, Italian respondents remember the tears shed in response to the closing scene of the film.

Man's world It is perhaps no surprise that it was our female contributors who gave these longer responses and engaged most deeply with the plot.


Perhaps the film also reflected their own experiences of a society in which men still very much had the brutal upper hand. Fellini himself said that an ill-defined feeling of guilt led him to make the film, and it is no secret that he did not make married life easy for Masina.

federico fellini and giulietta masina relationship quiz

His perspective on femininity has caused controversy, as his more self-conscious reflections on how men fantasise about women led us to the vision of Anita Ekberg in the Trevi fountain in the spectacular La dolce vita and Guido's fantasy harem in the much more complex Eight and a Half These films do not feature Masina — but perhaps what makes La Strada so engaging is its own profound echoes of the Fellini-Masina partnership. What it surely presents is a 20th-century, sadomasochistic vision of masculinity and femininity as anything but complementary, one that still haunts us today.

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federico fellini and giulietta masina relationship quiz

She graduated with a degree in Literature from Sapienza University of Rome. She began to work as a voice actress on radio during the war, which earned her more money and attention than stage acting. It was as a radio artist that Masina met Federico Fellinia radio show screenwriter.

federico fellini and giulietta masina relationship quiz

They married inand a few months later Masina suffered a miscarriage after falling down a flight of stairs. Inshe became pregnant again; Pierfederico nicknamed Federichino was born on 22 March but died from encephalitis a month later. Masina and Fellini had no other children.

federico fellini and giulietta masina relationship quiz

She and Fellini are buried together at Rimini cemetery in a tomb marked by a prow -shaped monument, the work of sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. No one received a script.

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We were merely given pages every day. Some kind of fabulous alchemy occurred out of this collective turmoil. We had a little piece orchestra that would play for everyone, sometimes over dialogue, which was always looped in those days.

We were all caught up in an atmosphere of abundance and love.

Actor Barbara Steele on working with Fellini and Rome in the sixties

We somehow unconsciously all knew that we were part of a fabulous dance, an extraordinary moment in time. With Fellini at the height of his powers, Rome felt like the centre of the universe.

  • Fellini's La Strada: a vision of masculinity and femininity that still haunts us today

Marcello Mastroianni would arrive for makeup in his striped pyjamas. He slept in his makeup chair while they poured espressos into him. Many times he would arrive in a horse-drawn carriage. They were available as taxis in those days. Occasionally, I would receive a phone call from Fellini at unexpected hours, usually in the middle of the night.

And he would say, "It's beautiful outside and I have umbrellas.

federico fellini and giulietta masina relationship quiz

We'll go to the Appia Antica. So we would go to the Appia Antica, the storied road built by the Romans that leads like an arrow straight to Naples; the large paving stones still have chariot indentations on them in certain parts. And on some, huge penises are carved that apparently worked as arrows pointing the way to long-lost brothels of the Romans. Lined with massive dark cypress trees, it looked like a street of fate. On the right side were the ladies of the night, cooking sausages on sticks over little bonfires, all of them looking suspiciously like La Saraghina waiting for the early morning truckers.

Giulietta Masina

On the left the transvestites, pale and beautiful like apparitions from one of his movies. At dawn we would stop at a little cafe that would just be opening up. The owners always knew him and were thrilled to welcome him.