Final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship questions

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final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship questions

Community dedicated to the precious pair of Fang and Vanille! Final Fantasy XIII - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 3 - Follows: Simple Questions by EverDreamer reviews Fang and Vanille stay awake and talk about their relationship but things keep in the way. Fang and Vanille hail from the village of Oerba on Gran Pulse. During the War of Transgression between Pulse and Cocoon, Fang and Vanille. I never even heard of people needing them to be lesbian lovers until Gaf .. The final fantasy wiki lists Vanille at 19 and Fang at 21 in FF

Satu-satunya kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh keenam orang ini adalah mereka berada di tempat dan waktu yang salah.

Sekarang, mereka harus berjuang bersama untuk bertahan hidup dan membuktikan kepada dunia bahwa mereka hanyalah korban dari rencana jahat seseorang yang tidak pernah mereka duga. Before this whole mess started.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship questions

She thinks of the happier days they had together in their youth. But with a command by others of being chosen for a significant deed, will their love still be eternal even if it means they will possibly, greatly be separated?

Fang and Vanille in Final Fantasy III

War Blossoms by E. Szyslak reviews Thirteen snippets about Vanille and Fang, from the day they meet to the moment they wake up five hundred years later. Inspired by Episode Zero. Set pre-game, written in present tense. How does one find a successful conclusion?

You cannot find one in reality. However I do not think I will win it so it is posted here Fang is her family, but she's found a new one as well. As Fang's incomplete form of Ragnarok left a huge scar on Cocoon's shell, Etro took pity on the people of Cocoon and drained Ragnarok of power before placing Vanille and Fang into early crystal stasistheir Focus still incomplete.

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Later, Barthandelus took the Pulse Vestige to Cocoon where the pair would reawaken hundreds of years later to finish the job. After awakening from crystal stasis Vanille remembers their previous Focus, but hides her knowledge from Fang as the latter cannot recall anything of Ragnarok.

Vanille goes along with Fang's attempts to revive "their" memories, attacking the Cocoon fal'Cie Kujata.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship questions

The other four are branded by Anima with the Focus to become Ragnarok and destroy Cocoon, the same fal'Cie that used to reside in Fang and Vanille's home town of Oerba and originally branded the pair. Vanille continues to hide her knowledge and later reunites with Fang and everyone else upon the Palamecia.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship questions

The group meets Dysley, who reveals himself as Barthandelus and taunts Fang's inability to remember her fate.

On Gran Pulse, Fang confronts Vanille, who admits she was hiding the secret so they would not have to transform into the beast again.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship questions

Barthandelus appears to them as they scour the ruined city of Oerba, first taking the disguise of Serah Farron who chants to legend of Ragnarok. Barthandelus reveals his true form to convince them by force, while stating his back up plan to have Cocoon's people destroy themselves in their stead.

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Panthera Panthera 8 years ago 26 why does everyone always think 2 people close to each other must have something going on behind closed doors? Fang and Vanille's friendship is like sisters not lovers and same goes for Sazh and Vanille which some people bring up which is more of a father daughter thing and not a perveted old man and a young girl in love.

This reminds me of my friend who swears the whole point of any Zelda game is for Link to get laid. Sazh and Vanille's relationship is portrayed very differently than Fang and Vanille's though.

final fantasy 13 fang and vanille relationship questions

The latter is presented with a lot of the elements that are generally used to indicate romantic involvement in fiction - a great deal of physical contact more than either displays to anyone elseputting the others life above their own, being fully comfortable with things that could be seen as sexual in the right circumstances, talk of "always being there for each other", etc.

These are things that people don't need to be in love to do, sure, but people seem to forget that this is a story, something written by another person or another group of people. If a writer decides to write a pair of people using the same kind of dialog and imagery that is usually used for romantic partners, it's unlikely that they don't intend for it to be ambiguous. I'll be looking into it.