Final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship quizzes

Final Fantasy: 25 Hidden Details About Cloud And Tifa’s Relationship

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship quizzes

Ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife and his allies aren't your run-of-the-mill heroes simply looking to To that end, take the following quiz and find out which Final Fantasy VII character you . How is your relationship with your parents?. Young, beautiful, and somewhat mysterious, Aeris met Cloud while selling flowers on the streets of Midgar. Aerith wears the same basic attire in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children with new details to her Relationship with Zack . As Cloud surveys his friends he spots Aerith speaking to children near the church entrance. Cloud and Tifa's relationship is one of the most complex in the entire Final Fantasy franchise.

Simply put, like most Final Fantasy games, FF7 focuses more on the thoughts and emotions of its characters than virtually any other series around. Hopefully, no one reading this quiz finds him or herself in a situation where an insane super villain is prepared to destroy the world. On the off chance you do, though, maybe it would help to look at one of the most well-known examples of this happening and see how you would compare to the intensely human characters who dealt with that tragedy.

To that end, take the following quiz and find out which Final Fantasy VII character you have the most in common with. Question 1 What kind of weapon would you use? Naturally, they all happened to be experts in some sort of fighting style, which is why they were chosen to lead the charge against darkness.

What sort of arms would you take up against Sephiroth, Shinra, or other evil entities? Question 2 What is your favorite type of materia? Magic Command Support Aside from the strong characters and unique story, arguably the most popular and innovative aspect of Final Fantasy VII is the materia system. Either due to the way they made your characters stronger, or just based on face value, which type of materia did you use the most?

Question 3 Who is the real villain of FF7? Battle Square Wonder Square Chocobo Square In many respects, Final Fantasy VII was one of the bleakest games of its era, with a brilliant albeit depressing as hell storyline hitting fans in the heartstrings on a regular basis.

Gold Saucer is a fun place to unwind and enjoy themselves when the weight of their mission has them down.

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When you give your characters a moment to relax, where do you take them? Question 5 Who is your favorite member of the Turks? That in mind, which one was your favorite? Question 6 What is your favorite summon? Knights of the Round Hades Alexander While innovative and unique in many ways, Final Fantasy VII was nonetheless a continuation of one of the most beloved and iconic series in video game history, and thus had a whole lot in common with many of its predecessors.

Despite the more realistic take on story and characterization, FF7 held true to its history by including a great number of fantastic beasts available to summon by those who knew where to find them. Question 7 Who should Cloud go on a date with at Gold Saucer?

Cloud and Aerith: A Story of a Love...

Question 8 Where would you rather live? Rocket Town Nibelheim Cosmo Canyon For all the doom and destruction of Final Fantasy VII, the game was also able to create a large number of quaint, quiet towns where gamers could easily spend hours in calmly talking to the residents.

Few people would chose to live in the dystopian hell of the Midgar slums or suffer the crippling poverty that is North Corel, but spending a few days in Cosmo Canyon sounds like a good time to us. Do you agree, or would you prefer somewhere else? Question 9 Why are you fighting to save the planet? Naturally, they all come back and inevitably save the day well, so long as the player is good enough.

If you were in the same situation, what would make you keep fighting?

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship quizzes

Question 10 Which of the following NPCs is your favorite? Zack Fair Jessie Shera In addition to the many great characters players have to choose from in Final Fantasy VII, like most games in the series, FF7 offered several dozen brilliant non-playable characters to entertain and connect with fans, as well.

The most important talk between Tifa and Cloud

However, sticking to the main story and necessary fights, which villain did you find hardest to beat? Question 12 Where would you rather go on vacation?

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship quizzes

Costa del Sol Gold Saucer I don't have time to vacation Not only does Final Fantasy VII offer players a great number of fan and exciting towns where they could live, it also gives an unusually large amount of opportunities for vacation hot spots.

Not only is there the theme park Gold Saucer, but we also have the tropical resort that is Costa del Sol. Fans of agriculture can also take in the sights and sounds of Final Fantasy farming at the Chocobo Farm.

Where would you spend your time off? However, in addition to the man who holds the black materia and those who enable him, the game also presents players with a cavalcade of annoying goofballs who keep popping up and wrecking havoc. Who did you want to slap the most? The buggy The motorcycle The Highwind To a modern gamer, wandering around a world map is so annoying developers have invented quick travel, allowing them to essentially warp from town to town.

And I think they succeeded since the reaction from the gaming world was denial and outrage, leading to one of the most memorable scenes in gaming history. That's sort of why the commercials that Nomura helped make said Cloud and Aerith were a "story of a love". Zack and Aerith fans that played Crisis Core say their love story was told better, but what's funny is that Nojima admitted that he didn't want to waste time "building" their relationship so in order to convince us they fell in love he repeated Cloud and Aerith's Church meet cute.

Nojima used a clerith scene to "build" romance between Zack and Aerith. This alone suggests that Cloud and Aerith's relationship was better told and portrayed or else Nojima wouldn't have used their scene in order to convince us of Zack and Aerith. Kaitai Shinsho" Dismantled in English. That game is sort of like a journal for inner monologues of each character at specific moments in the game.

One that's particularly telling is the dialogue Cloud thinks to himself the first time he meets Aerith, where he calls her eyes "impressive", says her smile was a "good purchase"; there's even a later entry where Cloud reacts to Aerith's death by saying that Aerith used to smile like a flower and that he'll never hear her laugh ever again.

He's distraught and heartbroken and missing her attributes and actions, this is extremely romantic already but what makes it even more unique is that Cloud doesn't do this for anyone else.

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This sort of behavior is reminiscent of Squall's words to Rinoa when she's in her coma. They're very romantic and quite impressive thoughts for Cloud to portray. All that said, I do hope for more scenes, that way people who aren't convinced of their love story yet CAN be convinced, because, it is truly such a beautiful love story that everyone deserves to know and love.

Given the whole Aeris dies aspect. Crisis core also gave the impression that her relationship with Zack was what led to her liking Cloud to start with since he was acting more like him at the time. I guess you didn't see the part where I said: I follow the "normal" plot as Nomura put it. The "normal" plot that says the Cloud and Aerith date is the canon choice. And, honestly, if the best argument you have for Cloud and Tifa is "Aerith dies" then that's not evidence at all.

Tidus died at the end of FFX, does that mean Yuna and him couldn't love each other still? Because there's an entire sequel created just to show fans that love survives distance, time, and even death.

Crisis Core has its fair share of retcons, like Zack giving Aerith the ribbon when really Dismantled and even the original game shows Aerith always had a ribbon; Crisis Core also says Zack suggest Aerith start selling her flowers but Dismantled states that Aerith met Zack while selling flowers.

Regarding the relationship of Zack and Aerith, the creators have described them as "platonic", "juvenile", and "similar to friendship".