Francis boulle and louise thompson relationship

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francis boulle and louise thompson relationship

This is what the cast of Made in Chelsea actually do for a living - according to . Francis Boulle's profile (Image: LinkedIN) Louise Thompson. 'Made in Chelsea' Francis Boulle: 'Spencer Matthews is a bit tragic' the fact that Matthews had cheated on girlfriend Louise Thompson. pony" and questioned how Professor Green copes being in a relationship with her. Made In Chelsea's Francis Boulle says he has no regrets about with mate Francis Boulle for telling Louise Thompson that Spencer had cheated on her. if you want to continue to be in a relationship with them,' he says.

Elsewhere, Binky gets suspicious as she feels Lucy is jealous of her and Alex.

francis boulle and louise thompson relationship

Jamie thinks of a devious plan of getting Lucy to fall in love with him again, but it backfires when he causes an awkward atmosphere. Spencer seeks revenge and tells Andy the truth about when Louise cheated on him leaving her no choice but to admit it. Spencer and Louise call a truce, and Francis teaches Stevie how to ride a bike. Sam has no choice but to stand up for his sister, and Andy explodes at Louise after hearing about the betrayal. Sam attempts to woo Fran on their date but are accidentally interrupted by Louise.

Elsewhere, Spencer and Lucy call a truce, Jamie plans a trip to South Africa and Binky has no choice but to confront Phoebe over her intentions with Alex. Jamie and Spencer bicker over Lucy, but she reveals that she wants neither of them, and she finally makes friends with Phoebe.

After hearing about recent events, Spencer goes on a mission to get Vitalia from Andy. Spencer meets with Vitalia in an attempt to separate her from Andy causing more tension between the love rivals. When things go wrong, Spencer ends up cutting all contact from her.

francis boulle and louise thompson relationship

Liv claims to be the great-great-great granddaughter of the founder of Bentley Motors, however, the brand has denied this. I reckon this could be a great Jeremy Kyle spin off.

Olivia Bentley: Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Photographer From Made In Chelsea

What does Olivia Bentley do as a job? She photographs people in the nude. Proper, dead fancy arty photography. All in the buff.

  • This is what the cast of Made in Chelsea actually do for a living - according to LinkedIn
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It takes balls to take photos of balls. LOL Where does she get her hair done? Olivia sometimes wears clip-in extensions which look hella great and these were done by Tatiana Karelina. The guys over at Tatiana Karelina told us how they created her look: Boxer Braids, Double braided buns, Braided top knot, Long sleek ponytail — all party proof hair.

The secret to festival hair is all about low maintenance. Making sure the hair looks great several days in a row with limited facilities'. They look soooo natural! Wondering how she reaches this level of Rapunzel without a tell-tale hair clip? Make a note pronto.

Who are Olivia Bentley's family? Kate and Keven Bentley.

Jamie Laing: Spencer And Lucy Won't Last

Liv also has two sisters, Athena and Kinvara. What happened with that cocaine incident? Woah straight in there mate!