Glee kitty and ryder relationship

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glee kitty and ryder relationship

The Marley-Ryder Relationship, most commonly known as Ryley, is the relationship refers to Ryder, Marley, Jake, and Kitty as the foster children of Glee Club. Ryder Lynn is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. Kitty later asks Ryder out for an impromptu snack, but he is in the middle of a conversation with Katie, and . great about this is it's Glee focusing on a story that isn't about a relationship at its core, it's about a boy and his own struggles . Ryder Lynn is a major character on the fourth and fifth seasons of Glee. so Ryder, along with Marley, Jake, and Kitty, is invited to sing Born to Hand Jive. their bodies, Jake shares how eager he is to commit to his relationship with Marley.

Artie-Kitty Relationship

However, when Jake demands for them to ice out Ryder, she quickly says no, as she wants to be more forgiving and would like to continue being Ryder's friend. Ryder contacts Jake, Marley, and Unique all to meet up. He apologizes to Jake, and then apologizes to Marley about kissing her. She said it was okay, however he says it wasn't and that he's sorry. During Closerwe see Ryder at peace with Marley and Jake throughout the performance. When Ryder is singing, they cut to a shot of Marley.

Feud When Ryder finds out that he has been catfished, he angrily rushes to Marley and Jake, who were walking down the hall. He confronts them and says that ' Katie ' has been getting him to send her pictures of him.

glee kitty and ryder relationship

He asks Marley if it was her, thinking that she still liked him. Marley denies it, and he angrily moves on to questioning Jake. He then, thinking it was revenge from the two of them, thinks that Marley did it because he was too persistent, saying "I get it, you didn't like me back" and also thinks that it was Jake because he kissed Marley and was out of line. However, they insist that it wasn't them.

Kitty-Marley Relationship

Marley then asks him if he wants to talk about it, and he says that he doesn't want anything from anybody, especially not either of them, before storming off. After the gun shots, when everyone was in the choir room, Ryder crawls across the room to sit next to Marley. Marley is also seen leaning comfortably on his shoulder during Ryder's solo. Sweet Dreams They are in the first scene in the choir room together. After Ryder's confession of his past, he was molested by his babysitter, Marley stands up for him when Sam and Artie treat his secret badly.

They are seen standing beside each other at the end of Longest Time. Lights Out Marley and Ryder are first seen sitting together when Mr. Schue continues giving hints about this weeks assignment, which causes Ryder to get very excited. During the performance of Superstition Ryder and Marley can been shown bumping butts together. Wonder-ful Marley and Ryder are first seen in the choir room when Mr.

glee kitty and ryder relationship

Schue begins his speech. They are later seen sitting beside each other in a circle. Ryder, frustrated, stands up in front of everyone and demands for the real Katie to confess.

As no one begins to speak, you can see Marley upset as Ryder gets angrier. Marley stands up and reveals that she is Katie.

glee kitty and ryder relationship

Ryder is confused and hurt as to why Marley had swore to him it wasn't her. Jake stands up and tells Ryder that it was all just a joke that got out of hand. Ryder, angry and frustrated, walks out of the choir room. Later we see Marley waiting for Ryder in the halls asking him if they can talk.

Ryder tells her "Why don't you just text me. Ryder quickly turns around as demands Marley to tell him the reason why she did it. He wanted to understand why she would mess with his head. It is hinted that Marley and Ryder still have feelings for each other. Marley walks away, upset, as Unique and Ryder talk.

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During Regionals, Ryder walks in backstage and says that Marley is right, he shouldn't let the team suffer since he was only upset with Unique. Ryder reveals that after Regionals he is leaving Glee Club, to which we see Marley upset by. They are later seen standing beside each other during Brittany 's goodbye speech to where Brittany refers to Ryder, Marley, Jake, and Kitty as the foster children of Glee Club. When Kurt accepts the proposal they can be seen cheering with everyone else.

glee kitty and ryder relationship

Love, Love, Love They sing Sgt. They both suggest ideas for the performance, but Sam turns them down for not being edgy enough. Ryder admits he had Jake tell him his kryptonite cause he doesn't know how to read.

Jake tells Finn of Ryder's disability. Later, when a few jocks are about to fight Jake, Ryder and other members come in and stop them, saying that since Jake has his back, Ryder has got his.

In Some NightsJake and Ryder are seen singing together. Dynamic Duets Jake admits to Ryder that he went on a date with Marley last Friday and will end it if Ryder wants him to. But Ryder tells Jake not to end their relationship because of him, but Jake will give the dance solo in their big Sectionals number and so Jake does. During rehearsals, Ryder impresses everyone as Jake fakes that he can't dance so Ryder can receive the dance solo. When Ryder is practicing the dance by himself, he finds it hard to learn it due to him being dyslexic and trying to learn Korean at the same time.

Jake shows him how to do it and tells Ryder about his embarrassing ballet lessons he takes privately. Ryder, thinking it's a joke, realizes it's serious, asking Jake to help him with the dance. Hoping that they will be the ,th viewer, they re-watch PSY's music video.

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Before Sectionals, Ryder eavesdrops Jake and Marley's conversation, knowing that something is wrong with Marley and Jake is taking care. Ryder then comes out and says that Jake has to take the dance solo because he sprained his ankle. But Jake says Ryder isn't limping, leading to Ryder to drag Jake and eventually, the dance solo is given to Jake.

Thanksgiving After New Directions loss at Sectionals for the first time, New Directions split into different clubs in the school. Jake and Ryder both join the basketball team, Jake says to Ryder that he joined it cause he is actually good at basketball.

When Finn learns of New Directions hurried split when the season ended, he has a meeting with them in the auditorium, resulting in Ryder and even Jake leaving Marley and Finn alone. Jake also tells Puck that he lied to his mom that he was staying with Ryder to hang out with Puck.

They are also seen together with Marley and Tina as Sam and Brittany insult them under the belief that the Mayan Apocalypse was going to occur. Afterwards, they are seen in the choir room, lifting weights and discussing naming their shoulders. They decide to show how buff they are and take off their clothes and tense.

glee kitty and ryder relationship

Just as this happens, Tina and Kitty come in surprising them, and informs the two of their role in the "Men of McKinley" calendar. They then talk about girls, Jake saying if a girl in the other room liked him, he would know.

But ever since he and Marley got together, there's no other girl, but her. Jake talks to Ryder about Marley, leaving Ryder a bit disheartened, to which Jake apologizes too. But Ryder says that she is Jake's, and he is fine about it.

Jake explains about he and Marley's duet in the auditorium and how she was going it say "I love you" at the end, but didn't. Ryder suggests Jake says it first. This performance leaves Marley teary-eyed, and Ryder asks at the end if Jake has anything else to say to which he replies, "The song says it all. During Anything Could Happenthere is tension evident between the two.

They are seen together on the football field at the end of the episode, where Jake is seen serenading Kitty, while Marley is singing Everytime. After the fake rapture that was committed, Jake meets with Marley at the lockers about what happened. Kitty meets up with them, and Jake calls off their relationship.

Kitty blames this on Marley, and hands back Jake's jacket stating, "Obama's gonna lose. She has told people instead of him breaking up with her, that she broke up with him because he has "a gross third nipple.

Kitty, then, tells Ryder she's single and walks off. Kitty signs up to audition for the role of Sandy in the school musical, Grease. Jake auditions with her to make sure she doesn't kill Marley, but Kitty sees this as him trying to stop Marley fornicating with Ryder. They then audition with Everybody Talkswhich Marley watches in sadness.

They get a big applause. Kitty, Jake, Marley, and Ryder are all called back, but throughout the performance Kitty is left out. At one point Kitty is so jealous of Marley and Jake that she nearly hits Marley until Jake quickly moves her out of the way and picks Kitty up to distract her briefly.