Hope and crosby relationship problems

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hope and crosby relationship problems

“The warm relationship in their movies could not have been further from the truth," according to hope's biographer Richard Zoglin. "They were. "If the light went on in the icebox, he'd start to perform," Bing Crosby used Four months ago, after his heart problem in Ohio, she said, “Okay. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby met while working in vaudeville. A mutual friend who thought they would compliment each other on stage, introduced them.

Are your sex jokes always tame?

hope and crosby relationship problems

In the past you have had a reputation as a Hollywood Casanova. How did you meet your wife? I was in Roberta on Broadway. I had a different gal every night. Then I met Dolores. She was a singer at a nearby club and she was something! It was love at first sight, but she was smart.

hope and crosby relationship problems

She got me interested and then left for Florida. I went down there and persuaded her to come back.

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We were married three months after we met. Has your time away from home been hard on Dolores? Dolores went on the first Christmas trip to Berlin.

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She felt the warmth and gratitude. I took over the career and she took over the family. The children all turned out very well and Dolores should take a bow.

Did you realize he was a famous comedian? Yes, and we coached him at breakfast with his lines and listened to all his jokes. He would leave doing a softshoe number on the porch. At dinner, he would throw his voice and do a falsetto Bessie, the Little Orphan Girl. Even when we were older and knew there was no Bessie behind the curtain, we loved watching him.

hope and crosby relationship problems

Linda, do you think it was hard for your mother to give up her own career? Probably, but Mother is very busy. She is really responsible for the Eisenhower Medical Center. She is also very straight with Dad. Sure, it was hard for her when he went off surrounded by beautiful women.

But she had made a commitment to a situation. There was always the possibility of divorce.

hope and crosby relationship problems

It was 45 years for better or for worse. Now, as they are older, they are very sweet together. I was doing a little too much and I had a little rapid heartbeat—it went up to The paramedics ran in like a TV show.

They strapped this thing around me day and night to monitor my heart. Now everything is completely normal. How do you stay healthy? Several years back I had a bladder problem and the doctor said no more liquor. There I was telling him about stewed fruit—can you believe it? Do you have any bad habits?

"There for each other" - Clooney, Crosby & Hope

Last night I ate three pieces of baklava, then had to pop some Alka-Seltzer. I carry a box of homemade cookies with me just in case I want to nibble. What about having a face-lift? How did golf get to be so important? I got the bug in when I was in vaudeville.

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I was bored sitting around and it was a way to get outside. Dolores is a good golfer—five handicap. She beat me once, in Vienna. Despite your wealth, your tastes seem down to earth.

Bob Hope 'hated Bing Crosby and was a love cheat' new biography reveals

Chrysler is a sponsor, so I have seven of their cars. I get my Texaco gas free. In one scene both men were sharing a room and about to settle down for some shuteye; Bing refused to take his hat off.

No amount of coaxing from Paramount executives could get Crosby to change his mind; he did not want to hear Bob's toupee barbs. Hope later said the greatest acting performance he ever gave was smiling when he served as Master of Ceremonies while Bing won his Academy Award for playing a priest in Going My Way In the late 30s, Bob Hope made fun of veterans on his radio show. Performing at army bases was a way to bring up ratings. Then came World War II with Hope and a number of other stars recruited by the government for a war bond selling, victory caravan tour.

Unlike many of the pampered celebrities who complained about the cramped quarters on their shared train, the ex-vaudevillian Hope was exhilarated by the travel. It was no problem for him to go overseas to entertain the troops.

At first Hope found America's homesick young fighting men to be the easiest audience he ever faced. Jokes that would die in the states would get uproarious laughter from the troops. In the beginning Hope stayed out of combat areas, but then he reasoned that those in actual battles needed him the most. Hope became addicted to the to the danger of flying in planes that might get shot down and performing in places that had recently been attacked.

hope and crosby relationship problems

But the comedian was greatly moved by the injuries he saw in hospital wards, and quietly helped set up several of the soldiers he met in their own businesses after the war ended. Later Bob could not understand the Vietnam situation, getting in trouble when he repeatedly suggested we should bomb the enemy into submission.

Hope's love for the troops stayed constant, even in Nam when some of the drafted enlisted men booed him. Hope got along great with all the Presidents he met, whether he agreed with them or not.