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When Sesshōmaru fought Inuyasha and was defeated, Jaken questioned him . Although he is usually right in perceiving traps and betrayals, Sesshōmaru rarely heeds Jaken's advice, not . Jaken and Inuyasha had a very bitter relationship. Dec 6, It was Friday again and time for another session with Sesshomaru. now trickled over to her being protective of Rin and Kohaku's relationship. Dec 6, Kagome wanted to call Inuyasha but she knew she could not. He had This was another first for the couple, sleeping in Sesshomaru's bed.

I made a fake account and followed her on Instagram. She posted so many pictures of her time in Dubai, you weren't in them but what are the odds of you and her being in Dubai at the same time? You think I'm stupid? Before Inuyasha could answer she went on. I know she was the girl you were dancing with at LIV too. Actually he wasn't sure what to expect but this sure wasn't it. Kikyo pretty much knew everything. No use hiding it.

And yes, she did come to Dubai but as my therapist. Dad wanted our therapists to come on the trip to help us with the deal. Holding his face, he continued. I didn't know anything else beyond you but after meeting her I realized you aren't the one. Inuyasha looked up at her in shock.

Why was she laughing? I'm not, I only wanted you for your money and now I'm going to get it. You've forced my hand. Inuyasha stared at the small, black box before taking it. Inuyasha slowly opened it. It was a large, sparkling diamond ring. The band was lined with little small diamonds and the rock sitting on it was humongous. It looked very much like an engagement ring. The price tag is in the six figures.

I don't spend all the money you give me for shopping. He didn't care about the money; he was more alarmed that she bought an engagement ring. She paid Koga another visit to get the picture from him. He said he deleted it but a friend of his was the one who sent it to him. With a little persuasion Kikyo asked Koga to get the friend to send it to him again.

She took his phone and sent the picture to herself. Koga didn't care; he ended up getting a blowjob out of the deal. He could not believe this was happening. I am a super model and you're just a half demon with money on account of your daddy giving you a job! You can't leave me; I leave you but not without what's owed to me for actually being with you! Her words cut like a knife, his chest tightened. This was the true nature of the woman he had been with for five years.

She never loved him; she only loved what he could do for her. This was the worst kind of treachery. Why would I date you? I will also report it to the media. I bet the news would love a juicy story like this. It would be all over the blogs!

I will put you and her on blast. And that slut will lose her career. He took a breath to calm himself placing his hand on his chest. He couldn't do that. Kagome is a better woman than you'll ever be. Name your price, how much money do you want? I want you to suffer. You will marry me; we will stay married for a year with no pre-nup. I will divorce you citing irreconcilable differences and take half of everything you own.

Besides murdering her, there had to be a way out of this. I will be leaking our engagement to the blogs tomorrow or maybe tonight so she will find out if she pays attention to the blog sites. You might want to tell her you're getting married. We will be getting married within the next couple of weeks. I want to get this over with quickly. He needed to speak with Kagome before she heard about this from somewhere else.

She heard the door slam and laughed. She put the engagement ring on and took pictures. She posted her ring on Instagram with the caption "I said yes! Inuyasha sped down the streets in his red Ferrari toward Kagome's apartment. He tried calling her but she had not picked up. He hoped she hadn't fallen asleep already. Kagome was a sound sleeper; nothing would wake her up besides shaking her awake.

He arrived at her apartment complex and parked in the parking lot. He tried calling her one more time but no answer.

He wanted to go upstairs and bang on her door but decided against it. He didn't want to scare her by waking her that way. Inuyasha felt his eyes water but he refused to let the tears fall. He banged his head on his steering wheel and howled in anguish.

Just when things seemed to be looking up, everything came crashing down on him again. He found a good thing in Kagome, why did things have to happen like this?

All he wanted was to be with her and now he was about to lose her before they even had a chance to grow together. Inuyasha was at a loss of what to do.

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Going back to his house was not an option. He was so angry with Kikyo he did not trust himself not to physically harm her. If he laid his hands on a woman, he would never forgive himself even if it was Kikyo.

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He thought of going to Sesshomaru's place but he did not think his moody brother would appreciate an unannounced late night visit. He thought of Miroku but he was sure he was in bed sound asleep with Sango. Inuyasha did not have many options, Koga was sort of his friend but when he caught up with him he was going to punch him square in the jaw for his part in all this.

So he went to the only place he would be welcome, his parents' home. Their place should have been his first option. He pulled out of Kagome's parking lot and headed to his their home. Both Kagome and Inuyasha realize that Yura was really a comb. Inuyasha believes that it was probably sentient and had powers as it was once used to comb the hair of the dead. The comb may have then became "Yura" after that. Inuyasha asks Kagome where the shard is which they finds in the remains of Yura.

Inuyasha then calls Kagome by her name for the first time, surprising Kagome to finally hearing it from him. But Inuyasha tells her that he still thinks she's "pretty worthless. Kagome then says that if he was in pain he should have said something to which Inuyasha responds, "Leave me alone!

She then says out loud, "He better not have forgotten where he buried me! Inuyasha is sitting in a tree and refuses to come down when Kagome tells him that she has to heal him, so Kagome tells him to "sit" to get him out of the tree. Kaede is with the other kids from their village, her arm still in a cast from her recent injury. So Inuyasha pushes Kagome aside and shows her that his arm is already healed without any scars on it.

InuYasha showing Kagome his fully healed wound. Inuyasha, however, doesn't know anything about his father. Kaede told him that his father was a great demon and the western lands were his domain. Kagome rides her bike back to tree where she found Inuyasha staring off into the sky.

All of a sudden a strong gust of wind makes Inuyasha jump off the tree and he hides Kagome and himself in the grass. As the clouds passed by a carriage surrounded by demons flies in the air; there is a woman inside.

Inuyasha identifies the woman as his mother in front of Kagome. Out of nowhere a gigantic demon ogre grabs the carriage and crushes it with Inuyasha's mother inside. After making sure that Inuyasha believes his mother has been brought back from the dead, Inuyasha successfully manages to free her by using his claws to cut off one of the demon's arms.

When Inuyasha wakes up he finds himself in a nearby pond where his mother tells him that she has to go back to the spirit world. Kagome wakes up in the same place and sees Inuyasha talking with his mother.

She's calm until she looks into the pond and sees that Inuyasha's mom's face doesn't have a reflection in the water, which means that she isn't his mother. When she tries to tell Inuyasha the truth she finds out that she's paralyzed.

A helpless Kagome looks at Inuyasha who doesn't know that this woman is deceiving him. Tetsusaiga, the Phantom Sword Kagome is still paralyzed. Inuyasha's mother tells him that she has to go back to the netherworld. She takes a flower and tosses it into the pond they were by.

The flower breaks into petals. She tells him to look into the water. He sees himself as a kid chasing after his ball across a bridge. He then runs into his mother's arms. They are seen sitting together at the edge of a pond, and his mother hugs him tightly, reminding him that was how she used to embrace him when he was little.

Inuyasha's "Mother" who is actually just an illusion of his motherwho has hugged him and kept him in an illusion opens her kimono naked, and tries to absorb him into her body. Jaken tells her to ask Inuyasha where his father's grave is. Inuyasha is pushed into the "water" something that it is merely an illusion and he says that he sees a black pearl to the right.

Jaken doesn't know what he's talking about, and says to look deeper. Kagome finds Jaken and strikes him sending him flying into the water and then takes the staff of two heads before she chases after the Unmother, and splashes the reflection which causes the Unmother to release Inuyasha.

He places the bottom of it onto the pearl, and the face of the old man on the staff laughs and opens a portal to the netherworld. They enter into the netherworld, which turns out to be demon lord's grave. Skeletal vultures circling the humongous skeleton in armor which happens to Inuyasha's father.

Inuyasha doesn't think he should bother taking the sword taking in its rusty appearance remarking that it couldn't even cut wet paper. But when Inuyasha does try, he sees that he isn't able to get it out either despite his best strength. Jaken overwhelms Kagome when he knocks his staff into her gut and she places her hand on the sword's handle to steady herself. The episode ends with Kagome thinking, "Now what? However, Kagome refuses saying that because he couldn't pull it out clearly meant he wasn't supposed to have it.

Inuyasha then thinks back his childhood to where men from his village were playing a ball game. When he tried to approach them, they kicked the ball away, coldly calling him a half breed.

Inuyasha runs to his mother asking her what a half-breed is. She doesn't give him an answer, instead she hugs him tightly and starts crying. Then Inuyasha realizes his mother didn't wanted to answer it because she knew what his life would be like because of it. Inuyasha becomes angry saying that he can take the insults; but not the ones for his mother. Just when Inuyasha threatens him again Kagome suddenly bursts out of the poison pile perfectly unharmed.

Kagome attempts to encourage him saying that the swords is his and all he has to do is believe in it like she does him. Inuyasha calls her nuts saying he'll live since he's half demon whereas she "ain't got a chance. Inuyasha then demands her not to cry and when she mockingly asks if she should "laugh" he snaps at her that she should "shut up" and let him protect her, surprising Kagome. Inuyasha resumes his fight telling her to stay where she is.

Inuyasha then declares that it was their father who chose to leave the sword to him, to hide his tomb in, and that he wasn't so worthless after all.

Jaken, shocked to see his lord defeated, rushes after him as the both escape to the normal world. Inuyasha takes back what he said about his sword earlier saying it's not a "piece of junk" after all. They return to the normal world and the black pearl returns from to Inuyasha's right eye. Kagome then recalls that when Inuyasha told her he would protect her the Tessaiga reacted. Meanwhile, Inuyasha is up in his tree swing the sword in its rusty form trying to figure out how to get it to work again.

Kagome then shows up and calls to him saying she knows how to get him to use the sword again. Inuyasha doubts her advice and when she refers to him earlier telling her that he would protect her, Inuyasha quickly yells that he didn't mean it like "that," and says how the sword should be used to "collect more jewel shards and making him more powerful," and that he isn't wasting it on "babysitting a helpless little human" like her.

Kagome then pushes him onto the log bridge confusing him. She then gets back onto the end on the land and says "sit, boy" which causes Inuyasha to automatically slam face down onto the logs breaking them and causing him to fall into the river below. A small white flash of light comes dashing through, which Inuyasha notices.

Kagome screams, which made Inuyasha land on a stone in the lake. He says that it's not what it looks like. Kagome agrees, stating that she was startled because her clothes had been stolen. Inuyasha hears a whistle. Nearby, a young samurai is waiting for this monkey to return. The monkey gave him Kagome clothes then he was shocked to see it, saying that he had hoped the monkey would have brought him food. Inuyasha and Kagome pop out of the bush that was by the samurai and demands that he give Kagome's clothes back.

The samurai draws his sword as he thinks they are suspicious, and Inuyasha was going to ask the same thing. Kagome gives the samurai some potato chips and tea.

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They introduce themselves and the samurai reveals that his name is Nobunaga. Kagome knows about him from her history class and wants to get an autograph from him. He goes to leave but instead Nobunaga falls down a shallow cliff, showcasing his clumsiness. In a village there were a line of young girls being taken to a castle. Amari finds out that the rumors about the young girls are true. Inuyasha and Kagome tag along with him to go the castle where the girls are taken to. Meanwhile a young princess named Tsuyu was serving a drink to a bandaged lord.

The princess asked him about the rumors of the young girls being taken to the castle, but the lord angrily replies that he won't tell her as he slams his fists on the ground. Tsuyu begs for his forgiveness. The group arrive at the bottom of the castle and Inuyasha smells a demon nearby, so they enter. When they do they find a couple of guards sleeping, though it does not seem natural; it turns out that most - if not everyone - in the castle is asleep in the same manner.

Amari calls Tsuyu in the castle; they come into the room and they find her. Tsuyu happily greets Nobunaga, stating that of course she remembers him as they've known each other since they were kids. Kagome deduces that Amari must be in love with Tsuyu. Tsuyu tells them that her lord husband slipped in the pond and got a terrible fever and has been acting strange ever since.

As they speak, the lord enters the room. The scenery was even more beautiful than she imagined. His yard was designed like a tropical paradise with greenery and palm trees. The smooth stone flooring around the pool seemed to glisten in the sunlight.

And the infinity pool seemed to blend with the ocean itself. Rin noticed rippling in the water as Sesshomaru's white-silver hair began to appear.

His head came up facing away from her. He waded his way through the water closer to the more shallow part. More and more of his body became visible as he made his way through the surface. Rin immediately blushed as he climbed up the steps of the pool. Rin watched as he wrung his hair out in effort to dry it. She was amazed at how easily it just fell back into place as silky as always. Sesshomaru turned around but Rin barely noticed that he was now watching her.

His body was perfection; she noticed every muscle defined by lines from his chest to his pelvis. As she stared at him; he smirked. It was just the reaction he wanted. He had been plotting his revenge since their last session. He felt she was playing a game with him but what she didn't know was he never lost at anything. Sesshomaru had never felt so powerless in his life but during their last session he had to admit, she won. He lost control but he would not allow it to happen again.

He still had a mission to complete. He approached her slowly allowing her full frontal access to feast her eyes upon. As Rin was thinking about how she could trace those lines with her fingers she finally snapped out of her stupor when she noticed he was watching her and approaching. You're being unprofessional again! Look anywhere but him!

She was wearing perfume. I'll just go back inside and wait. Do I make you uncomfortable? That perfume was making him nauseous; that scent had to go. She fell into the water with a loud splash. His salt water pool would be sufficient to wash that horrid perfume scent from her skin.

Rin broke through the surface in shock and disbelief. Did he really just push me? Rin gawked at him. He can't be serious. This is the exact reason why you're in therapy now! His sense of entitlement was astounding. This guy believed the world was supposed to bow down to him. Rin had not been this angry in a long time.

Kohaku hadn't even angered her this much. Rin knew he was playing a game with her; she realized it during their last session but thought she was just overthinking it. However, this little stunt just proved exactly what she thought, he was playing a game. Rin decided she was going to teach him not to play games with therapists. He regarded her for a moment. She was purposely challenging him. They were not currently in a therapy session. She knew what looking a demon in the eye like that meant or did she forget?

His first thought was to just walk away and leave her there but he could not allow her little challenge to go unmet. He bent down and reached out his hand to her maintaining eye contact the entire time. What he did not realize was that as Rin came closer to reach out her hand to him she steadied her feet on the wall of the pool.

She would need all of her strength for what she was planning to do; she was banking on the element of surprise. As he reached out to her she grabbed his hand and pulled back with all her might using her body weight to fall back.

With a mighty splash the demon fell into the pool right on top of her plummeting them both underwater. Sesshomaru opened his eyes in astonishment at what she had just managed to do.

He looked at the young woman under him; her eyes were closed. Humans can't open their eyes in salt water, he realized. She blindly reached out her arms trying to swim back up but she ended up grabbing his arm. She clutched onto him seemingly for dear life. His arm automatically wrapped around her as he swam them the short distance back up to the surface.

As they came up Rin gasped for air sputtering a bit. Sesshomaru barely needed to take a breath in. She opened her eyes and was met with his amber ones. His eyes held their usual indifference but they were still the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.

They were even more spectacular up close. With their faces just inches apart Rin slowly became aware of their position. His arm was wrapped around her waist. Her shirt was soaked; her body was pressed against his bare chest. She looked up at him once more, this time his eyes were different. His eyes were warmer; he had just realized their position as well. Face turning bright red, she pushed herself away from him and swam to the other side of the pool. Why does he have to be so handsome and weird?

As she was having a mini panic attack on the other side of the pool she was brought out of her thoughts by a strange sound. She stared in disbelief as she watched the demon. She did not even think he was capable of laughter. His features were completely different. She didn't think it was possible for him to get even more beautiful but here he was laughing uninhibitedly.