Istj female and enfp male relationship abuse

Is the INTJ/ENFP relationship all that it's cracked up to be? : intj

istj female and enfp male relationship abuse

Sexual Abuse · Infographics If you're in a relationship with an ISFJ, be very glad. ISFJ females tend to be very thoughtful and traditional; dressing up Male ISFJs are usually true gentlemen, treating their date with old-fashioned courtesy. This can be especially difficult for an ISFJ with an ESTJ or ISTJ. I am an ENFP female, seeking advice about my ENTP fiance. Relationships between ENFPs and these types should have a good balance of commonalities and opportunities to challenge one another. can learn a tremendous amount from each other. ISTP. The Craftsman · ISTJ .. Happy sad guy (not verified) says . I'm a female INTJ who just ended a relationship with a male ENFP. I think he was a little emotionally abusive or manipulative to me in some ways. .. INTJ were with ENFPs, while the majority of female INTJ were with ISTJs.

They don't turn up in the list of types who really liked certain aspects of their job. Nor do they turn up in the lists of types who really hated certain aspects of their job.

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What we do know about them is that they were dissatisfied with "Promotions" and "Salary" like pretty much all types. In relation to this, it makes sense that ENFPs were the type that most liked "Social" jobs entailing "Helping others, teaching, [and] counseling.

The artistic and social spheres seem to be the areas in which ENFPs excel. ENFPs were ranked second in a study on type and I.

istj female and enfp male relationship abuse

But then a study on 9th - 12 graders found that they had the lowest I. It seems more likely that the former study is closer to the truth. Various studies have found ENFPs disproportionately overrepresented among groups of gifted students.

Introversion is associated with higher scores on aptitude tests, which coincidentally are taken alone. In terms of grades, however, ENFPs are solid middle-of-the-roaders--they ended up in eighth place in terms of the types with best grades.

istj female and enfp male relationship abuse

However, there may be trouble when they arrive in college. ENFPs were among the types with the lowest college retention rate, and a study found that they were often referred for substance abuse training. Psychologists rated ENFPs as one of the three types most likely to have trouble in school.

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ENFPs may also have trouble deciding upon their major. A study of undecided students found that among females, This was the highest of all types. ENFPs are the type that turns up third most frequently among people majoring in Education. Interestingly, ENFP teachers were the type least likely to view student behaviors as problematic.

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Stress ENFPs are one of the less stressed out types. A study compared type and stress to see which personalities were stressed out about what. For three categories of stress "Children," "School," and "Other" ENFPs were among the bottom four types, indicating that they were some of the least stressed out people.

ENFPs have some of the lowest rates of heart disease and hyperension. Apparently this area is the ENFP's archilles' heel. ENFPs cope with stress mainly by developing physical symptoms; they were the type most likely to do this. They also cope with stress by seeking out the help of a professional.

istj female and enfp male relationship abuse

Parenthood Leadership NFs seldom make their way into positions of leadership none of the Presidents have been NFs but when they do they bring their own unique style to the table. Now, we could just leave it at that and go over some aspects of the ENFP leadership together. But wouldn't it be more interesting to analyze the leadership abilities of Adolf Hitler, the ENFP who tried to conquer the world?

In spite of being pure evil, the man did have great leadership ability, and he has been studied at length by countless scholars, providing much material for us to analyze. This was mainly thanks to his father, a violent, verbally abusive individual. At the very end of the war, he was extremely stressed out and began to take on some unhealthy INFJ traits.

But these were not normal for him--his true, unstressed personality was ENFP. Bearing in mind that we are talking about a very unhealthy, utterly evil individual who was unable to form even one intimate relationship with another human being--including his mistress--we can now proceed to examine some of the strengths of Hitler's leadership style. It is particularly interesting to note that so many ENFP talents can exist outside the expect NF framework of caring and concern for others.

Charisma, charm, warmth, personal magnetism An ability to read others an audience, a person and adapt his communication style to their needs and group culture Bringing out others' talents and skills Inspiring hope for the future even when all seems dark As leaders, ENFPs are engaging and bring a personal sparkle and vivacious charm that draws in their listeners.

Hitler is usually portrayed in videos as a ranting demagogue. But in fact, he could just as easily be a calm, even hesitant speaker who projected an air of concern and optimism for the future. He simply used the approach that he instinctively knew would work best with each unique group of people. On this same note, ENFP leaders are skilled as sizing up their followers and choosing the approach that will reach them best, speaking to their culture and needs.

An ENFP corporate trainer, for example, may take quite a different approach with a group of human resources workers than they would with a group of engineers. Many other types adopt a "one size fits all" interaction style, but not the people-saavy ENFP.

He is the one who withdraws into silence and needs time to think things out while I want to immediately talk through our various feelings.

The end result is that both partners feel misunderstood and unappreciated. Rather than talking through issues with respect and compromise, couples tend to fall into a pattern of arguing and blaming, followed by periods of silence and distance this part is the same.

To maintain trust and connection, it is imperative that ENFPs stay calm and focused and ISTJs commit to sharing their emotions while remaining open and supportive again, we need to do that but in reverse. I feel like every day we are taking steps in the right direction to strengthen our marriage.

Each little step brings us closer to being able to live in peace and harmony together. We are able to force each other to grow and make changes.

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As just a little step in that direction, I asked my husband to help me pick out a good picture to add at the end of this blog. Below is his choice. My stats summary showed that this is still my most-read post. I thought I should provide an update in this post for those that come here just to read about how two opposite types in a marriage work out. We are now divorced.

I do think that our vast differences contributed to the breakdown and eventual decline of our relationship, though. I just would never be in a romantic relationship with one again.

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Every little thing was more of a struggle than it should have been. We hobbled along and tried to make it work for a while, but it was like having octagons for wheels instead of circles — jumpy, bumpy, and not quite right. Common ground is vital. However, things just work so much more smoothly. We have similar goals, focus, thought-processes, ideas, and philosophies about what is important in life. We are on the same team, working toward the same things instead of in a constant tug-of-war.

Most importantly, our communication is clear, calm, and conflicts are resolved quickly and with maturity. It makes a world of difference.