Jane grey and guilford dudley relationship test

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jane grey and guilford dudley relationship test

Lady Jane Grey and her husband, Lord Guildford Dudley, were executed on 12 Also, Philip II of Spain would not come to England for their marriage until the. Ives explains that Jane, Guildford, Ambrose, Henry and Cranmer were all that Jane saw her imprisonment and suffering as “a test of her election” by God: the Queen and her proposed marriage to Philip of Spain, her father, the Duke Guildford Dudley, husband of Lady Jane Grey, son of John Dudley. But for the most part Guildford Dudley's place in the myths what are the actual facts we have concerning Guildford's relationship with Jane?.

No one came to her aid.

jane grey and guilford dudley relationship test

She lay there an hour, alone, terrified, awoke weeping and began to pray aloud, begging God to give her a sign as to what she should do. In the end, she reasoned the decision out herself, deciding that if she could keep the country protestant, that was her duty.

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She mounted the throne, knowing there could be no turning back. When the Archbishop tried the crown on her head, he said they would need to make another for her husband. Shy, solemn, obedient Jane—the girl who was to be queen in name only—stunned her parents and Northumberland by refusing Guilford the crown.

If God saw fit to make her queen, then she would be queen. She would make Guilford a duke. Someone had sent a messenger to warn Princess Mary en route.

Lady Jane Grey and Guildford Dudley

The news must have been crushing when it came: Robert Dudley had failed to take the princess prisoner and Mary had declared herself queen.

Most Englishmen hated the greedy Northumberland, and only knew Jane as the wife of a Dudley. They had loved Catherine of Aragon, loved their kind Princess Mary. They had seen her suffer under Anne Boleyn and King Henry who had declared Mary a bastard forced to be a servant in the household of the half-sister who had displaced her. Now, they were willing to fight to put right that injustice.

jane grey and guilford dudley relationship test

An ominous quiet fell over London as Jane was proclaimed Queen throughout the city and made the traditional trip by royal barge to the Tower of London to await her coronation. She would never leave the fortress a free woman. Perhaps the most poignant words Jane spoke came in the Tower rooms where she held court as queen for such a brief time.

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In the midst of the chaos and defeat, sixteen year old Jane asked her father: Henry and Frances Grey joined the flood of people deserting Jane.

The new Queen pardoned Henry Grey, restored his lands and title. During her appeal to the Queen, Frances Grey never mentioned Jane. Jane was convicted of high treason in November of Many of the nobles who condemned Jane had plotted with her father.

jane grey and guilford dudley relationship test

In spite of the verdict, Queen Mary intended to pardon Jane once Mary had wed and produced a royal heir to the throne. Philip and Mary I But the reign that had begun in an outpouring of love and loyalty to the embattled catholic princess crumbled under the pressure of the ongoing religious conflict.

jane grey and guilford dudley relationship test

As Mary began to return Protestant England to the Catholic fold, even Northumberland recanted his faith and became Catholic in hopes of being pardoned by her.

Jane, still imprisoned in the Tower, waged her own battle, corresponding with the most powerful Reformers in Zurich and Geneva. When Queen Mary betrothed herself to the Spanish Prince Philip, her subjects began to fear England would be swallowed up by the powerful Hapsburgs and the Inquisition would light the fires of Smithfield once again. Dudley was not helped in his plan by the fact that his army deserted him, clearly fearing a Tudor backlash against which they would be severely beaten in combat.

Had her father not joined the rebellion, it is probable that Mary would have spared the life of the fifteen year old who was clearly out of her depth but did as she was told. The rebellion convinced Mary that Jane, while alive, remained a threat to her. Mary was also concerned that Jane, when given the chance to convert to Catholicism, refused to do so. Lady Jane Grey and her husband were beheaded on February 12th, after being found guilty of treason. Guilford was the first to be executed followed by Jane.

By this time was there a scaffold made upon the green over against the White Tower, for the said Lady Jane to die upon……The said lady, being nothing abashed…with a book in her hand whereon she prayed all the way till she came to the said scaffold…. First, when she mounted the said scaffold she said to the people standing thereabout: The queen, Mary Ihad, however, given some indication that their lives were safe.

Despite this she realised that some form of justice had to be seen to be done, and on 13 November Jane and Guildford were reunited in chilling circumstances: However they may have felt about one another in personal terms, from the moment of their marriage their fates were to be intertwined — whether they liked it or not. Jane and Guildford stood side by side in Guildhall within the City of London, and both pleaded guilty to the charges of treason that were brought against them.

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They were both condemned, and both sentenced to death. It was a seemingly terrible conclusion for the young couple, but neither showed any outward signs of turmoil.

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Following their trial, Jane and Guildford were returned to the Tower to resume their separate imprisonment. Queen Mary made no move to implement the sentence brought against them, and thus it was a waiting game as the couple were forced to endure their imprisonment with a death sentence looming over their heads.

Though in December the terms of their imprisonment were relaxed, it seems improbable that they were allowed to converse together, neither is there any evidence that they wished to. Rather than berating him for his actions in securing their doom, however, both Jane and Guildford wrote the Duke of Suffolk a farewell message.

There is no clue as to how this was contrived — did Jane and Guildford meet, or at least have an opportunity to converse and agree to write her father a final note? It is improbable that they met, and it was probably managed with the connivance of the Lieutenant of the Tower, Sir John Brydges. On the evening of 11th February, the night before their executions were due to take place, a contemporary recorded that Guildford requested one final meeting with his wife.

The fact that Guildford asked for such a meeting is suggestive of the fact that he had either developed some kind of feelings for his wife, however small, or that he perhaps wished to apologise to Jane for his past behaviour before their day of reckoning. Wherever the emphasis came from, it was a request that Jane refused. Though Jane had deprived Guildford of a final opportunity to say farewell, this was not quite their final encounter: On the morning of 12th February, Guildford was led out from his prison.

From a window in her lodgings, Jane watched as her husband left the Tower one final time. It was the last time that she saw Guildford alive. The couple who had experienced so much together, yet in reality barely knew one another, were reunited in death. The truth is that neither Jane or Guildford were given the time or opportunity to develop any kind of deep rooted feelings for one another, and that the foundations of their marriage were based on politics, and not personal, preferences.

They were married for almost eight months, but in fact spent very little of that time together, and had no opportunity to get to know one another. Nevertheless, from the moment that they said their marriage vows they became a partnership whose fates were inextricably, and fatally bound.