Jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship

Sasikala Natarajan: Friend, shadow, sister and now Jayalalithaa’s political heir | The News Minute

jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship

Sasikala is proposed to become the next Chief Minister. Jayalalithaa and Sasikala shared an enigmatic relationship and the latter was the. 'After a bout of drastic dieting Jayalalithaa fainted at home. . The relationship between Jayalalithaa and Sasikala has not only been a mystery. Around this time, when Ms. Jayalalithaa went to address a rally in Cuddalore, the relationship had begun. Ms. Sasikala's husband, M.

A tale of two women: Jayalalithaa and Sasikala

In the eyes of the public, every step and misstep Jayalalithaa took in her early years as state administrator, Sasikala was not far behind. They attended the Mahamaham festival at Kumbakonam in together, with Sasikala pouring holy water on her friend, even as a stampede broke out just metres away, killing more than 50 people, as the crowd pushed and shoved to catch a glimpse of the Chief Minister. The extravagant wedding that Jayalalithaa conducted for her foster son, who she later disowned, saw the friends dress like twins — in red silk sarees with matching gold and diamond jewellery.

Rollercoaster friendship When Jayalalithaa was routed in the Assembly Elections following her first term in power, many placed the blame squarely upon Sasikala and her family. But the electoral defeat was only the beginning of their troubles. With arch-rival Karunanidhi back at the helm, Jayalalithaa found herself embroiled in a number of corruption cases.

She soon announced that she was keeping a distance from her friend.

jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship

But Sasikala too was named in 39 cases and was arrested in June for alleged illegal foreign exchange transactions. She alleged that Sasikala Natarajan, in the name of Jayalalithaa, was "controlling all the officers in the state and trying to gain power within the party". The expelled AIADMK MP also accused state government officials of working under the influence of a certain party leader rather than the chief minister. She also demanded a CBI inquiry into the health condition of Jayalalithaa.

She is accused to have wielded immense power and amassed unaccounted wealth during the last three tenures of Jayalalithaa as chief minister. However, the Supreme Court acquitted them as the charges were found to be baseless.

jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship

Sasikala Natarajan was sentenced in the TANSI land acquisition case along with Jayalalitha by a trial court to two years' rigorous imprisonment. However, she later acquitted by the Madras High Court. However, Jayalalithaa admitted Sasikala Natarajan back into the party on March 31, The bond kept growing stronger and Sasikala graduated from a videographer to a housekeeper at 36, Poes Garden.

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A smooth operator, Sasikala was known for her knack of striking friendships and making herself indispensable to whosoever she interacted with. She never had a difference of opinion and always agreed to whatever one had to say. It was this quality that is said to have worked in her favour with Jayalalithaa.

From here on, Sasikala would follow Jayalalithaa everywhere including temples, state Assembly, election campaigns and would often be seen passing notes to her during her speeches. All these men and women were Sasikala loyalists.

The husband-wife duo ensured that most of her relatives, well-wishers and party cadres were kept away from Jayalalithaa making her completely dependent on Sasikala. Even Jayalalithaa directed party colleagues to approach Sasikala if they needed her intervention in any matter. In turn, Sasikala and her relatives began managing party affairs and were accused of auctioning tickets during the assembly elections.

Sasikala was the proxy chief minister who played a major role in appointing officers in key positions.

jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship

Ina new channel named after the chief minister-JJ TV-was launched. Jayalalithaa was even jailed in connection with the scam.

Once Jayalalithaa's favoured foster son, Sudhakaran now refused entry into Apollo

In order to restore order, Jayalalithaa was forced to oust Sasikala from her residence, party and life. Soon after she was banished, Sasikala was admitted to a hospital from where she wrote four letters to Jayalalithaa pleading her innocence.

An emotional Jaylalithaa forgot about the corruption charges and welcomed her with open arms.