Jody and yvette relationship test

Baby Boy Kind of Love | The Misadventures of Ms. Not-Right-Now

jody and yvette relationship test

Over the years, the biggest test has been continuing to stay committed while living long distance. However, they Jody and Yvette are black love. Kenny: Yes Q: What's the hardest part about being a millennial in a relationship? Kenny: The. With: Jody - Tyrese Gibson Sweetpea - Omar Gooding Juanita - A.J. lustful reconciliations between Jody and Yvette, whose relationship is. Baby Boy Young Love Jody and Yvette (Taraji P Henson and Tyrese Gibson) Issa, Relationship Goals, Baddie, Good Relationships, Cute Relationship Goals.

So I learned to distinguish between girls that play wifey and girls that play side dish.

jody and yvette relationship test

He ignores her initially but the insults get worse and worse. Or more accurately, the sex IS the resolution. It ends the argument and both parties are more than satisfied. Jody never acknowledges his cheating, his lying, his selfishness, or his arrogance.

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And Yvette just saves the arguing for another day. When she starts to feel frustrated again, they simply repeat the process.

jody and yvette relationship test

Argue, have make-up sex, cook tacos. The stress-relieving properties of sex prove this can actually work for a while. This method has worked so well for Jody, in fact, after he hits Yvette his apology consists of an oral sex session.

A frustrated Yvette eventually leaves Jody. Jody hitting her served as the last straw. And they stay broken up for a while but they both miss each other.

jody and yvette relationship test

The movie implies they do not communicate unless it has something to do with their son Jo-Jo. He moves out the house he lived in with his mother, moves in with Yvette, and proposes. But my experience with a man like Jody ended in him leaving me for a woman who could better tolerate his cheating and lies.

He never married me. I, apparently, wanted too much from him. It is okay to have been influenced. But the point of this post is for you to do a little soul-searching. Millennials are the generation that can do anything and everything at anytime. But then I have to have a whole other relationship with a whole other person that I have to consider with every move I make, on top of showing them love and attention.


The balancing act is so difficult. Are there any individual relationship struggles that you had to overcome? We were long distance for three years.

There were years when I saw him four to five times max. While hard, it definitely made our relationship stronger because we were taught to utilize every single second that we had with each other. It was an interesting and tough time. The confidence and will you need to have are essential. I had to be dedicated and have faith that our long distance relationship would work out in the end.

It was complicated and full of compromise.


You have to know whether that person is worth the sacrifice before jumping into a long distance relationship. Previous generations had clear and specific gender roles. However, learning how to be OK with Kenny helping me was hard.

I was taught to be independent and earn your own, no matter what.

jody and yvette relationship test

When we started living together, he took on more responsibility, and that was difficult for me to comply with. I was used to taking out the trash, washing dishes, picking up dinner and sorting the finances. Compromise and communication helped me let go of being Superwoman everyday.

Growing up, I knew about the stereotypical roles; as a man, I should be the financial provider and protector. However, times and situations have changed. For me, I want to be perfect and stable in every aspect: I want to be the best for her based off of who I am.

jody and yvette relationship test

She has certain standards and I have to work towards meeting those for her and myself. Do you feel pressured by your family to be with someone who looks like you? I knew they wanted me to stay true to my culture and not lose that when dating an American, but I was never told that I have to marry a Guyanese or a black person.