Kid and play relationship

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kid and play relationship

Kid 'n Play is an American hip-hop duo from New York City that was popular in the late s and early s. The duo was composed of Christopher Reid. “He's the only kid I wanna play with. No pedophile” Joked Play on stage at the yearly Essence Festival. This wouldn't be the same party they. Many of us grew up with this rap duo. Check out the most interesting facts from the Kid 'n Play Breakfast Club interview.

As a result their respective roles in Class Act, are pretty similar to their personas throughout high school. And Kid was such a nerd that he thought if Play gave him a bit of his street cred, he might be able to lose his virginity.

Kid 'n Play

The two had a child together in their two-year marriage. I married her as Play.

kid and play relationship

You do as you think you are as an entertainer. But he turned his life around. Charlemagne asked Play why he ran to God so quickly.

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And he knew he needed something else. Kid also got divorced. Unlike Play, he said his problem was that he waited too long before tying the knot.

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Kid the music man While Play went on to fashion, Kid stuck to the music. And is surprisingly, behind some pretty big songs. You can watch the full Breakfast Club interview in the video below. Trending on MadameNoire Comment Disclaimer: Also affectionately known as the "Funky Charleston," it was influenced by the s era dance The Charleston. The Kid n' Play Kickstep featured the new jack swing -aerobic dance moves typical of late s urban street dancing. Acting careers[ edit ] In addition to their music, Kid 'N Play have starred together in five feature filmsall of them based around hip hop characters and themes.

kid and play relationship

The duo also appeared on the soundtrack albums to these films. Four of the Kid 'n Play films were entries in the House Party series. Kid 'n Play were absent from the fourth film House Party 4which has no connection to any of the prior films or the subsequent film, House Party 5 in which the duo make a cameo appearance, revealing how successful their characters have become since the events of House Party 3.

kid and play relationship

Years later in an interview with Halftimeonline. Then Kid N Play blew up off of that.

Christopher Reid (entertainer)

For that film, Reid traded his trademark hi-top fade in for braids instead. The haircut is used as a plot device in the film.

kid and play relationship

On the show, Kid 'n Play were regressed to teenagers, but their recording careers remained intact, as did their comic personas.

The real Kid 'n Play appeared in live-action wraparounds of the cartoons, but voice actors again including close friend, Martin Lawrence performed in the animated portions of the show. The show stressed positive role models, teaching kids how to get along and stay out of trouble. A Marvel Comics comic book based on the cartoon lasted nine issues.

kid and play relationship