Leela and fry relationship poems

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leela and fry relationship poems

leela and fry quotes - Google Search Futurama Quotes, Cleveland Show, Ugly Cry,. Visit Quotes. 8 Times Leela And Fry's Relationship Made You Ugly Cry. Leela: You know Fry, I don't care if you aren't the most important person in the universe. It really makes me happy to see you right now. Fry: Then I am the most . So I recently proposed, I proposed with Fry's proposal: "The next time you Leela: I don't care if you're not the most important person in the.

Thus its clearly meant to be a different universe but with the same history, therefore Leela-1 is not Leela Leela-3 is not Leela That was an entirely different character. Furthermore the Fry that she went through all of those adventures with is not the same Fry as the one she is with now. That Fry is killed by the original when he and the Professor and Bender land on and crush their duplicates. You can see how that might throw a spanner into the works of the Fry and Leela relationship.

Here its exactly the same situation. His Leela is dead, but he is happy with a copy? However whilst The Late Philip J Fry may spoil later episodes somewhat this way it has a far worse effect on previous episodes.

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Its sad now whenever you watch previous episodes that are Fry and Leela heavy such as The Sting a fave of mine as you now know that Fry and Leela ultimately had an unhappy ending.

The Leela from that episode ended up alone. Aside from the fact that that is quite creepy. Not that I liked them much anyway, but still its quite creepy watching them and thinking that Leela and Cubert will end up having sex with one another! Its very sad to see Leela end up with a horrible guy who mistreats her, cheats on her with her friend and then dumps her, divorces her and takes half of her well earned money.

It also at the same time ruins other characters too. Amy is made into a irredeemable bitch. She stabs her friend in the back and has an affair with her husband. Whilst Amy may have been mean to Leela in the past this I feel was a step too far and again makes you hate Amy when you watch previous episodes from season as you think she is going to end up stabbing Leela in the back, stealing her husband and run off with her money. Also Zoidberg is given quite an unhappy ending too as he is fired and completely forgotten about by the rest of the crew.

I think this was also a bit too far as even though the others were meant to mistreat him it was always hinted that they cared for him underneath. For all of the main characters from the first 5 seasons to have such sad endings is terrible for me.

Particularly when you see how nice things could have worked out for them in series 7. Regardless, she and Fry go on a date. Robot Leela says that she doesn't know if her feelings for Fry are hers, or if they are simply Leela's, so she asks Fry to be just friends with her again, to which he reluctantly agrees.

leela and fry relationship poems

At Leela's funeral at the Cyclophage reserve, Leela is awakened by Bender's obnoxious partying. She is very surprised to find Robot Leela and Fry kissing. Fry later talks to himself, saying that he only loved Robot Leela because she was like the real Leela, and that he thought Leela loved him, but was wrong as usual. Leela listens to this without Fry's knowing. When Fry says he was "wrong, as usual," Leela appears to Fry, and tells him that he was "wrong again," insisting that she truly did love him.

She forgives Fry and kisses him, telling him that things will work out between them unless Robot Leela is jealous, like her. Robot Leela, being identical to Leela, was indeed jealous and mad when she sees this, and the two Leelas fight over Fry. Then it is revealed that Fry was really a robot. Fry had saved Leela by sacrificing himself during the crash, and Leela was extremely distraught.

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The two robots decide that they are in love, ditch their "meat suits", and leave together, leaving Fry and Leela to each other. As Leela is about to leave for her mission, Fry gives her some trail mix he made, and a large painting of himself for Leela to remember him.

Leela asks him to keep it, as it is far too big, and kisses Fry on the cheek, telling him that she will be back soon. In " Attack of the Killer App ", it is apparent that Fry and Leela's relationship has been put in minor setback. When Fry and Bender compete to see who can get 1, followers first on the social networking site "Twitcher" Fry discovers Leela has a singing boil named Susan. He chooses the contest over his affection for Leela, and she is very upset when she finds out.

However, when the contest ends in a tie, Fry regrets his desicion and replaces the now-viral video with his own, by diving into a hot tub full of barf.

Leela is touched, but only refers to Fry as a friend.

leela and fry relationship poems

In " The Duh-Vinci Code ", Fry asks Leela to have sex in the catacombs under Rome alluding to the "mile deep club", a reference to the mile high cluband Leela promptly agrees, but The Professor interrupts them. In " The Late Philip J. Fry ", Fry intends to take to Leela out for her birthday lunch. He shows up extremely late, and Leela angrily leaves, having already eaten alone.

Later, Hedonismbot throws a bachelor party with strippers, and Bender intends to go with Fry. Leela, initially thinking Fry would be going to the party, is happy when Fry asks her out for a birthday dinner instead. Before he can leave, though, the Professor makes him and Bender test his time machine that only goes forward in time.

Fry-Leela relationship

Fry explains on his video birthday card why he will be slightly late, and tells Leela he loves her. However, the professor accidentally makes them go 6, years forward instead of one minute, and Fry loses his card during their leap in time. Leela is once again disappointed in Fry, and is angry when she thinks Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth went to Hedonismbot's party. She is both sad and mad when she learns that everyone at the party died except for Hedonismbot.

leela and fry relationship poems

For nearly four decades, she stays mad at Fry. InFry's video birthday card comes out of time and hits her in the face. An aged Leela now knows that Fry never went to the bachelor party, and is far ahead of her in time, trying to get back. Leela goes into the former site of the Cavern on the Greenwhere Leela and Fry's date was supposed to take place, and she shoots holes into the porous ceiling.

Fry, in the year One Billion, walks into the cavern and sees Leela's message. He decides he had a good life after all, and he, Bender, and Farnsworth skip to the ending of the universe, only to discover that time is cyclical.

The three of them skip through the entire history of the universe again and again, and manage to stop only the third time just before they left. Fry shows up for Leela's date on time, and the whole night for them goes along greatly. He confess he lost her birthday card, but she says she doesn't really like cards, and that the only thing that counts to her is their time together. In the final scene, they tenderly hold close to each other on a bridge under the night sky.

In " That Darn Katz! In " The Prisoner of Benda ", Leela laments on Fry only caring for her looks and not her inside and vice versa when saying she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

When obtaining the body of the Professor, she thinks Fry is repulsed by her and he is, but he is willing to lie about it. To prove her wrong, he obtains the hideous body of Zoidberg. Both repulsed by each other, they agree for a date to prove they are not superficial. On the date, however, they start making out, leading to a romantic meeting in the bed, the first known. In " Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences ", Leela is very saddened by Fry's assumed death.

When they realize he is alive, she is very happy. After Fry reads his comic, Leela gives him a passionate kiss on the cheek. Fry and Leela's relationship hits a major snag in " The Mutants Are Revolting " in which Fry accidentally reveals in public that Leela is a sewer mutant living illegally on the surface, which leads to her exile into the sewers.

leela and fry relationship poems

Nevertheless, Fry complies and seemingly turns into a hideous blob-like mutant. Leela is deeply moved by Fry's sacrifice and reconciles with him, although she is naturally repulsed by his new form to the point where she refuses to make physical contact with him.

The two lead a campaign that allows all sewer mutants to live on the surface, and Leela works up the stomach to kiss Fry in celebration, upon which it is revealed he did not mutate, but was stuck in the mouth of another mutant. You're smart, you're beautiful, and best of all, you'll go out with me-e? Fry, please try to understand: