Libya and turkey relationship with us

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libya and turkey relationship with us

But the relations were rekindled when Muammar Gaddafi came to power in In fact, the seeds of Turkey's friendly ties with Libya were laid during a US arms. Relations between the United States and Turkey have come under increasing strain in the past two years over the U.S. role in Syria and. Turkey and Libya should find a common ground to enhance their bilateral relations and to shape up their future plans, Turkish economy.

libya and turkey relationship with us

A challenge for Haftar is the Fezzan region in southwest Libya, where water pipelines, oil fields, and border control are claimed by a variety of competing groups including the Islamic State, pro-Qadhafists, Islamist militias, and foreign mercenaries.

A potential Haftar-Qadhafi alliance is not unrealistic. Inthe Tobruk-based prime minister, Abdullah al-Thani, had declared the end of all contracts with Turkish companies, further straining relations with Ankara.

Under the late Qadhafi, Libya was a significant market for the Turkish construction sector.

A History Of U.S.–Libya Relations

Some of the projects were at the stage of final delivery but Turkish companies could not collect their receivables and fled the country after the eruption of the rebellion. Even the Turkish equipment that was left in Libya is worth a billion dollars.

libya and turkey relationship with us

After the elections, Turkish firms started to return, hoping to complete the projects. Now giving signals to welcome Turkish firms back to eastern Libya, the Tobruk government aims to assess if Ankara is willing to cooperate, and to what extent.

libya and turkey relationship with us

Economic interests are certainly of high importance for Turkey in shaping its Libya policy. Thus, Ankara may choose a pragmatic approach in Libya and engage with the Tobruk government in case the latter makes tangible offers. On the other hand, however, the Tripoli government already gave promises to Ankara for the revival of Turkish companies there and started to take concrete steps.

libya and turkey relationship with us

The city of Tripoli is reaching out to Istanbul for assistance in restoring city services and archeological sites. Turkish companies will also open two advanced medical centers in Misrata and al-Bayda in early To revive small business transactions, Ankara is currently working on resuming visa liberalization from the Tripoli-based Turkish embassy.

Since SeptemberTurkey has introduced visa requirements for Libyans due to security concerns, annulling the memorandum of agreement in to waive visas for nationals of both countries. The new visa requirements caused a decline in bilateral trade and influenced the decisions of many Libyans to seek medical treatment in other countries instead of Turkey—the size of this group has increased, given the deterioration of the health sector in Libya.

Reminiscent of its strategy in Syria, Russia appears to seek an ultimate broker role without making an immense investment that would bring risk. Russia seeks a broker role for a resolution in Libya rather than relying exclusively on Haftar, whose capability to control all Libyan territory is still dubious.

Thus, Moscow could find that Ankara wields influence on the Salvation Government in Misrata as well as the GNA government in Tripoli; it could play a role in potential ceasefires and peace deals. Russia still officially endorses the UN-proposed settlement, and thus, it has engaged with the GNA government at high-level meetings. Besides, Moscow even hosted opposition leaders from Misrata, indicating its willingness to become a diplomatic actor.

Turkey-Libya Relations

Considering mistrust against the UAE in Tripoli and Misrata, Turkey appears to be the best candidate for Russia to pursue its strategy as a broker. In the messy complex of the Libyan civil war, the United States has thus far paid exclusive attention to Islamic State and al-Qaeda operations. But the relations were rekindled when Muammar Gaddafi came to power in In fact, the seeds of Turkey's friendly ties with Libya were laid during a US arms embargo following Turkey's intervention in Cyprus inwhen Libya provided Turkey with spare parts to operate US-made jets.

Since then, Turkish builders have become a mainstay of foreign business in Libya. Libya is the third largest trade partner of Turkey in Africa.


In order to complete the legal framework of bilateral commercial and economic relations, Turkey and Libya have signed a number of agreements, including Agreement on Enhancing Economic and Technical Cooperation and Bilateral Investment and Protection Agreement The two countries envisage to establish a Free Trade Agreement in the coming years. Turkey is among the main investors in Liyba.

Projects worth more than 20 billion dollars have been undertaken by Turkish contracting and construction firms in Libya. In terms of volume of work undertaken by Turkish contractors abroad, Libya is the second market after Russia.

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Turkey is a Middle Eastern country whose security as well as stability and prosperity have become intimately tied up with developments in the Middle East. Turkey is extending support and help to Libya in terms of security issues.

Turkey is the first country to start training of the Libyan Armed Forces.

Libya–Russia relations

The first group of Libyan Army soldiers to be trained by a coalition of US and European Union countries has started undergoing a 14 week-long military training at the Isparta Domestic Security Training Centre near the city of Isparta in Western Turkey.

In terms of a defence and security cooperation agreement signed between Turkey and Libya in AprilTurkey will train nearly Libyan troops to rebuild the Libyan Army and strengthen national defence and security institutions which crumbled during the anti-Gaddafi revolution. Turkey is also providing the Libya Police Force with specialization training in different areas.

libya and turkey relationship with us