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Forever Yours, Faithfully: My Love Story [Lorrie Morgan, George Vecsey] on singer Keith Whitley, who, in turn, falls in love with the bottle; it's marriage on the. Keith Whitley struggled with alcohol addiction from a young age until 3) Marriage to Lorrie Morgan and birth of his only child: While on tour. UNITED STATES - JANUARY Photo of Keith WHITLEY (Photo by Ebet stories — he'd married fellow country singer Lorrie Morgan in — but well in relationships but is ready to try again, were heartstring tuggers.

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I love you, Keith. In my case if I dwelled too much, it would be too hard to get out of it. There are going to be times when I'll say, 'Lord I wish I wasn't here. I wish I wasn't working. I wish I could just sit at home. Asked if she feared Whitley might kill himself with alcohol, she replied: I'd been around alcoholism throughout my life.

I never, never expected anything as bad as Keith had it. I thought it would just take love and someone to help him to get through with it. He wanted it that way. But something inside of him wouldn't let him.

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It literally was like he had cancer and could not control. It was like a ticking timebomb. I knew all this going into the relationship. I thought as much as I loved Keith, surely that would help him. I feel in my own heart I kept Keith alive a lot longer because I was there all the time.

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I put everything on the back burner, including my career, to help Keith. It nearly shattered her. Anybody who watched her in the aftermath of his death knows that. If he had lived, they probably would have gotten divorced or he would've gotten sober.

In my opinion, this is a book worth reading. It's a story that touched me. I think it took an incredible amount of courage to lay her private life out there for the public to attack.

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I don't think this was written to show what a perfect love affair they had. I think it was written to show what a typically dysfunctional life they had. She captures the beauty of life as well as the heart break brought on by death, as she passes these feelings on to the reader of this book. Apr 03, Janet rated it really liked it I liked this book as it was very revealing concerning her late husband Keith Whitley's problems with alcohol which eventually killed him.

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Posthumous career[ edit ] Despite Whitley's death, his influence on country music has persisted. At the time of his death, he had just finished work on his fourth and final studio album, I Wonder Do You Think of Me. The album was released three months after his death, on August 1, The album produced two more No. Two new songs were added to "Greatest Hits": Harmony' Young to sing at Whitley's wedding.

The second was "'Til a Tear Becomes a Rose", a demo taken from Tree that originally featured harmony vocals by childhood friend Ricky Skaggs. Lorrie Morgan, with creative control and license to Whitley's namesake, recorded her voice alongside Whitley's, and released it as a single, which rose to No. RCA also released a compilation of performance clips from his days in the Ralph Stanley-Fronted Clinch Mountain Boysinterviews, and some previously unreleased material under the title "Kentucky Bluebird".

InWhitley's widow, Lorrie Morgan, organized several of Whitley's friends in bluegrass and some of the big names in country at the time to record a tribute album to Whitley. The album, Keith Whitley: The album also included four previously unreleased tracks recorded by Whitley inone of which had Morgan dubbed in as a duet partner. The album also included two original songs: Inthe album Wherever You Are Tonight was released, produced by Lorrie Morgan, featuring restored demos ofwith crisper s recording techniques and a full orchestra.

Insongwriter Jeff Swope began writing a film treatment for a biopic concerning Whitley's life and death that was shelved in On April 13,he announced that pre-production was set to begin again, pending investors.