Louise colenbrander and simon dallow relationship

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louise colenbrander and simon dallow relationship

After the marriage ended, Mau began a relationship with dance instructor Karleen Edmonds, while Dallow moved on with radio executive Louise Colenbrander. sister Louise is believed to be in a relationship with TVNZ newsreader Simon Dallow. This is not the first time Colenbrander's name has come. And, back then, Ali Mau and Simon Dallow were the “it” married couple of ensconced in a relationship with radio guru Louise Colenbrander.

Mikey Havoc and Claire Chitham News that Mikey Havoc and Claire Chitham's marriage was over in also came as a surprise to fans, largely because the couple had done a lovey-dovey magazine story only a month earlier in which they had talked about having babies. The couple had seemed an unlikely match when they first started dating in — he the brash broadcaster and she the actress then best known as the sweet Waverley on Shortland Street — but they remained together for eight years.

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The marriage ended amicably, with Havoc telling the Herald several years later that he and his ex-wife remained friends.

Yes, we did two women's magazine stories.

louise colenbrander and simon dallow relationship

Yes, one was just before we broke up. You don't know before you separate. Tetro went on to find love with high profile businessman Rob Fyfe, although they took their time publicly confirming they were in a relationship. Now, Fyfe and Tetro are both preparing to walk down the aisle a second time after getting engaged earlier this year.

louise colenbrander and simon dallow relationship

Innes, meanwhile, is now in a relationship with journalist Belinda Henley. Shavaughn Ruakere and Clarke Gayford Actress and TV presenter Shavaughn Ruakere and broadcaster Clarke Gayford were a regular feature in the women's magazines during their three-year relationship. Young, attractive and nuts for each other, they certainly looked good in a magazine spread as they talked about love and life.

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Gayford is now shacked up with Labour's deputy leader, Jacinda Ardern. While they don't often talk publicly about their relationship, Gayford did tell the Herald last year that Ardern is "the best thing that's ever happened to me". Jordan Mauger and Fleur Verhoeven Yes, it would be a stretch to call what these two had a relationship, especially when compared to the other couples above.

The "winning" duo from the second season of The Bachelor NZ lasted less than three days past the final episode of the series before Mauger changed his mind. At the time of the shock announcement, Mauger said he knew something was amiss when he saw Verhoeven for the first time after a long absence following filming of the show.

A photo posted by Martin Colenbrander martincolenbrander on Mar 21, at 5: If there's one thing Dallow can't abide, it's reality television.

louise colenbrander and simon dallow relationship

The disapproving looks across the dinner table would ruin Christmas forever. Logan Dodds A photo posted by Logan Dodds????

louise colenbrander and simon dallow relationship

This year-old plumber found fame on the internet last year when a video of his global travels went viral. Why he would say yes: He's had a taste of stardom with his YouTube videos and clearly loves the spotlight.

But deep down, Dodds is just a down-to-earth guy who Spy knows is looking for love. It's understood he was shoulder tapped for the show and has worked on past projects with the show's producers.

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The travelling Kiwi tradesman has the same sweet characteristics as predecessor Art Green and will be a hit with both contestants and viewers. A photo posted by Logan Dodds????

Dodds was reportedly inundated with job offers and filming opportunities following his viral video hit.

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If what he told us was truesurely the chance to host an international travel series would be more appealing than The Bachelor NZ? Logan Marbeck A photo posted by Logan Marbeck logan. Heir to the Marbecks music dynasty, Logan is the fourth generation of Marbecks to work at the iconic music label. The year-old runs the company's website and is a regular on the social scene.

louise colenbrander and simon dallow relationship

Why would he say yes?: