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mike and jesse relationship trust

Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut was a former corrupt police officer who, after relationship between the young drug dealer Jesse Pinkman and Mike began trûwen ("to believe", "to trust", "to hope") closely related to "Treue" ("loyalty", " fidelity"). including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut is a fictional character in Breaking Bad and its spinoff prequel Gus brings Mike and Jesse to a meeting with Don Eladio and the Mexican cartel, offering to end the dispute between . In a sign of Gus' respect for Mike and expectation of a future working relationship, he accepts no payment, and.

Then Gus can get rid of Jesse. Gus and Mike set out to put a wedge between Walt and Jesse, but as a result, they legitimately see what an asset Jesse is. They do see something in Jesse and want to keep him on the team. There is no way Gus is going to let someone who has promised to kill him to go on living. Walt will have no way of finding out the truth. They then will have Walt completely isolated to cook his pure meth for them, and they will keep a close eye on him.

Walt will no longer cook for Gus without Jesse. Gus must take them together, or not at all. They have no other chemist waiting in the wings that we know of at this point so they need Jesse. Gus is no fan of Walt, but he is no fan of Jesse either.

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But Gus can read people and he knows that Walt is inflexible, Jesse can be moulded. He knows that he can manipulate Jesse by building his confidence, which will isolate Walt. This ultimately makes Walt easier to watch and control. Gus only employed Jesse at the insistence of Walt, and has viewed Jesse as an unsafe risk since he first saw him. Gus wants no risks or vulnerabilities in his business.

Jesse has killed one, and planned to kill other members of his operation. Gus eventually plans on eliminating both Walt and Jesse, but they are the only two cooks that we know of — he must keep one of them. Gus will keep the better chemist, Walt, whose brother is a DEA agent now investigating his business.

Gus will get rid of the junkie who is prone to relapses, and who basically has no relationships in his life that will become a threat to Gus if Jesse is removed.

Gus clearly despises Walter and would prefer to be rid of him. Mike sees Walter as a snivelling little weasel: Walt deeply insulted Mike by suggesting that Mike might help in killing Gus.

Walter is being isolated and constantly watched and babysat by Tyrus. Jesse on the other hand is being given more responsibility and is being allowed to handle weapons in the presence of Mike and Gus.

Gus would not have taken Jesse to Mexico if he thought Jesse would fail… he has confidence in him. Walt and Jesse are the only two cooks that we know of. Is it even remotely plausible that Gus would want to kill Jesse and retain Walter? Gus shows confidence in taking Jesse to Mexico, because Gus has built up Jesse enough to succeed. This is going to hurt. Walt meets in the desert with Gus and Mike. Walt says he had to do it to save Jesse, who right or wrong might assume Gus gave the go-ahead to have Tomas killed.

Walt says Gus has two options: What choice does he have? Then we see Gale at home, which is completely adorable. His apartment is perfect. The rugs, the plants, the telescope, the tea heated to precisely the correct temperature, the wacky music he sings along to. Gus stops by for a visit. Gus explains that Walt has cancer, and might die at any time. Back in the lab, he asks Walt a lot of pointed questions about methodology, with Victor now ever-present, listening in.

A few other things are happening too. Hank is suffering through physical therapy. Marie fools him into leaving through a clever hand-job ruse. In any case, Hank heads home.

mike and jesse relationship trust

Mike has other problems besides Walt. Mike takes all four of them out to the groovy strains of The Beastie Boys. A lot of great music in this show. Have I mentioned that yet? Well, you watch it. Saul leaves Mike a notebook with an address in Virginia. Saul brings Walt to meet Jesse inside the laser tag arcade. The only way out is to kill Gale. He needs Jesse to kill Gale. He tells Walt to turn himself in and go into witness protection.

He begs Walt not to kill Gale. But Walt sees it as the only option. Mike is at the laundry, tells Walt to get downstairs to the lab. Mike flees and asks Walt to meet him with the "go bag". Walt meets Mike but refuses to turn over the bag unless Mike reveals the names of his associates so Walt can have them killed.

Mike refuses, and Walt angrily grabs the gun from Mike's bag and shoots him. Walt apologizes and says he just realized he could have asked Lydia for the names, but Mike tells Walt to leave him alone and let him die in peace. Better Call Saul[ edit ] See also: Better Call Saul season 1 Mike, a former Philadelphia police officer now relocated to Albuquerque to be close to his daughter-in-law and granddaughter, works as a parking lot attendant at the courthouse, where he meets Jimmy.

He also does private investigating, security and "muscle" jobs on the side, including helping Jimmy out with the Kettlemans, a family involved in embezzlement. Better Call Saul season 2 Impressed by Mike's work for Pryce, Nacho approaches him with a request to kill Tuco SalamancaHector's nephew, because his erratic actions are drawing unnecessary attention to the Salamanca's operations.

Do you think Gus actually liked/was loyal to Jesse or do you think it was a manipulation?

Mike fears the cartel will find out and kill him. Instead, he fakes an altercation with Tuco that leads to Tuco being imprisoned for assault with a deadly weapon. Hector doesn't object to Tuco spending a small amount of time in prison as a learning experience, but bribes Mike to say the gun was his, which reduces Tuco's sentence.

Mike's dealings with Hector make him think Hector suspects he intentionally caused Tuco's arrest, causing Mike to feel uneasy about the safety of his daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

Mike intended for a passer-by to call the police, but finds out from Nacho that when a passing motorist stopped and aided the driver, the driver called Hector. Hector then dispatched a crew to clean up the scene, including killing the good Samaritan so that the drug ring wouldn't be exposed.

Mike then prepares to assassinate Hector, but an unseen third party disrupts his plan. Better Call Saul season 3 Mike assumes someone used a tracking device to identify his location and prevent him from killing Hector.

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He dismantles his car at a mechanic's shop but fails to find a tracker until he has an epiphany and discovers it inside the gas cap. Obtaining an identical tracker from Caldera, he replaces the one in his gas cap, drains the battery of the one he removed from his car, and waits. Someone arrives at Mike's house to replace the tracker on Mike's car, believing the battery is dead.

Mike follows him, and sees him drop the tracker off at Los Pollos Hermanos. Mike discovers that it was Gus Fring who warned him not to kill Hector, because Gus wants to take over Hector's drug business and believes the time is not yet right. Mike continues surreptitious disruption of Hector's drug shipments, while Nacho, who wants to save his father from Hector's plans to use the family's upholstery business as a drug front, switches Hector's heart medication with ibuprofen in the hopes of killing him without detection by inducing a fatal heart attack.

mike and jesse relationship trust

In a sign of Gus' respect for Mike and expectation of a future working relationship, he accepts no payment, and absorbs the cost of the withholding taxes Mike will have to pay, so that Mike won't sustain a financial loss as a result of the laundering.