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Rick and Carl's relationship isn't perfect after Lori and Judith's death. Led by Negan, the group gets by purely by bullying and inflicting. However, it's Carl's relationship with Negan that many are going to miss While Carl still hates the man, he knows that Negan has advice to. Carl and Negan have only interacted a few times so far on The Walking What Is Carl & Negan's Relationship Like In 'The Walking Dead' Comics? He gives Negan updates on his life and seeks advice, almost as though.

That is, at least, until Rick finds them at their camp in Issue 2 and the three happily reunite. But it will be a while before he starts to learn the true consequences of taking on such adult responsibilities. So he shoots him in the neck and kills him.

Though he nearly dies, he eventually makes a full recovery. He takes issue with the fact that he still has to be babysat. And he starts to grow closer to his fellow survivors, like Sophia. He struggles with the fact that his father is always putting himself in danger, and leaving the prison for long periods of time.

In Issue 36, after Rick leaves the prison yet again to deal with the Governor, Carl turns to Tyreese for advice. He asks Tyreese if his father even loves him. Traumatic losses and plenty of blame Carl holds Rick.

And in Issue 48, in the midst of his siege, Lori and Judith are both shot and killed. While Rick ultimately recovers, Carl starts to believe that he can fend for himself. But eventually, he realizes he still needs support. But they manage to forge on, and head toward Washington D. The bandits threaten to rape and murder Carl in front of Rick.

Negan and Carl Moments We Won't Get on 'The Walking Dead'

Ben, a fellow young survivor kills his brother, Billy, to prove that all people come back to life. While the adults in their group try to decide how to handle it, Carl takes matters into his own hands. But eventually, he breaks down and admits in Issue 66 that he killed Ben. And that becomes especially important once Rick and his group settle in their new home: But for Carl, it ends up being, in some ways, every bit as dangerous and life altering as his time on the road.

Alexandria is protected from the undead and any other potential foes by tall, seemingly impenetrable walls. But eventually the wall gives way, and a huge hoard of walkers takes over the small community. While he survives the nearly fatal incident, he loses his eye and his memory. Rick is forced to explain to Carl all over again what happened to his mother and what their lives are like. Taking on Negan Negan Image Comics Even though Alexandria proves to be a somewhat perilous place to live, Carl and his friends live with the Safe Zone survivors in relative harmony.

That is, until, the Saviors enter the equation. Led by Neganthe group gets by purely by bullying and inflicting violence on other survivors. But ultimately, their encounter goes wrong. And they ultimately murder Glenn in retaliation.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Disappointed in TWD's Negan/Carl Storyline

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