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Nagate fired three rockets into Gauna to wear placental matter and fired his machine gun forearm to further expose its real body. After being knocked back by an arm of the placenta, Shizuka grabbed Nagate and the two turned his squad out in clasp formation before the shell impacted. The shell scored a direct hit, but the Gauna survived; Sidonia command was hoping to ward off the Gauna to gain enough time for Sidonia to escape, but they had a few days until the target could regenerate and catch up to Sidonia again.

At the funeral of Yamano, Kobayashi announced that a ship Massa Union was nearby; It was a speech to rally the troops and have them mentally and emotionally prepared for the conflict to come. Back to the gym, Nagate was being blamed for the incident. Nagate's arrival coincidentally marked the return of the Gauna, making Nagate the target of prank calls and discrimination as it is seen as a disgrace to walk to all of them.

Because Nagate was not genetically modified to photosynthesize, it was being caused by his constant consumption of food and even said that he smells bad because of it. As a joke, they left a bag full of sanitizer in his closet.

Instructor Ichirou Seii noticed Nagate did not have his seat belt and reminded him of previous incidents, resulting in mass casualties. However, Nagate was not aware of anything like that since he did not receive basic training; Seii had him run a railway safety check to ensure all rails are good to use. Very focused on finding the next area to check, he manages to stumble in the locker room where the girl Honoka En angry Nagate jump-kicked in the face, knocking him out. Later, he recovered and found Izana she asked Nagate join her for flowers to Yamano cadet.

He vomited and fell to the ground; Izana watched over him as he suffered a nightmare of an assimilated Yamano, asking him to kill her, but failed. When he woke up, he did not even realized he collapsed and apologized for shooting on the Izana leg; she was understanding of his injury. To change the subject, Izana asked about Nagate excellent piloting skills with the Tsugumori and Nagate said he was trained by his grandfather since he was small with the Type VR system; Izana was impressed.

She explained that the current series Type 18 was developed by Kunato Development instead of Toha Heavy Industries, making it different for Nagate to fly. Back to the dorm, it was not three days yet, but recovered Nagate form your wounds already. Doctors did not know about his immortal body had already repaired the damage and he used the keys just in case.

He met with Lala to eat but was quickly focused on the news about the recent attack Gauna. Although Nagate trained all his life to face the real Gauna, the Yamano of haunting image triggered his PTSD, causing a severe anxiety attack and nausea; Lala had medical care for him and he continued to rest.

Nagate awakened to find himself in the SDF Academy, resting in the nurses room. He realized it was Kobayashi, but she feigned ignorance and did think she is someone else. PTSD Nagate was causing him to vomit and anxiety repeatedly collapse, resulting in malnutrition well. The nurse insisted that to rest, but he told her of his Kobayashi promise of becoming a pilot and want gardes; the nurse had Shizuka Hoshijiro escort him. Nagate felt ashamed of being next Shizuka as it stench of vomit, but it ensured that he did not and he blushed with attraction for the kind words of Shizuka.

Nagate talks with Akai team In between, the Akai elite squad was chosen to be the next assault team to take Gauna. Curious where the enemy will be like, they took an interest to Nagate and decided to meet him at the gym. At the same time, cadet Yuhata Midorikawa also taken a keen interest in Nagate after realizing the depth of their combat skills and wanted to ask him more about his fighting method.

Coincidentally, both parties found Nagate as Hoshijiro accompanied him. Because older brother Yuhata part of Akai squad well, lined up side Yuhata to allow Akai question Nagate about meeting Gauna.

However, Nagate gave a lukewarm response, saying it was no different than the VR simulations although still suffering from obvious symptoms of PTSD. Unknown to Nagate, the fact that the Akai squad gave their attention to Nagate and not to Norio was a great insult to their pride and increase their anguish against Nagate. Hoshijiro buying food to Nagate Later in the day, Nagate learned about the Gravity Festival of Lala and decided to check it out when she said there was not a lot of delicious snacks available during the event.

Not even properly dressed in the appropriate attire for the event, Nagate wanted to get some roast meats, but could not afford to pay anything; Hoshijiro just arrived in a beautiful kimono and offered to pay the Nagate meal. Izana was also present as well, but seeing how he was enjoying the company of Hoshijiro, she pulled away. Izana decided to explore the festival in her own when she bumped into Norio. Walking with ego and anger after losing the gardes match Akai, Norio saw Izana and pushed her down on the floor, causing candied apple stick Izana stabbing his thigh.

Nagate saw what happened and demanded an apology, but the superior martial arts skills Norio had Nagate pinned down in a basement of painful arm presentation. Norio drop them off and Hoshijiro took so Izana and Nagate back to the dorm Nagate to correct his injuries. Izana felt guilty about it, but Nagate was okay with it. Nagate was looking over the Izana injury; although Izana is not boy or girl at this stage, she still felt shy about it looking. Izana decided to watch TV to change the subject and check the results of the competition gardes Gravity Festival and was excited to find out all the Akai squad won as the top four winners.

Barely a few seconds later, the Akai itself arrives to talk to Nagate. Surprised by the sudden appearance of Akai, what invited both Izana and Nagate join them in the sea, a complex water system that contains the surviving remnants of ocean life on Earth and also the Sidona water supply.

The Akai squad, with the winners of gravity Festival had sea in store for them for the rest of the day and invited Nagate as a way to thank you for relieving the anxieties of Akai for its upcoming mission against Gauna Akai squad would enjoy his final hours of serenity before the big battle.

Kashiwade Aoki took charge of the group and tried to attack another run. Unfortunately, Momose was emotionally disturbed and compromised the entire mission by charging ahead of guys. G attacked a tentacle in Momose unit, causing his gardes to spiral out of control.

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Izumo Midorikawa broke position and tried to save Momose while Kashiwade was left alone in front; it was at that moment G triggered a flurry of tentacles. The attack killed Kashiwade and then Izumo. Momose really suffered severe physical trauma when the G hit your drive, causing her heart to stop; all Akai squad was KIA. With G walking Sidonia, it was no longer an overpowering mission. It became a desperate mission and command Sidonia sortied each Gardes, regardless of the pilot's training level.

Nagate if sortied and was among the first to find G again. In a team of four men Norio, Shizuka, En, and Nagatethe group found a beam attack particles that immobilized his Gardes before attempting to Gauna. Fortunately, Tsugumori was minimally damaged and Nagate was able to restart his machine and took the Gauna. Grabbing a Kabizashi Spear, he was able to blast an opening of Gauna, large enough for him to punch through true body G, destroying Gauna once and for all.

Despite a spectacular victory, winning was not the concern of Nagate as Shizuka ejected from their Gardes during combat. His unit suffered a breakdown during the match and was forced to emergency eject, throwing it out into space without any tracking beacon. Nagate actually traced his last known trajectory and made a guess where to find it.

Izana Shinatose

Refusing to give up on her, Nagate broke rank and left out of Sidonia sensor power to rescue her. For nearly 10 days, both spent time together trying to survive, but the two also developed romantic feelings for each other. Towards the end of your rope, all Gardes riders broke protocol and held its own search and rescue mission and found the duo is still alive. Kunato Squad become Sidonia Defense Force as a official pilot It was a great heroic return to Nagate as he was seen as the savior of Sidonia and a great man of honor to save Shizuka in the process.

However, this does not sit well with Norio. He felt robbed when he spent a lifetime building your reputation and earn your place; Sudden onset of Nagate robbed him of all his desired fame, glory and honor to ride Tsugumori. Under tropospheric conditions the nmol mol—1 is indistinguishable from the volumetric mixing ratio ppb. The same units are applied to any ozone statistic, such as median or 95th percentile values.

The tropospheric column extends from the surface to the tropopause, which can be defined according to a variety of methods including temperature lapse rate, temperature cold point tropical tropopausetrace gas thresholds or thermodynamic properties such as isentropic potential vorticity. The choice of tropopause definition varies between research groups and due to the differences in altitude between the various tropopause definitions, independently calculated TCO values for a given time and location can differ by several DU.

Discrepancies in tropopause altitude are particularly common at mid-latitudes in the region of the subtropical jet stream Bethan et al. For this analysis a subset of non-urban surface sites has been selected for the purposes of illustrating the spatial and temporal variability of regionally representative ozone around the globe and for straightforward comparison to global atmospheric chemistry models.

Urban sites were not considered because in spatial terms they are not regionally representative and because the local emissions and photochemical and deposition processes are too small-scale to be resolved by global atmospheric chemistry models, as described by TOAR-Model Performance Young et al. Sites were classified as urban if they exceeded thresholds for human population and satellite-detected nighttime lights intensity see TOAR-Surface Ozone Database for a detailed description of the site classification algorithm, Schultz et al.

This selection algorithm was applied to objectively identify the most highly urbanized sites, with approximately one quarter of all sites in the database classified as urban. The non-urban sites considered in this paper include suburban sites as well as rural sites surrounded by heavily urbanized areas.

Nagate Tanikaze

At the other extreme, some of the sites are considered to be remote, either located in unpopulated coastal regions, on islands, on top of high mountains, or in low-elevation, land-locked areas remote from anthropogenic emissions. Another subset of sites was selected to explore long term trends in air masses characteristic of the lower free troposphere.

This subset consists of eight mountaintop or very high elevation sites in the Northern Hemisphere. MLO is impacted by mid-latitude air masses which originate to the north and west and tropical air masses that originate to the south and east Harris and Kahl, ; Oltmans et al.

Ozone is typically greater in the mid-latitude air masses and the long term trend at MLO is affected by the relative frequency of air mass transport from high and low latitudes in response to climate variability driven by ENSO and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation Lin et al.

To reduce the noise in the trend due to climate variability we apply a new method for examining ozone trends at MLO Ziemke and Cooper, Co-located dewpoint observations are used to separate the ozone observations into dry air samples, representative of mid-latitude air masses from higher altitudes and higher latitudes, and moist air samples, representative of tropical air masses from lower latitudes and lower altitudes. Dry air masses are those with a dewpoint value less than the monthly climatological 40th percentile, while moist air masses are those with a dewpoint value greater than the monthly climatological 60th percentile.

A dry or moist category in any given month must have a sample size of at least 24 individual hourly nighttime observations. Using KI-based electrochemical detection methods similar to those developed for surface monitoring, they show good accuracy and reasonable stability over a year period Tanimoto et al. Ozonesondes can be launched under cloudy conditions and therefore are not biased towards clear-sky conditions.

Ozonesonde data are particularly valuable in the upper troposphere-lower stratosphere UTLS region, especially in the tropics where much of the UT is not sampled by instrumented commercial aircraft. The UTLS is not highly-resolved by satellite instruments either.