Niles and cc relationship poems

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#Niles #irobot-roomba.infok 90s Kids, Niles The Nanny, Favorite Tv Shows,. More information cc, the nanny, and niles image Niles The Nanny, Nanny Quotes, Funny. Set after season 6, Niles and C.C. are married and she's expecting a child. And yeah, the poem here now is from Theodore Roethke. . thrilled at the special relationship the butler and the business woman seemed to have. Ms. Fine, I have to talk to you about our relationship and the way it seems to have C.C.: [In tears] Why?!! What am I doing wrong? Niles: Well, for one thing.

Her full lips pursed, the errant note to seize; She played it quick, she played it light and loose; My eyes, they dazzled at her flowing knees; Her several parts could keep a pure repose, Or one hip quiver with a mobile nose She moved in circles, and those circles moved. Let seed be grass, and grass turn into hay: I'm martyr to a motion not my own; What's freedom for?

I swear she cast a shadow white as stone. But who would count eternity in days? These old bones live to learn her wanton ways: I measure time by how a body sways. Theodore Roethke "Niles, please don't!

niles and cc relationship poems

They had gotten married over a week ago and he would have blamed his strong desire on that fact, had it not been for the knowledge that they had been carrying on like this for several months now.

It seemed to Niles that he still hadn't quite fathomed the fact that this beautiful creature was his wife and carrying his child. Their luggage stood by the door, side by side, but a couple of hours before his closet had contained more female items of clothing, for C.

This particular development had come as quite a surprise to both of them. She had rationalized this by telling herself that they hadn't actually moved in together and that she could always retreat to the safety and solitude of her penthouse when necessary. He had reveled in her beauty for several seconds, the firmness of her stomach, the softness of her skin. But he had soon found that he couldn't stand to watch, he had to touch her, taste her, make her understand again how sensual she was.

She blinked and focused her attention on her husband's deep-blue eyes.

niles and cc relationship poems

For a minute he considered just to ignore it, but then he conceded with a sigh. He wiped the traces of lipstick from his face, while she busied herself buttoning up her blouse again. Opening the door he held out his hand to her and as she moved into his arms, they shared one last look around his old room. He waited until she was ready to walk out of the room, then he picked up their luggage and followed suit.

The Sheffield house seemed cold and bare somehow, devoid as it was of all pictures and souvenirs. If he was honest with himself he viewed this move to California with as much reluctance as C. It seemed a shame to leave that wonderful house behind, a building that contained so many memories. For a moment as he walked through the corridor he could see himself again on his first day, he could vividly picture C.

It had been the home of the Sheffields, a family that was like his own. But California seemed wrong on so many other levels as well, it just didn't seem like Maxwell to leave Broadway behind in favour of a sitcom. And as well as Niles knew his wife, he could tell that she too, shared that view. She had always been filled with a love for the theatre and while a sitcom certainly held similar elements, it would never be the same.

But he had no doubt that she would still be incredibly successful and maybe the Bitch of Broadway would turn into the Bitch of Hollywood soon. He suddenly noticed that he had come to a standstill while reminiscing and finally leaving the corridor behind, he found C. I mean, just imagine if Max and I woulda carried on like that.

Once she was out of sight they exchanged a knowing glance and then, heaving a deep sigh Niles picked up the luggage once more and followed his wife outside. He silently carried it to the car and lifted it into the trunk. Afterwards he joined the Sheffields and C. Niles could tell by the soft uneasiness of his wife's movements that she found such sentimentality difficult to bear and nudged her in the ribs to follow him inside the car.

Everyone else seemed to get the message as they soon joined them. Niles watched how her eyes then moved to linger on the babies, who were sleeping quietly in the safety of their father's arms. He knew despite her comment that it hadn't been marriage or her pregnancy that had softened her; he'd been with her long enough to see that she was actually very soft.


True, she wasn't someone who enjoyed grand gestures, but she had always been fond of the children and longed for security and warmth. But having observed her for such a long time he was also aware that it would be futile to point this out to her, for she'd deny everything. Once inside the aircraft C. The finality of their departure to a different state had sunk in and being the pragmatic type, she had decided to view it as a new challenge, rather than as a loss of the old.

They were sitting in the large, comfortable seats the first class had to offer, right behind Maxwell and Fran who were busy looking over contracts and watching "Yentl", respectively.

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My my, Babs, you are slower than I thought. Although with the ones you still have-" he suddenly stopped, noticing the look she was giving him "I'm sorry, babe. I mean when she said D Kristen He hasn't seen Celine Dion yet.

Some of my Favourite CC moments...

Well, then, what is he doing in London? One would hope, Miss Fine. I forgot about that and about the CaCa thing! Kristen I heard yet another good one during "The Morning After. If I don't tell someone soon, I'll have an ulcer! I just love how he says that! I love Niles to death. And at the end of that episode when he's on his vacation, he saw that CC was there too and he said D Rill The sun is up already!

For the moment he has the house all to himself, then Miss Babcock enters and catches him in the act. This pattern is hideous Niles: Thats not the pattern, it's your reflection from "Take Back your Mink" C. Aren't these elephant tusks excuisit sp? And here I thought you had your wisdom teeth pulled. It's raining outside, sir. Should I go out and look for a pointy hat and a Chanel suit? Isnt a decade the standard time of mourning?

niles and cc relationship poems

Was it as bad for you as it was for me? Alicia Blair CC comes to the breakfast table,and Niles insults her and Maxwell tells him off,and then Niles says Niles: Sorry sir,but you know how i feel about her eating inside".: Miss Fine Niles comments towards CC were always hilarious. My favourite though is CC: I thought you were trying to help me! Ohhhh you baboon why would i help you?

I remembered one from "Strange Bedfellows": Today is my birthday.