Norma and normans relationship test

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norma and normans relationship test

is constantly tested—is this a family that is simply tightknit, or is this a Highmore explained that while Norman wants to have relationships with. Norman Bates might not yet be the deranged serial killer audiences first met in He is broken and they feel some sort of connection to that. you have to be conscientious and turn in your tests and stuff, but I actually know a. Only two more episodes of Bates Motel before the penultimate season comes to its end, Norman/Norma fans. We don't want to ruin any.

This person also happens to be Miss Watson's father, so things get complicated for Norman there, as well. In order to fully get Norma's attention, Norman is kidnapped and locked up in a creepy, little box outside of town in the woods and he starts to unravel.

He has a blackout of sorts and starts to remember his time with Miss Watson on the night of her murder. Suddenly, his involvement is crystal clear: It's very intense and creepy to see all of these things come to light for him. Pinterest So, we've talked about all of the times Norma and Norman are super cuddly and hold a hug for maybe a little too long, but at the end of season two, you get to see the full shebang—mother and son locking lips.

After Norman's memory comes back in regards to what happened between him and Miss Watson, he plans on leaving his mother and everyone behind and ending his own life. When he sets out to the woods with a gun, Norma is able to track him down and talk him into coming home, but not before they share passionate kiss on the lips.

In Norma's defense, it's pretty much an act of desperation, as she's trying to convince Norman not to kill himself, but to see a mother and son share a moment like that definitely sends the creepy vibes up our spine. She packed her bags, leaving in a hurry, only to find Norman screaming after her to stay. It seems Summers has gone missing, and Romero considers Norma a person of interest in the case. The two begin a clandestine affair, and Norma finds herself reciprocating Shelby's genuine feelings for her.

It's hard to resist a man who destroys evidence on your behalf. Little does she know that Shelby was augmenting his civil servant salary by dealing in the trafficking of women as sex slaves, and he just so happens to have a girl chained up in his basement.

norma and normans relationship test

Norman tries to warn his mother, but she refuses to believe him until Norman and his best gal pal Emma Olivia Cooke rescue the girl and bring her to the motel.

Once Shelby learns Norma is hiding his business investment, he explodes in a fit of rage and holds her, Norman and Dylan at gunpoint in their kitchen. Shelby begins to hit Norma, triggering one of Norman's blackouts, and he attacks. Abernathy, convinced Norma has the money, threatens to kill her if she doesn't hand it over.

Unsure if she can trust Sheriff Romero to handle the situation, Norma decides to take a different tact and ask Dylan to procure her a gun. How or why she knows her eldest son has the resources to grant this request isn't even part of the conversation. Just as Norman is preparing to go to his first dance, Norma breaks the news that her brother sexually abused her for the better part of her life.

Norman, clad in a suit and bow tie, gets bombarded with the intimate details of Norma's incestuous relationship with her sibling. She breaks down, and a dumbfounded Norman does his best to comfort Norma in the last minutes before his date arrives. Parenting at its finest. However, Norman had an angry look on his face. Norma Louise Norma decided to organize a evening meal for the family and when Dylan told her he had asked Emma out for dinner, she told him to invite Emma to the house.

When James Finnegan called to the house, Norma told him that she was worried about Norman and James said that he could have a word with him, so Norma took him down to the basement, where Norman was working on his taxidermy.

Norman, wanting to keep his mother happy, agreed to talk to James but wanted to do it alone and told Norma that they wouldn't be needing her. When Norma left, James and Norman engaged in talk about his taxidermy before Norman talked about how opinionated people were.

Turning the tables, he asked James what it was like sleeping with Norma and said that he had known Norma all his life so knew what she was like and asked him if he would be concerned if his own mother abandoned her kids in the way Norma did. Getting uncomfortable, James got to leave and Norman accused him and Norma ganging up on him, believing him to be crazy.

James asked him if it bothered him that Norma could be attracted to another man and if it would mean that she would be taken away from him. He then asked Norman if he wanted to sleep with her, which made Norman snap and attempt to choke James. Suddenly, Norman snapped out of it and James rushed out of the basement, as Norma met him running out of the front door. James told her to get Norman help right away. Norma found Norman at the bottom of the stairs to the basement, but he wouldn't repeat what James had said.

Norma embraced him, saying that "[we] all go a little mad sometimes" and that she wouldn't leave him again.

As everyone found their seats at the dinner table, Norman stopped Caleb from sitting next to Norma and took the seat next to her. Later that night, as Norma slept Norman entered her room and bent down beside her, caressing her thigh.

Norma retaliated by telling him that he didn't know what it was like to be his mother and that he would end up killing her.

norma and normans relationship test

He was stunned and she apologized before telling him to stay home as she was going to try to sort everything out. When she was gone, Norman saw a hallucination of Norma, who told him that if anyone got in his way she would kill them. Norman suddenly snapped out of his fugue state and ran off. The Pit When Norman returned home after spending time with Bradley, he went down to the basement to find Norma clearing away his taxidermy tools.

He questioned her and she told him that she didn't want the investigation into his father's death to be reopened and said it would look suspicious if the police were to find his taxidermy tools laying about. Angry, Norman grabbed a knife and pointed it at her before saying that he was tired of everyone assuming that he was the one with the problem.

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Norma told him to go to his room. Crazy When Norma informed Norman that she went to see a mental health facility, saying they could get the treatment he needed, Norman didn't take the news well, accusing her of giving up on him, and stormed up to his room. Later that evening, Norma found him trying to conceal a suitcase under his bed. He told her he had had enough and was leaving with Bradley.

Norma said she was dead and Norman asked how she was in the motel if she was dead and Norma grabbed the suitcase, but lost her balance and tumbled down the stairs with the suitcase.

Norman gathered up his belongings but Norma roused and knocked him out with a doorstop, before dragging him down to the basement and tying up his hands and feet, just as Norman started to come to. She then went back upstairs, locking the basement door, and phoned Dylan for help as Norman lay awake on the floor. When Dylan arrived, he went down to the basement but they discovered that Norman had freed himself and escaped via a small window.

Norma said he was talking nonsense about Bradley but Dylan revealed that she faked her death and he could just be imagining her. As Bradley and Norman drove past the sign that said they were leaving White Pine Bay, 'Norma' asked to speak to Bradley and at first Norman refused, which confused Bradley. He then asked 'Norma' if she would leave if he granted her request and told Bradley that his mother wanted to speak to her, forcing her car off the road into the woods.

Norman got out of the car and rushed over to Bradley's side where 'Norma' was seen trying to open the driver's side door. She grabbed Bradley out of the car and Bradley tried to make a run for it, only to trip and fall on the ground. Suddenly, Norman saw Bradley's lifeless body and his hands covered in blood, asking his mother what she's done.

He then drove the car to the waterfront and opened the trunk where Bradley's lifeless body lay. He apologized for his mother's actions before closing the trunk and going back to the driving seat, where he turned the engine back on and put it in motion, watching it go into the water and sinking to the bottom. She was going to take Norman away from her and said she could never let that happen. If Norman had died being out in the world, she would have died too and told him there's a cord between their hearts, before hugging him and reassuring him that she will take care of everything and that it will remain a secret.

She said they will always be together and Norman agreed that would be nice, as he stood alone on the water's edge. Unconscious Season 4 After Norman was taken to the psychiatric hospital, Norma was informed by a doctor that because she never sought help for him, she could be seen as being neglectful. When she was cutting his hair that evening, Norman made her promise not to send him back to the psychiatric hospital and told her about the "dream" that he had where she had killed Bradley.

The following morning, as she went out, she locked him in her room as he slept. When he awoke, he realized what she had done and repeatedly banged on the door until the managed to break through the one that led into his own room. A Danger to Himself and Others When Norman awoke the following morning, he asked Norma why she had locked him in her room while she went out.

She told him she had gone shopping and over breakfast he questioned why there were no grocery bags out. She later found him in the basement next to the freezer and he questioned her about Audrey Decody's missing body. He said that Norma needed help and he would protect her. He later found her searching the pit and when a family arrived to check in, he told Norma to go up to the house to clean herself up as he would check them in. After he finished doing so, he found the consent forms that Pineview had faxed over.

He hallucinated his father who told him Norma was crazy and was really the one who killed him. Norman confronted Norma as she prepared dinner, refusing to leave her as he didn't trust her. As he sat at the opposite end of the table, he started creeping Norma out. He approached her and started yelling at her about her being the one who really killed Blaire Watson and Bradley Martin as she was jealous of them.

Norma fled the table and ran upstairs with Norman in pursuit. She tried to find the gun under her mattress but saw that Norman had it. She tried to get him to give it to her but knowing what she was up to, he pushed her away and she barricaded herself in Dylan's room and phoned Romero for help. Later when the coast was clear, she went downstairs and grabbed a scissors. She went down to the basement where she found Norman.

He said he had found the consent forms and she told him she only wanted to help him. From the way he talked, it seemed like he was prepared to kill the both of them but as Romero arrived, she took the gun from his hand and he was lead outside. She grabbed the forms and pleaded with him to sign them, which he di. Goodnight, Mother Norman was none too pleased about being admitted to Pineview and seemed disinterested when the nurse showed him around. He asked how long he would be there and was told it was for Dr.

During their initial therapy session, Norman refused to say anything to Dr. Edwards but blamed Norma for putting him there. However, he later said that she was the most wonderful mother in the world. Norma also made several attempts to see her son but was told there was a hour waiting period. Dylan later told her she was doing the right thing by having him committed.

Later when Norma finally visited, their reunion did not go well as Norman was cold and distant, telling her he would never forgive her. Afterwards, still on edge from the visit, he stormed to Dr.

Norma & Norman - Bates Motel - Vera Farmiga & Freddie Highmore

Edwards office, demanding to see him. He ended up in solitary confinement and when Dr. Edwards finally visited, Norman said he had reason to believe that his mother was crazy and committing murders. Edwards said that such and accusation would warrant an investigation and Norman agreed.

He ran to hug her and as they walked together, she asked about his therapy sessions and told him not to talk about his father as it would upset him. Edwards later revealed that Norma hadn't actually visited as he received an e-mail of the visitor list each day and her name wasn't on it.

Refraction As Norman was having a therapy session, "Norma" appeared and told him not to reveal anything. Norman later recalled how abusive his father was which included raping Norma as he hid under his parents' bed. Norma held his hand through the ordeal.

He phoned home only for Romero to answer the phone. Norma took over but Norman didn't let on that he knew about the marriage and surprised her by announcing that he would be coming home unless she could give him a reason not to. When she later visited, their reunion was tense and he then revealed that he knew that she and Romero had married. She told him that everything she had done was for him and he told her to prove it by allowing him to come home.

Norma and Norman

She reluctantly accepted his request and took him home the next day. There's No Place Like Home Norma awoke in the middle of the night alone in her bed since Romero decided it would be best to move out so that Norman could re-adjust to being home.

She discovered the heating was broken and when Norman complained about the new TV and DVDs, she told him to go back to bed. However, he decided to get into her bed beside her as he said it would be a good way to keep warm before asking why they had drifted so far apart.

As they ate breakfast together, he again complained about how different everything was and Norma told him to be thankful to Romero for helping them out. That evening as they went Christmas tree shopping with Dylan and Emma, Norma rebuked an almost psychotic Norman for having told Romero to divorce her and told him the truth about her marriage to Romero, causing Norman to throw up.

When they got home, they found themselves unable to sleep due to the house being cold and Norma recommended sleeping down in the motel but Norman elected to sleep in a separate room. Hours later and unable to sleep, he saw Romero return to the motel to see Norma, who informed him that she had told Norman they were married. Norman crept into the room next to hers and listened through the wall before removing a painting from the wall and using a knife to create a peephole so that he could spy on them having sex.

The following day as the repairman spoke to Norma about the faulty furnace, Norman listened in on their conversation and she introduced them to each other. She informed Norman that he was to be on his best behavior since Romero would be coming around for dinner.

While they were seated at the dinner table, Norman acted overly polite and informed Romero again of his intention to get a second job and insurance. Romero said that he would get used to him being around and Norman realized just how close he and Norma had become, which angered him. He accused Norma of replacing him and when she told him it was okay for someone to love more than one person, saying that she and Romero loved each other, Norman angrily stormed out of the house.

Unfaithful The following morning, Norma tried to talk to Romero, who had slept all night on the couch, but he was still insistent that Norman be re-committed to Pineview. As he left for work, Norman stood at the top of the stairs and saw him kissing Norma.

She then told Norman to get dressed as she would take him for his appointment with Dr. While he was with Dr. Edwards, he lashed out about Romero, saying that Romero had planned to get Norman out of the way so that he could have Norma all to himself but insisted that he would never leave his mother no matter what. In the car on the way home, Norma reassured Norman that he would always remain number one in her heart and kissed his hand.

When Dylan later visited and confronted Norma about Audrey's disappearance he got angry at her when she refused to admit that Norman was sick. He stormed out of the house and met Norman on the way. As he said his goodbyes to Norman, he told him that he needed to get help. Norman questioned Norma about what Dylan meant and she reassured him that she knew him better than anyone else. She then confronted Romero about his joint plans with Dylan to send Norman back to Pineview and told him that she could no longer trust him.

Norma returned home and eventually broke down as her fight with Romero had really hit her and Norman comforted her. As she got ready for bed, she wrote Romero a note telling him she was sorry and that she would always love him before placing her wedding ring in the envelope. She broke down again as she got into bed and Norman, who had come in to say goodnight, lay down beside her and tried to cheer her up with his plans to leave White Pine Bay for Oahu so that they could live alone with each other.

He then sang to her as she settled down. Sometime later, he left the room and navigated the house, locking the windows and front door before going down to the basement and lighting the broken furnace.

He then returned to her bedroom to lie down next to her and fell asleep. When Romero returned home, he was puzzled to find the front door and windows locked. He entered the house and called out for Norma but got no reply.

He went upstairs and entered Norma's room, again calling to her, and tried to rouse her but got no answer. He smashed open a window and carried her lifeless body out into the hallway, opening the other windows before returning for Norman.