Oga and aoi relationship questions

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oga and aoi relationship questions

If you have any questions, feel free to visit the Guide or send a message to the moderators. . I think if Oga ends up with anyone it's gonna be Aoi. but her relationship with Oga is kinda like Furuichi's: aggression, insults. Read the topic about Beelzebub Chapter Discussion on Too bad nothing happened between Oga and Kunieda:( there were so many pairings whose relationship remained EXACTLY the same in all chapters. .. questions and introducing stuff from before the ending chapter came around. Fair and simple question we have seen Aoi and Hilda both by now have a thing for Oga. so any prediction/expectation/hope in this topic guys?.

A little shoujo ai fic. Aoi had out her wooden blade, while Hilda wielded a real one. Although the two women, powerful as they were, had worked together on occasion, there were still a vast number of differences that separated them from ever truly being 'friends'.

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One of the larger problems, for example, had to do with Tatsumi Oga. Aoi was in love with him, but Hilda not only lived with the young man, but apparently it seemed like they were raising a child together. Aoi just didn't know what to think anymore, but she did know that she held both animosity and envy towards the blonde woman.

There was just something very unnatural about her, aside from her nasty attitude. Once again, after a few snide remarks from Hilda, and Aoi just having been in a really sour mood, the two of them were again prepared to face off on the roof. A roof was always the best place to fight. None of the faculty seemed to mind when they did this, either. You have nothing to do with me or him. I just want to know! And why don't you bother trying to stop these rumors? She began running towards Aoi with her blade extended.

Aoi swerved to the right, dodging the first blow. Their swords connected several times in quick succession. Even though Aoi's blade was made of wood, it didn't break against the steel of Hilda's. The roaring of the wind seemed to get even louder. In the end, none of it will even matter. I will admit, though, that everything they say about him and I being a couple is a complete fabrication. Or what he is to you? Aoi gasped; she had let her guard down. Aoi jabbed her sword forward, knocking Hilda back.

She pounced forward and tried to strike again. Hilda continued to block every attack with minimum effort. Sparks flew, and sweat poured down Aoi's face. She was starting to lose. I despise that man. He is nothing more than a disgusting slug, a primitive excuse for a human being. He thinks of nothing but fighting and he doesn't care nearly as much about other people as you believe he does. I only spend my time with him because of the child. I am that boy's wet nurse, and Oga is the man expected to raise him.

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That is the extent of our relationship. We have never had any intimate connection; I would not even consider allowing him to have the slightest glimpse of my naked form, or anything beyond that. You're telling the truth? I was just kinda worried that I wouldn't be able to have a chance, and Back in class, an argument ensues between Nene and Himekawa. Aoi stops them, only to find both Himekawa and Natsume seem to just leave it be and 'go home'. Aoi, Himekawa, and Natsume appear behind him, ready stand up for Ishiyama and their comrades.

Sakaki attacks Aoi without hesitation, even though she was unarmed, only to be stopped by Himekawa and block one of Miki's attacks directed at him. She manages to counter Miki despite getting hit. Before they could fight Oga steps in and asks Aoi to hold Beel for him. She tries to warn Oga of Miki's techniques only for him to ask if she believes he would lose, she tells him no.

For the rest of the match she observes, and was surprised when Tojo, Izuma, and Shizuka appear. Tojo was ready to fight, but was forced to stop by Izuma, and Shizuka stated that the police was here. The next day she along with Oga, Furuichi, Kanzaki, Natsume, Himekawa, and Tojo were told to be expelled for fighting. Aoi tries to convince them to not expel the others and at least punish the Rokkisei as well for fighting, only to be told that they were given the authority to use violence against anybody in the school especially the students of Ishiyama.

They would have been expelled if it wasn't for Himekawa reasoning they no longer have any reason to not fight back against the Rokkisei and was postpone. They made a deal that in a couple of days there with be a festival and they will have to face the Rokkisei in a sport match. If they win they won't get expelled and the Rokkisei would lose their authority in the school. Back in class, she get a shock when she realizes that Hilda has been transferred into their class and tries to argue with her for choosing her seat to be in front of Oga.

Later she was informed that the sport match would be volleyball. She at first tries to get everyone to attend for practice but fails.

Hilda easily manipulate everyone to come for practice for revenge trick everyone in thinking that the Rokkisei were insulting them during practice. Aoi as part of the volleyball team.

Aoi Kunieda

During practice everyone was doing good but still working as a team as well as arguing who is the leader. Hilda makes a proposition that whoever can return her serves will be the leader. Everyone was intimidated by the speed and strength of Hilda's serve except for Aoi, who volunteers to do it. She missed the first one, but after focusing, she returned back the second one, only to hit the net.

Impressed, everyone willingly decided that Aoi was most suited to be a leader and started playing as a team. Over the next few days, they continued to train till the day of the match. During the match they had a bad start, since Oga and Tojo didn't know the rules and cheated. They manage to make a comeback by using Beel as part their plan to cheat. It was successful at first but Izuma uses his demonic power in a serve that cause Aoi to stand down temporary.

When sitting down Hilda as what she thinks of that man Izuma but she misunderstands and thought she was talking about Oga. She stated that she interested in Oga and tried to hide it saying as a friend and it was nice doing things with everyone. She then came to realize that she enjoyed it when everyone was working together and she doesn't want them to be apart. Due to Aoi being absent from the team, everyone starts to fall apart.

She realizes this and quickly makes a comeback, encouraging everyone to win. She stated that Izuma was strong but compared to Hilda it was nothing, not to long everyone seem to have improve and didn't even need to cheat.

While playing with all their strength everyone from Saint Ishiyama was impressed with them and starts rooting for them. Near the end of the match it seem like they were about to lose but Oga managed to make a save making them win the match.

Aoi helps Oga back up and everyone was lining up and show their appreciation for the match only to be interrupted by Kiriya. The entire gym was surrounded by Teimou delinquents and were held hostage by Kiriya.

After Oga unleashes Zebul Blast on Kirya and witness him being covering in demonic markings. Thanks to Izuma and Shizuka interference they manage to cover the fact that Oga was taking care of a demon but didn't convince Aoi.

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After the match, she was shown to have overheard Oga talking to Hilda about Izuma knowing about the existence of demons. After "training" in the dojo Aoi, Oga, and Teimou shadow force travel back to Mapputatsu mountain to train.


She demonstrates how to perform Nadeshiko for everyone to learn. When everyone was finally done they eat and Aoi lectures Oga about keeping demons a secret.

After they go to a temple and are greeted by the chief priest and Isafuyu. Aoi was thinking of a way to keep in contact with Oga, only to be hugged by him. She knocks him off out of embarrassment, only to get hugged again.

Not too long afterward, she realizes that it was Beel inside Oga's body and that they switched bodies.

Hilda gets angry and jealous that Beel is quite attached to Aoi and challenges her to see who can get Beel to go to them. Both try different methods to get Beel to come towards them, even starting to fight each other again.

In the end, Beel hugs Aoi when she releases demonic energy during the match. Out of embarrassment she hits back while Hilda, completely enraged by Aoi, tries to attack but hits Oga and Oga in Beel body tries to attack only to realize that he switched back to his body before they all manage to land a hit. Back in class she is still traumatized by being hugged, Red Tail convince Aoi to let them use her dojo for their meeting without realizing that it was plan to try and convince her to join Red Tail again.

Back at the dojo, Aoi seems to dismiss Red Tail coldly but it was because she didn't want them to get involved with demons.

oga and aoi relationship questions

It was then revealed that Isafuyu guided Aoi to the Tengu's temple for power. While at the temple she was told in exchange for power she had to answer a few perverted questions. Aoi gets enraged by this and destroys the temple only to find Koma. After apologizing and getting beaten up several times, he agrees to help Aoi become stronger. Agiel quickly send some of Ishiyama students flying and was about to kill Nene until Aoi intercept the attack.

Aoi tells the group to run and she prepares to face Agiel. Agiel and Aoi duel and Aoi easily defeats Agiel with Koma's power. While Aoi was informed of what was really going on Agiel becomes enraged and vow to remember Aoi for what she did. She was seen at the door waiting for Oga after falling and failing to save Hilda. The next day when Oga was sleeping from training to the point of exhaustion he wakes up and finds himself, Aoi, and Lamia traveling on a ship.

They stop at Decapitation Island and try to find Ikaruga only to find the village in the island deserted, and full of dolls. Not long while searching, they get ambushed by the dolls. They fight back and easily overpower them and not long discover that the dolls are possessed demons because they have no form or rank in demon world so they live in the human world.

Ikaruga appears and seem to know about Aoi's mother. Both fought their best but in the end Oga won due to Aoi getting distracted by what Oga said and misunderstanding his words as usual. Aoi later shows up to help Oga who attacked Akumano Academy alone and saves him from an attack from Tiriel.

She sends Tiriel flying and tells Oga to run and save Hilda as she starts to fight the 4 Pillars: TirielFabasElim and Pamiel and later Agiel who joins the fight. Ananta attacks Aoi from behind, making her spit out blood. Agiel puts her sword up to Ananta proclaiming what was happening was boring. She stands in front of Aoi, saying that she defecting to her side. Instead this backfires and both get in to a fiery argument when Hilda states that Oga is her husband and Aoi is trying to steal him from her.

Both were arguing until Hilda asked if she has feelings for Oga. She was about to answer but was to embarrassed to speak and ran away. While eating lunch with the Red Tails she finds out the reason Hilda acting the way she was is because she had amnesia. She gets a little mad that Oga didn't mention that first. While walking she hears a crash noise and looks at what happened, only to find Furuichi and Yolda.

Yolda teases her and tells her that the way to get Hilda's memories back is to have Oga kiss her. She explodes with embarrassment.

oga and aoi relationship questions

When Furuichi's cold takes affect during school, Kunieda suggests that he go to the infirmary as it might be dangerous if it spread and infected Baby Beel. She then turns back to the front of the classroom, ignoring what Furuichi and the Red Tail are saying behind her. During the fight, Agiel is summoned to the battlefield which surprises Aoi.

oga and aoi relationship questions

When Furuichi continues to hold on to her, Aoi punches him out of annoyance. She is surprised to see him rise quickly from the ground and resumes watching from afar. The subsequent battle astonishes Aoi especially by the leveled strength between the two fights, [33] albeit while Furuichi is being supported by Jabberwockwhose arrive surprised Aoi. Aoi later accompanies several of her peers to the local river where the find the Shadow Force ganging up on Oga and Furuichi.

She explains to Oga that everyone has been worried about them and declares that they will help out; she also mentions that she told their classmates that Furuichi was having a fever earlier. Afterwards, Aoi stands proudly beside her fellow delinquents as they prepare to take down the Shadow Force. In preparation for the new year, which Aoi's family intends to celebrate with a small festival being held at their home, Aoi helps out by writing small messages to place inside fortune cookies, which she hopes to sell.