Optimus prime and bumblebee relationship test

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optimus prime and bumblebee relationship test

Optimus Prime contemplates their relationships with the humans and the future. While Bumblebee wasn't one of the strongest Autobots, he made that up with agility, . "Barricade already mentioned volunteering to test it.". [Megatron] was once brothers-in-arms with Optimus and a student of Sentinel Prime, appointed to be Cybertron's Protector and commander of. Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Optimus Prime, Little Brother, and will focus on Bumblebee and his relationships with his fellow .. "And I'll finally get a chance to test out this brand new weapons system in.

Jazz was generally good-natured and able to take things in stride; it was what provided a necessary contrast to the more serious demeanor of Optimus himself. He knew what he had in Jazz and he valued it, be it the happy-go-lucky attitude or the serious First Lieutenant. Ironhide was one of his oldest friends. The weapons specialist was as trusted as Jazz and he had been the one to teach Prime a trick or two in the time they had known each other. Older than most, Ironhide was a survivor of the first attacks of Megatron's forces, had fought his share of battles, and he had seen too many die in the effort to preserve their homeworld.

He had his own burdens to bear, had seen things he had never shared with others. Sometimes, well, a lot of times, Optimus mused to himself, they didn't see optic to optic. Ironhide was a tough old warrior, hard-headed, trigger-happy, and he despised the Decepticons for what they had done. Different political factions aside, he would have been able to live with them if they hadn't started a war that had destroyed everything anyone had ever held dear.

His tolerance of Barricade in their midst showed that Ironhide wasn't blindly hateful of the Decepticons. But he would rather first shoot and then find out about the 'Con's motives later. His calm manner and convincing speeches had made him very successful.

He had tried to find a peaceful solution to the civil war and when it had failed, he had become a battlefield medic — to ease the suffering in a different way, he had told Prime back then.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship test

He was in his own personal Pit every time he lost a patient, be it friend, neutral or foe. Ratchet took everything he did seriously and loss was not acceptable. Bumblebee was one of Prime's lieutenants, a mech who had commanded his own troops on Tyger Pax and had nearly died in the effort to protect the Allspark from falling into Megatron's hands. While Bumblebee wasn't one of the strongest Autobots, he made that up with agility, cunning and a penchant for being very, very lucky.

Prime had chosen him for the Tyger Pax mission because of Bumblebee's potential. He was a friend, but Optimus knew little about this friend's inner workings. His real inner workings. It was strange to think that a human, Sam Witwicky, who had known Bumblebee for just a fraction of the time Optimus had, knew more about the yellow mech than his own commander.

Even before Sam had become more than a friend, they had shared things. Back on Cybertron Optimus Prime had had a partner. A partner of so many years, not spark-bonded, but his equal and his friend and his trusted companion. She was a leader in her own rights, she was respected and well-liked, and she had been his sounding board too often. He needed to talk about decisions, about problems, run them by someone not directly involved, and Elita had always listened.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship test

She had asked specific questions, had set his head on straight again, had gotten him back on the right track. Elita had gone underground during the last stages of the war, leading a special forces group to infiltrate and sabotage Decepticon strongholds.

Optimus' last contact had been years before leaving their dying world in search of the Allspark. The good-bye had been brief but intense and they knew there was a good chance they would never see each other again.

An uncertain future every day. Many had lost friends, companions and partners. Optimus knew of Chromia and Ironhide. While their friendship had been a lot more loose than him and Elita, the weapons specialist had missed the other mech. She had been part of Elita's team. Ironhide had found someone else. Optimus gazed out over the quiet desert, listened to the sounds of the night. It was something he had gotten used to by now.

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He was now on an organic world and the sounds and noises were different. Everything was different, but it was also fascinating. No world he had ever been to had been like this.

Ironhide had found someone new here. Someone not of their kind. Well, Will Lennox was far from human any more. He looked human, but his genetic code, his whole body structure, and his abilities were far from it. Ratchet couldn't pinpoint what he was, so they called him a hybrid. Lennox's change through the Allspark had been an accident, one that had weighed heavily on Prime.

Humanity had suffered a lot because of them already, and it had never been his intention to physically alter any one of their allies. Now there were two. Will had been the last one to be forcefully changed.

Sam Witwicky had been the first. His change had been more subtle. And he had become a partner to Bumblebee in turn. Not that either Ironhide or Bumblebee really showed it openly. They cared about their friends, but intimate contact was kept under wraps. Sometimes Optimus wondered how much of a liability the humans were to his warriors.

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Those were the times he had to think as a commander, not a friend. He had to consider his team's safety, their existence, their ability to fight and survive. Lennox was a soldier. He had been trained by the human Army and he had survived against a Decepticon attack without being anything special or powerful. Humans tended to be a lot more resilient than one would think of them. Now Lennox was more. His protoform shape was more enduring than a human body and he had already shown that he could fight with it.

Ironhide had seen to his training. But what if the Decepticons surprised them? What if Lennox was injured, kidnapped or killed? Then again, what if it had been Chromia or Elita in the past?

Partnerships were a liability, but they were necessary for all of them. Having a partner meant so much. Seeing Ironhide trust in the hybrid to let himself fall was a small miracle and it only made them both stronger. The same was true for Sam and Bumblebee. Their relationship was defined by Sam's technopathic abilities and his close connection to Bumblebee because of it. Could have been Barricade, a dark part of Optimus reminded him with a nasty tone.

He felt a shudder run through his energon pump. Barricade had been and still was Sam's 'instructor' and trainer when it came to technopathic attacks and defense. For some reason he had volunteered to help out their human ally and he had done well with it.

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Optimus didn't fear that the young human would spy on them with his abilities. They were a curse, just like they were a gift. Sam had also vowed never to invade any of their minds without permission. He would never breach privacy and Optimus trusted him. Technopathy also had the drawback of migraines and Sam wasn't really the masochistic type.

A barely perceptible noise alerted Prime to the presence of someone else. He turned his head a fraction, blue optics scanning over the intruder. Smaller than him, colored completely in silver, Jazz was a shadow in the darkened office. The specialist and saboteur could move noiselessly if he wanted to, not unlike his spark-bonded partner, who was a well-versed hunter and feared shock-trooper. Eons ago, the AllSpark created thirteen beings, the first Cybertronians, who had the ability to move between dimensions.

These beings could not transform, but they and their transforming descendants possessed powers beyond that of the average Cybertronian.


But not every Transformer is a "genetic" descendent of the Primes. The Primes were just the thirteen originals created. They soon realized that the AllSpark's power, though vast, was not infinite, and required the energy of stars to be replenished. Once a nearby star went nova, the AllSpark created a worker race, the Transformers, who would assist the Dynasty in replenishing the AllSpark. Sentinel Prime was not one of the original thirteen. He was a direct descendant.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship test

Sentinel Prime was a direct descendant of the first Cybertronian, Primus, and was believed to be the last of the Primes. In the movie continuity, Optimus Prime was originally named "Optimus".

He and Megatron worked with Sentinel Prime. But there was more to Optimus than meets the eye. Optimus is actually a direct descendant of one of the Primes Prima, to be specific. It was Optimus Prime's ancestor who finally vanquished the Fallen to another dimension in the battle for the Matrix of Leadership, but his orphaned descendant who was hidden away from the Fallen grew up with no knowledge of what he was.

Sentinel Prime told Optimus of his theories about Prime's lineage Though Optimus was too humble to accept, not believing Sentinel's claims about his heritage, Megatron overheard their conversation and became jealous of his "brother.

By having Optimus investigate the remains of the Primes' civilization, it would encourage him to believe in his lineage. Eventually, Optimus finds proof that he is a descendant of a Prime.