Physical therapist and patient relationship marketing

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physical therapist and patient relationship marketing

Physicians are a top source of new patients to PT. See how you can use marketing to get more physical therapy referrals and grow your practice. Learn Marketing (and Sales) ideas for physical therapy clinics that show you how to attract new patients to your clinic. Don't despair- it is possible to develop a physical therapy marketing plan with They are all totally free to start and a great way to connect with your patients, drive Developing personal relationships will definitely give you an edge over your.

Make sure your contact information on your website, business cards, and social media accounts is current. It may seem like a duh!

physical therapist and patient relationship marketing

If you have a website, consider creating an easy-to-fill-out patient referral form for physicians. Google Docs can assist you with form-making. You can also add a dedicated referral phone line for physicians. Create a free account with Google Voice and record a custom greeting. The beauty of Google Voice? It will transcribe your voicemail to text, so your front office staff can take referral information right from your email and place it into your documentation software.

Take one day every three to six months to visit a handful of the largest physician groups near your clinic. Stop in and introduce yourself—a friendly smile can go a long way.

You never know; they may have a patient who needs therapy that day and you want to be top of mind. Be Valuable to Patients You pride yourself on exceptional patient care, and it shows. They know and like you, so keep business cards handy.

physical therapist and patient relationship marketing

Your patients may just grab a few extra to hand out to friends or family. Want to spruce up your business cards? Be Valuable to Partners There may not be such a thing as a free lunch, but people seem to appreciate them anyways. Take a local athletic trainer, yoga instructor, or massage therapist out to lunch and find out what makes them tick. A satisfied patient who remains with your physical therapy clinic for the long term has the opportunity to bring in several new patients over time.

When consumers find something they like, they want to share it with others around them who may benefit. Whether your loyal patient is a rehabbing athlete or a Baby Boomer recovering from joint replacement surgery, they know other people in similar situations.

Each of your current patients is part of a demographic that fits your ideal client base.

6 Ways to Increase Patient Retention for Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Allowing your patients to act as brand ambassadors for your clinic cuts out the cost of identifying and reaching your target demographic. When you have a group of loyal customers, you have a strong fan base for your physical therapy clinic.

Loyal customers like to interact with other patients via online reviews and other organic promotions. Think of the possibilities if they were spreading the good news about your physical therapy clinic. Healthcare institutions regularly participate in social media, especially on Facebook. Patients are adapting to interacting with their healthcare providers via the Internet.

Your regular patients gathering on social media also become a free vehicle for your marketing communications. When you let your fan base know about a new service you are offering, they spread the word for you. They are also more likely to try your new service themselves. Retaining patients for your physical therapy clinic has several advantages over attracting new patients. Although it is important to do both, here are some ideas for physical therapy patient retention methods.

Decrease Physical Therapy Patient Churn Rate Your patient churn rate is the percentage of patients who drop out before they have completed the recommended number of physical therapy sessions.

physical therapist and patient relationship marketing

We know that patients who do not complete their course of treatment are more likely to experience less-than-optimum results. Regardless of the quality of care you provide them, patients who are not satisfied with the outcome will blame the physical therapy clinic.

physical therapist and patient relationship marketing

That is a lot of potentially unsatisfied customers. By keeping these patients engaged long enough to complete their recommended course of therapy, you can increase positive outcomes and build a bigger fan base.

Start by calculating the churn rate at your physical therapy clinic. For each patient, identify the number of sessions attended and divide that by the number of sessions recommended. Multiply that number by to get the churn rate for each patient expressed as a percentage.

Average all of your patient percentages together to see the churn rate for your entire practice. Tracking your churn rate will help you see if the efforts you are making to retain patients are working. The lower your churn rate, the better your patient retention.

Here are some tips for decreasing your patient churn rate: Start with a great first impression. Many people are intimidated by physical therapy because they have no experience with it, and most of your patients come to therapy with pain that can severely affect their mental outlook.

Make sure each patient gets a fantastic first impression of your clinic. You want them to feel comfortable and hopeful that you are going to make them feel better. Exceeding patient expectations is a great way to keep them coming back. This means managing their expectations from the beginning and then providing a better outcome.

Physical therapy clinics have become popular in the last decade. Learn what your competitors offer and what you can do to stand out. Be a good listener. You are the expert, but it is the patient who is experiencing the pain.

Recognize that there is an emotional component to physical disability, even if it is only temporary. Getting your patients to feel that someone is listening to them and genuinely wants to help will allow you to develop a better rapport. The more patients know about their physical therapy treatments, the more compliant they will be. Explain some of the theory behind what you are doing and how it is going to help your patient overcome their condition.

physical therapist and patient relationship marketing

When your patients arrive for their appointments, let them know you were expecting them and have prepared for their session. Make them feel like an important part of your day.

Make them feel like you are working with them as a team and their participation is vital. Identify drop out risks early. Take note of behaviors that suggest a lack of commitment to the process or a disinterest in the outcome. Find out why patients drop out. Use some type of exit interview to determine why patients stop coming to physical therapy before their course of treatment is completed. This information will help you make changes that will increase your retention rate.

Offering different modality types provides options to patients who have difficulty using one modality type.

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It also creates variety for those who become tired of repetitive exercises. Many patients become more motivated and positive when they can see results using different types of therapy, such as aquatic therapy, where they can move with less pain and will be more likely to continue therapy. Educate Your Patients Many patients come to physical therapy without a clear understanding of what you can do for them. In their minds, it is like medication: The doctor writes the prescription, and they come to you to fill it.

It is up to you to educate your patients about the full range of services you provide and the benefits to building a healthy lifestyle, including regular physical therapy. You need to explain to them how different treatment modalities work and the potential outcomes that are available for their acute issue.

But then, they need to know about the long-term benefits you can provide with land-based therapy, aquatic therapy and other modalities. You want your patients to see physical therapy as not just an answer to their acute needs, but also as a tool to promote ongoing health, mobility, pain management and injury prevention. By educating your patients on all the services you offer, you can help them understand why building a lasting relationship with you would be a great benefit.

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Some methods you could use to educate your patients include: Send out a regular newsletter. A newsletter that contains news about your practice and the industry in general keeps your practice top of mind for your patients. You could include notes about new services you provide, new research results for your treatment modalities and incentives you offer to encourage patients to refer a friend. Getting a newsletter will help remind your patients about your physical therapy clinic and open their eyes to different ways people use your services.

Personal phone calls to check in with past patients.

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People like a personal touch, especially when it comes to healthcare. Call your patients one week after they complete a round of therapy to ask how they are doing. You can suggest options if they are having some follow up issues and tell them about other services they could benefit from. Have printed materials handy. Take-home resources like brochures and pamphlets that explain the services you provide are a good reinforcement for the information you tell your patients.

It will help them to be able to review the information at home after their visit, and people tend to give more credibility to information that is put in writing. People who are new to physical therapy may be apprehensive.