Putin and medvedev relationship counseling

The Putin-Trump relationship: Nothing more than smoke and mirrors [Editorial]

putin and medvedev relationship counseling

Dec 10, Vladimir Putin speaks with ExxonMobil President and CEO Rex Tillerson during the relatively liberal Dmitri Medvedev, was debuting at the Forum. been any discernible impact on the relationship” with Rosneft, he added. SSI Monograph. CIVIL-MILITARY RELATIONS IN MEDVEDEV'S. RUSSIA. Stephen J. Blank troduce some form of moral counseling and attempt- ing other. Mar 11, This publicist's firm took millions from Russia to soften its image, but “we were Since , Ketchum, a New York based public relations firm, has billed . Dmitry Medvedev, with television training and other kinds of advice.

putin and medvedev relationship counseling

Putin, however, needed to ensure that he was positioned to crush anyone who might initiate de-Putinization, or suggest that Putin had a hand in unsavory deeds, such as the murder of journalists or the apartment bombings. C While no one with whom we have spoken knows Putin and Medvedev's future plans, Medvedev recently responded to a question on his possible career path. While not indicative of the future, KROS public relations President and former Presidential Administration deputy Sergey Zverev told us that he had heard that a journalist had asked Medvedev an off-the-record hypothetical question in late January about what position Medvedev would want if he were no longer President.

C Zverev stated that Putin is in total control of the situation and that he had no other option than to remain in a position of power, but not necessarily as president.

putin and medvedev relationship counseling

Zverev said that Putin would be president if he wanted the position. If Putin wanted Medvedev to be president, then Medvedev would be president. Medvedev did not necessarily need to have a bureaucratic team or party support if Putin decided to endorse Medvedev, because Putin would remain in a position of power where he could defend his interests and support Medvedev when needed. A recent joke circulating in Moscow emphasized Zverev's point: Medvedev sits in the driver's seat of a new car, examines the inside, the instrument panel, and the pedals.

He looks around, but the steering wheel is missing. He turns to Putin and asks: C Russia's bicephalous ruling format is not likely to be permanent based on Russian history and current tandem dynamics.

To get there, however, far more needs to be done on both sides.

Embassy cables: Medvedev and Putin, the two heads of Russia

Our organization, Partnership for a Secure America PSAhas released a bipartisan policy roadmap to suggest some of these steps. Among the recommendations are: The complete text of the statement and the full signatory list is available on PSA's website.

putin and medvedev relationship counseling

Clearly, this is neither a detailed policy prescription nor an exhaustive list of all possible high level initiatives the Obama Administration could pursue with Russia. What these ideas offer, however, is a path towards improving levels of collaboration.

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As new leaders, Presidents Obama and Medvedev have an invaluable opportunity to reestablish trust and work toward a stronger partnership based on shared interests. The deal would have allowed Exxon access to the Russian Arctic shelf—which, according to U.

putin and medvedev relationship counseling

InRussia invaded Ukraine, seized the Crimean peninsula and started an insurgency in Eastern Ukraine, triggering a wave of American and European sanctions. But that summer, Tillerson thought it best to stay away from the St. Petersburg Economic Forum and instead sent his deputy, who, acting on behalf of Exxon Mobil, signed another energy deal with Rosneft and Sechin, who had ended up under sanctions. The deal would expand Exxon-Rosneft offshore drilling in the Arctic Ocean, explore for shale oil in Siberia, and cooperate on a liquefied natural gas plant in the Russian Far East.

Russia had become an international pariah, and its economy—to say nothing of its rule of law or judiciary—was in shambles, but Western companies were bowing and scraping before a man who had just shocked the world by violating international law. Tillerson was at the head of that line. Shortly before sending his emissary to St.

putin and medvedev relationship counseling

Petersburg to sign the deal, Tillerson told reporters in Texas that he was lobbying Washington against sanctions.

Eventually, a tightening sanctions regime forced Tillerson and Exxon to shelve their Artic exploration plans.