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I always got the impression that he and Rikku were on a relationship and ( Assuming Gippal wasn't joking) They actually used to date. What will it do to Rikku &Gippal's relationship?R&R! Even Gippal seemed to have found someone from the Al Bhed Psyches. That only left. Title: Summer In The City Author: Parron (parron) Pairing: Rikku x Gippal but only partially--while that those sorts of relationship can work out, ideally the best.

I had him all to myself. He did do work but on a computer and I always interrupted some way or another. It was wrong but I couldn't help it. I was in love. I wanted him all the time. Like now when I heard the shower stop. I peaked open her left eye to peak at him coming out with nothing but a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. Showing the area between his pelvic bones but not enough to show her favorite little friend.

He used another towel to dry his damp spikes as he went into the walk-in closet. He returned a few moments later in his suit pants on and was buttoning up his loose dress shirt.

His tie rested loosely around his neck.

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We could always go in late. Say we got caught up" I didn't try to cover myself much with the sheet. The cover was at the end of the bed. He had already finished buttoning his shirt. I got hold of his tie and brought him deeper into the kiss.

For a moment I thought I had him because I felt myself laying back on the bed. I began to wrap my legs around his waist but he pulled away. I protested with a disapproving moan but it didn't stop him from unlocking my legs and standing up. I had my lip stuck out and my arms folded across my chest as I sat back up.

He came over and gave me another quick peck as he id his tie. But when I tried to go back to sleep to get my extra hour, my cell rang. It was on my vanity so I had to get up and go over to it. Well I think there's more to this than meets the eye. I seem to be the only one of my friends who is still single. Plus pops wants me to settle down soon after we finish re-building home! Grabbing her shoulders, Gippal brought her against his chest, hugging her.

Rikku immediately she stopped talking, taking in his scent. He smelled of oil and leather, a smell that she'd grown up around. Breathing in deeply she relaxed against his strong chest. Don't you think that your date is waiting for you?

She's not someone I wanted to go out with. I don't know what to say. Her body seemed to melt against his. His lips were so strong, and soft, almost like heated velvet. They seemed to fit hers perfectly. Holding her tightly against her, Gippal gingerly parted her lips with his tongue, enjoying the honey sweet taste of her lips.

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Smooth as silk, and soft. He could just get lost kissing her like this.

When they pulled apart, their breaths mingled in the night air. A little dizzy, Rikku took a slow step away from Gippal, ensuring that her mind might straighten out. She couldn't believe what she'd just done. I've got to go now Gippal. Thanks for talking to me Standing there helplessly, Gippal watched as Rikku just swam away into the night.

He couldn't believe what he'd just done! He'd just made out with the daughter of the leader of the Al Bhed.

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He couldn't believe how he truly felt about her. In the hot sun of the Sanubia desert, Rikku worked hard to restore the machina for the entrance of Home.

She decided to take a break, and stood up, wiping the sweat from her forehead to be greeted by the man that she'd managed to avoid for a month. She watched Gippal converse with her father, and decided to quietly slip away, before she was caught. Crouching down behind a metal door, she slowly moved away from her father, and managed to get most the way to the exit when she heard her dad yell.

Get yer bony butt over here! One that I think you'll like. Perking up, she decided to put on a curious face. But any ways, I want you to go and help Gippal here with some stuff at the Machine Faction. He needs someone to help with fixing and transferring machina down here.

Gaping at him, Rikku just stared in disbelief at her old man. And an Al Bhed, consumed by misplaced hatred, set on obtaining his revenge against Gippal, through the world. And do you know what the weird thing is? Of the three archenemies I've faced in Tidus's story, Yuna's and my own … it's Lreav that I still find the hardest to cope with; the hardest to talk and even think about.

Maybe it's because the pain and damage he caused is still so recent. I mean, the rebuilding projects have only just got underway in Guadosalam and Kilika and every time I tune into the media channels on the CommSphere networks, there are fresh pictures of the destruction, or yet another harrowing tale of a family that's been ripped apart. Or maybe it's because it was more personal this time. Sure, facing Sin had become personal by the end — what with it being Tidus's dad and all — but it was still meant more to Tidus thanit had to me.

And Shuyin and Vegnagun; they were certainly more personal for Yunie than for me — despite the fact that Vegnagun was a dirty great machina that some stupid Al Bhed should have really have kept to themselves … But the situation with Lreav? The situation with Lreav is … was personal.

He made the effort to get to know me when we first met and thanks to all the problems I was having with Gippal at the time, we became very close, very quickly. He became me friend, my confidante and I was soon telling him things I even held back from Yunie and Paine. At the time he was everything I needed and I really came to appreciate him. Spira, I even loved him in some way. It never crossed my mind that he could be manipulating me the whole time.

Just the thought of that makes me so angry. Lreav didn't have to get to know me; he didn't have to become my friend. He could have remained aloof, like Elhandra, and his plans could still have come to fruition. But no, he had to make sure I was on his side, that I would never in a million years suspect him before it was too late.

He took my good nature for granted. He used me and then discarded me. And that's what made it so personal. You know, just thinking about it makes me so mad. It's so hard to try and move on after everything that has happened. I know I should; after all, my story's come to a resounding end and this limbo I'm currently living in can't last forever.

It's just, well, I guess things are kind of safe here … if not exactly idealistic. Take the budding relationship that has quickly become the centre of my world.