Ruru and gabbi relationship

Gabbi Garcia issues official statement on breakup of love team with Ruru Madrid |

ruru and gabbi relationship

Ruru on Gabbi: I love her so much but she's too young, it's not yet time he loves Garcia so much but she is still too young for a relationship. Plus, science behind couples who look alike, Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia Lee Min Ho on co-star Jun Ji Hyun, Gabbi Garcia's relationship with Ruru Madrid, . The young actress Gabbi Garcia was surprised to know that partner on-screen Ruru Madrid landed in a program on GMA-7 without her as his.

ruru and gabbi relationship

She swears she is not seeing anyone and not bothered that no one is pursuing her at the moment. A lot of guys pursued her and there were those whom she really liked, going out on dates with them. She had relationship with some albeit cautiously because she would not go deeper into intimacy—not because she plays prude but it is just simply against her belief of remaining pure until she is married.

ruru and gabbi relationship

Instead of sulking over the fact that no one is courting her, Glaiza is channeling her effort and energy into her singing career. She performed to a full-packed venue like the first time she performed there.

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Members of the audience came from as far as Bicol. There were also fans from the United Kingdom who timed their Philippine vacation on the date of her concert.

Gabbi Garcia Reacts On “Break Up” Issue Of Love Team With Ruru Madrid

As expected, Glaiza gave a very impressive performance from the opening number where she accompanied herself with a guitar, to her number with guests Gloc 9 and Pinoy rock icon Mike Hanopol. Like a seasoned performer, Glaiza once again displayed her musical talent. The audience was particularly thrilled when the Kapuso performer went down and gave them the chance to have selfies with her while singing.

Her only complaint was she was so hungry. While eating, she could not help but express her happiness over the success of the concert, so inspired that she was already conceptualizing her next gig.

ruru and gabbi relationship

Beginning first quarter ofthe pretty actress-singer will start taping for a new teleserye. She has done some look test with her prospective leading men. Showbuzz already knows who has been chosen but the only clue we can give right now is that he is a goodlooking hunk and has not worked with her on a series yet.

Her first stop will be Boracay.

Ruru Madrid Remains Supportive For Gabbi Garcia, Denies Courting Bianca Umali - Pinoy News Feed

She will plan her next local trip from there. It was an awesome sight from the opening to the end of the show. And the stage design was just superb. Showbuzz was informed that it was the world-renowned designer Kenneth Cobonpue who did it. Cebu and with that kind of presentation, it can be said that they have set the bar higher for pageant production. This may sound creepy but that is what happens when you are a celebrity.

Gabbi Garcia Reacts On "Break Up" Issue Of Love Team With Ruru Madrid

You will always be an open book. Instgaram Kapuso actor Ruru Madrid is one of the most in demand celebrities of his generation. He is indeed a sexy and hot actor. He is also passionate with his craft.

Tunay na Buhay: Gabi Garcia and Ruru Madrid reveal their relationship status

He always love to share his talent. And because if this, it is no wonder why fans love him so much. He has a very huge fan base and they love him very much. Recently, his fans were caught up in rumors about him dating young actress Bianca Umali.

ruru and gabbi relationship

Alleged pictures of them going out started to surface on the internet and has been a very hot topic online. According to Twitter post made by his fans, Ruru and Bianca often sees each other outside. However in an interview, Ruru clarified that he is not courting Bianca and they are just friends. He said that hanging out with Bianca should not be considered malicious because they are out with their friends.

He even said that Bianca herself is not ready to fall in love again especially that she was also rumored to have broken up with her rumored boyfriend.