Scarlett and snake eyes relationship help

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scarlett and snake eyes relationship help

Snake-Eyes is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe vs. and escaped the building with the aid of Scarlett, Storm Shadow and Timber. Snake-Eyes gives his wedding ring to Scarlet and ends their relationship. Hello. I'm pretty sure I'm one like a lot of people who after they watched the new GI Joe movie, became an automatic fan of Snake Eyes. Love the bad-ass ninjas. Although he says nothing and has his face covered most of the time, Snake Eyes does manage to get into a relationship with Scarlett.

But the arrow was one of Tommy's and only he had the skill to aim by sound and force to fire it. However the dying Hard Master denied Tommy's guilt. Tommy never returned and the family business disbanded. Later they learnt that Tommy had become a Cobra agent using the family name "Storm Shadow". Joe team With the Arashikage clan dissolved Snake-Eyes returned to America and took residence in a cabin in the High Sierraswith only the wolf Timber for company.

Local rumors said he was a werewolf. Later Stalker and Hawk were putting together G. Joe and Stalker convinced Hawk to try and recruit Snake-Eyes. They eventually tracked him from the delivery of his army disability checks and found him coming back from hunting rabbits with his bare hands.

They convinced him to come with them, leaving Timber at the cabin. The men didn't take her seriously even after she rapidly overpowered Steeler. Snake-Eyes was next and she soon realized he was letting her win to save her pride. She was intrigued by him and went with him off post one evening. They became friends though she wanted more even when he said she reminded him of his sister.

The Silent Warrior Months later they were on a hostage rescue mission above a desert when their helicopter engine stalled and the pilots ordered a bail out. The helicopter started spinning, throwing one of the doors shut on Scarlett's web-gear, trapping her.

scarlett and snake eyes relationship help

The helicopter was heading towards its fellow and Scarlett told Snake-Eyes to get out but he instead tried to free her when the two helicopters collided. The aviation fuel ignited and a jet of flaming vapor tore through the window, hitting Snake-Eyes in the face.

Scarlett was knocked out in the crash but Rock 'n Roll told her how Snake-Eyes carried her clear of the wreckage with his face still on fire and his voice gone. Hearing this, Snake-Eyes insists on going forward, despite his injuries. Doc vehemently voices his objection: He warns that if Snake-Eyes is not treated immediately, the damage would be permanent. Nevertheless, Snake-Eyes convinces Hawk to let him proceed with the mission.

After meeting up with Stalker at the mission site, Snake-Eyes is able to storm the building where Cobra agents are holding the hostage. He immediately recognizes the hostage and saves him. The hostage was, in point of fact, George Strawhackerwho had been engaged to marry Snake-Eyes' sister before her tragic death.

He could have retired with a full disability pension but had nothing to do. He had nobody left Adele Burkhart where he and Scarlett infiltrated the Cobra base.

scarlett and snake eyes relationship help

The rescue almost went awry when Cobra Commander held Burkhart at gunpoint. Burkhart refused more blood to be shed because of her and sacrifices herself so that the two Joes can take action against the Commander.

Burkhart was not really mortally wounded and the Joes were able to evacuate her off the island. Scarlett was wounded and unable to be moved and Snake-Eyes elected to stay behind. Rock 'n Roll managed to deliver the item and came back to rescue them from Sharif's men.

He faces off against the mercenary Kwinn. While Snake-Eyes had the skills, Kwinn outsmarted them all but came to respect them. A way was found for Kwinn to keep his end of the contract with the Russians without actually aiding the Joes. Once they managed to get out and catch up what's going on, Snake-Eyes went with them in hunting down electronic transmitter bugs that were hidden in the robot's head.

Joe and Hawk assigned Snake-Eyes as the backup man while he and Grunt infiltrate the camp. With that information, he called in Joe HQ for reinforcements and then proceeds to rescue his two captured teammates from an execution.

scarlett and snake eyes relationship help

At first the two did not recognize each other, but Storm Shadow glimpsed Snake-Eyes's tattoo. Snake-Eyes immediately realized the ninja was Tommy.

Snake-Eyes pursued him and Storm Shadow told him that he had in fact not been the killer and the arrow had been taken from a squirrel he killed that morning. He saw a masked bowman fleeing onto a Cobra helicopter. Since then Storm Shadow spent years working his way up in Cobra with the aim of one day ranking highly enough to learn the identity of the killer. Snake-Eyes saved the Cobra ninja and allowed him to escape.

In the attack the cabin was destroyed. The Soft Master had made his way to the mountains and he and Snake-Eyes discussed who had really killed the Hard Master. The two went for a ride on the Staten Island ferry but were attacked by Fred II and other Cobra agents who tried to capture Scarlett but did not recognize Snake-Eyes who stopped them.

Snake-Eyes was part of the team that sought to drive Cobra off the new island before they could secure diplomatic recognition as a country, but the lawyers were too fast. They were discretely followed by Fred II. At the memorial they were surprised to find that Wade Collins was not listed when suddenly Fred II stepped forward and declared that he was Collins.

Snake-Eyes (RAH)

He had found a sense of belonging with Cobra and become one of the "Fred" series of Crimson Guardsmen. However Snake-Eyes and Stalker convinced their former comrade he was just being used by Cobra and he deserted the organization. They realized the real killer was Zartan and headed to Cobra Island for vengeance. Snake-Eyes gave him the key for what was left of his cabin in the High Sierras. He was captured by Cobra and subjected to the Brain-Wave Scanner.

While on the brain scanner, he had to keep his mind distracted on other things to not give out the location of the Joes' base.

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So, to do so he had to think of his past, how he was fairly popular in highschool, and his prom. He then used a old technique he learned to fake death and get out of the scanner. However, Stalker was wounded and Snake-Eyes pulled rank to order the remaining Joes to evacuate with their wounded commander whilst Snake-Eyes provided covering fire. The base was attack by the Dreadnoks and also investigated by the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Snake-Eyes managed to shut down Alpha after it was set moving by the Decepticon Bombshell[36] then was part of the team who tried to deal with the angry Autobot Superion. Mindbender and the Baroness were stationed there for the duration of the operation, to Snake-Eyes's ill concealed disgust. In the process they were confronted by Scarlett and Snake-Eyes stabbed her through the chest with his sword.

There he battled one on one with Cobra Commander but discovered that Storm Shadow, together with the Baroness and Billyhad been brainwashed into being loyal to Cobra Commander once more. Joe team was in the process of being stood down, Snake-Eyes received a letter from Sean BrocaWade Collins's adopted son, who wanted to join the army but had been told by his father to write to Snake-Eyes to find out what soldiering is really like.

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Snake-Eyes responded with a letter about the realities of service, the highs and the lows. This series attempts to clear up a few loose ends from the original series, most specifically that BillyStorm Shadow and the Baroness were left under the influence of Cobra as a result of the Brain Wave Scanner.

Snake-Eyes is on this mission to save Storm Shadow, and at the end of this series, it is revealed that Storm Shadow is returning to his ways as a ninja, and will deal with Snake-Eyes when he is ready. It is also revealed that Timber has passed away during this time period, but Snake-Eyes has a new wolf pup to look after in his place. It was stated that Snake-Eyes and Scarlett left the military and became engaged during their period of retirement.

But, on the day of the wedding, Snake-Eyes disappeared due to him according to Scarlett being unable to accept the fact that marriage would mean settling down and living a normal life. His reputation proceeded him and battling with Snake Eyes surely meant your doom.

Hasbro was excited that Snake Eyes was a hit and whenever there was marketing for G. Joe, it almost always made sure to include him. However, there was a small error that occurred when Hasbro was promoting Snake Eyes and it was oddly enough with his name. Was his name Snake Eyes or was it Snake-Eyes? Toys bearing the name Snake-Eyes were produced in,and Toys featuring the name Snake Eyes were made in, and How about the fact that he's armed with several guns as well as a ninja sword?

He's an intimidating man dressed in black but not entirely devoid of color. If you've noticed, you may have seen red markings on his shoulder that appear to be a series of horizontal rectangles. The top trigram means water, with the one below meaning fire.

When presented together it translates to completion. However, none really achieved the same popularity as Snake Eyes. He was silent and deadly and immediately people wanted to know more about the man.

Hasbro, being smart, gave us more of what we wanted without giving away any new information. Snake Eyes was one of the first characters in the G. Joe roster to get different versions. As of there are currently 70 versions of Snake Eyes!

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He is unmasked with blond hair and a photo of his sister in his hat. However, in the comic and cartoon there are other reasons. There have been times where we've seen his face and he is depicted to be a rugged, handsome man with blond hair, while other versions have a different take that justifies why he wears a mask.

In one version of his story, Snake Eyes is with Scarlett on a mission and the two get taken down in a serious helicopter crash. Snake Eyes rescues Scarlett but his whole head is caught on fire in the process. His vocal cords are also damaged in the accident, which is why Snake Eyes never says anything. The Phantom Menace and expressed for years that he wanted to be Iron Fist.

The part wound up going to Finn Jones and as bummed as Ray Park may have been, he did get the chance to play Snake Eyes in the live action film G. The Rise of Cobra.