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A Shinji x Asuka slice of life fanfic based on the alternate universe in episode 26 Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - Shinji I., Asuka L. S. .. Asuka and Rei argue with completely different stories about what had. Founder: ERROR - Stories: 97 - Followers: 23 - id: This C2 is . Development on Asuka and Shinji and their relationship throughout the series. Founder: keyblade - Stories: 14 - Followers: 0 - id: This C2 is a collection of the best ShinjiAsuka romance storys. I would like to thank all the authors.

After a long pause, Misato started giggling and snorting at how red his face was turning and sat back. But did you hear me? Tha's a big one. Or something like that. Bein' 'fraid can stop you cold, and make you mess up a good chance. I was afraid, and ran away from Kaji once. Took eight yearz before I got another chance, eight years of being lonely and missing him, and ifn I'd still been 'fraid, I coulda messed it up again.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction sites

So don' do tha'! She even smiled once, after I told her your liddle jump into tha' volcano was agains' orders! He mumbled something too quiet for Misato to hear. Misato smiled at him, patting him on the head before flopping back into her chair. Her head sank into her arms on the table. Azuka makesh a lot of noise, but she'z a good kid too. You two are a lot alike, you knowz? You don' have nobody, but try so hard to be Pilots She pushes herself so hard to be the besht, because she doesn' wan' anyone to think she'z useless or weak Women are crazy, but we need hugsh and stuff, too.

German foodz and stuff! Let 'er know it's for 'er! Tha's the kind of thing tha' gets a girl'z attenshun! I'll get Kaji to take me out for the night and give you two time alone! Lissen to the thingz she dossen say and stuff She sayz 'baka-Shinji', I sez 'Shin-chan' Iz how we say we care Let's get you to bed. He stopped and turned in the doorway to look back at his passed-out guardian. She snored peacefully, occasionally mumbling Kaji's name. He shook his head. Who was looking after whom here?

His face froze and his body stiffened in shock as a pair of pale, slender arms snaked around him from behind to embrace him. A warm and very definitely female body pressed itself up against his back and a soft pair of lips nibbled teasingly at the back of his neck. How else would we put up with men? Has she noticed a thing about how the two of us have been carrying on for the last two months?

We could probably pull off half the Kama Sutra right here and she'd sleep right through it. It's cold and lonely without you, and you promised me I'd never sleep that way again. Of course I'm coming. Her hand was tiny and warm in his. It's much better when she's tired, full of beer, or Kaji keeps her out late.

I want my warm baka-Shinji. It's a good think you always get up before anyone else, too. We don't want to get caught, do we? He hadn't slept more than a handful of nights in 'his' bed since the night Asuka had asked him if he wanted to kiss. A night that had spiraled out of all expectations for either of them and become the beginning of a dream more wonderful than anything else he'd ever experienced in his whole life, all because he'd put his arms around her and answered her kiss.

We can't even go out on a weekend on a normal date or anything, and I'd really like to do that. But if Misato found out, she'd make us stop doing this. You know I haven't had a single nightmare I can remember since we started sleeping together?

I used to have them almost every night. I could love you for that alone, if nothing else, Shinji. Not that the rest isn't nice, too. And I'm pretty sure Ayanami figured it out in the first few days, given how much she stares at us. She's not exactly a chatterbox or the school gossip. Who's she going to tell? If I did it, that'd be even more suspicious. They might accept that. She stroked the side of his face after he released her hand.

I prefer to be at your throat this way. She is that stubborn. Hikari tingles all over with excitement as she looks to Asuka and says, "Asuka, you're going to cook?

I know some great recipes. I'm gonna show that loser how it should be done all by myself. The meals Shinji prepares over the rest of the school week range from a variety of humble meals. Each have an enjoyable flavor. This however is almost like some sort of bizarre torture for Asuka.

Shinji still refuses to give away the secret to his skill in cooking. His friends have been making it a daily ritual to remind him to keep his formula to himself. They don't tell Shinji that this is not for his sake, but for their own entertainment watching Asuka's blood pressure climb from being denied. Pride gets the best of her, and she stops asking after the third day. Though the question still remains bouncing around in her head.

In her free time she flips through magazines. Clipping and scanning recipes she finds. She is confused as she reads through the instructions, but confident none the less. In her mind if that idiot Shinji can pull this off it should be nothing for her.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction sites

In an apartment complex on the outskirts of Tokyo-3 sits Misato Kaysuragi. Misato is watching tv in her apartment and surrounded by several empty beer cans. Her pet Pen-Pen, the warm water penguin, sits by her side. Misato is a stunning, beautiful woman in her late twenties with long, dark purple hair.

She is energetic and has a strong work ethic as the head tactician for NERV, the only organization in the world that was designed specifically to defend against the Angels. Her conduct at work is in sharp contrast to her home life. Her place would be a total mess on it's best day if Shinji didn't clean up after her.

She has quickly become his surrogate family. Shinji sits at the table close by. He looks from his laptop to his reference guides as he does his school work. The Sunday before the new school week has come and as night falls Asuka busies herself in the kitchen.

A large racket of bashing pots, buzzing kitchen tools, chopping knives, and a slue of German curses can be heard. Hearing the clamor Misato leans looking into the kitchen and calls out, "Asuka what are you doing in there? Silently scoffing Misato thinks to herself, "Sound more like she's tearing the place apart.

She doesn't have the guts to say this out loud. She's far too smart to go ticking off an emotional girl who is surrounded by sharp cutlery. It's also a bit hard for Misato to blame Asuka though. Her attempts at the culinary arts have sounded about the same.

Shinji looks up from his studies and to the kitchen, "Asuka, do you need a hand with-". I'm not going to let you show me up! He looks to the object after it has landed.

It was just a spatula. Shinji is just glad it wasn't a rolling pin or a hot skillet. Those probably weren't in arms reach at the time. Misato looks from Shinji, to the booming kitchen, and back to Shinji. Feeling crestfallen Shinji exhales as he goes back to his school work, shrugs his shoulders, and says simply, "No idea.

Misato chuckles and she goes back to her program. Asuka stands in the kitchen. Bowls are filled with mixtures of things and the counters are a mess. She is wearing an apron and hair pulled back in a scarf for protection.

Asuka looks at her work and worries. Her desire to do a good job nags at her. She is suddenly hit with a brain storm. She glances to her side with a devilish grin. Looking at the back of Shinji's head her plan is set. He has no idea what she has planned for him. He's gonna get a great meal and love it even if she has to make him. Lunch time bells ring and the students exit with their meals. Everyone goes about their rituals of separating into their normal cliques. It's a warm summer day almost exactly like the Monday before.

The only exception is the delicate breeze. Much like lunch time the week before the kids sit in the same groups. Asuka had left the house when Shinji woke this morning, but met up with her on the way to school. She refused to give Shinji his bento box until he got to school. She forbid him to peak on threat of bodily harm.

Shinji sits and opens the boxed lunch with perfectly prepared food. It is well filled with smoked salmon sushi, sesame seed balls, a stick of kushi dango for dessert, and other things. He is looking happy and very impressed. Asuka stands by Shinji looking rather proud of herself.

Sitting Shinji looks up to her. Surprised she would go through so much trouble and work for him "This looks great, Asuka. Kensuke looks disappointed from Shinji's food to his vending machine hot dog, fries, and chips. Touji wouldn't want anything else then what he is already eating. He is completely happy with Hikari's cooking. Any ways he wouldn't touch anything Asuka would cook out of fear of it being laced with some form of poison.

With her hands on her hips Asuka says, "Well, was there ever any doubt? Rei sits quietly eating her meal. Oblivious to the drama that always seems to surround her. Asuka goes back to her seat next to Hikari, opens her bento box, and glances over to Shinji for his reaction to the first bite.

Nervous anticipation tingles in her gut. Shinji digs into the food. He takes a bite and smiles. Expecting a grateful smile he instead sees something different. She is sticking her tongue out at him. Asuka goes back to talking with Hikari and doesn't speak to Shinji for the rest of lunch time. The rest of the meal time is fairly uneventful.

Nothing out of the norm until yelling can be heard from the school grounds below. Looking down the friends on the roof see a tall boy running from a much shorter girl. The girl chases after him screaming and tossing food. Later in the day Kensuke found out the boy is a member of the baseball team.

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Seems he was cheating on his girlfriend with two girls at the same time. Only reason he was caught was, because he bought all three girls the same charm, claiming it to be some rare family heirloom. The two girls confronted him during lunch and spilled the beans to his girlfriend using the charms as proof. While everyone was watching the chase on the ground.

Rei took that time to finish her meal and walk back to class.

Kensuke however had pulled out his camcorder and filmed the whole thing. The school day ended. Everyone was talking and laughing about the events during lunch. The guilty boy ran out of the building on the bell. It was rather funny seeing as all three of his pursuers were half his size. Asuka just went on a rant to Hikari about how all men were pigs. With one very special exception. Anyone who knew Asuka well enough also knew she was talking about Ryoji Kaji, Misato's ex-boyfriend from college.

Currently, he was also an employee at NERV. Asuka and Hikari are a few feet ahead, behind them is Rei, and past her is Shinji, Touji, and Kensuke. Pretty much the same groups and distances that they sit in during lunch. Asuka gossiped with Hikari, and Touji whispered to Kensuke and Shinji about how that baseball player made his mistakes. He also went into detail as to how they could do the same thing, but not get caught.

Touji had to whisper in fear Asuka and Hikari would hear. Hikari Horaki is a sweet and moral girl, but she could also be venomous if given cause. This only seemed to of gotten worse when she became friends with Asuka. Kensuke was the only one who was intently listening to Touji's tips. Shinji thought it was pointless. He didn't understand why you would want to go around with other girls if you already had a girlfriend. Kodama went over the weekend with her boyfriend.

She said there are a lot of really fun games. So what kind of movies are you going to pick? Should I bring anything? If we need something we'll just send Ikari to fetch it. Shinji looks to Asuka upset for her referring to him as if he was some kind of trained dog, but stays silent. A slip of paper falls from Asuka's bag. It drops on the ground and Kensuke picks it up.

He was about to call after her to return the paper when the contents caught his eye. Touji leaned in to see what had his friends interest. They both have matching smiles as get the same devious idea.