Tekken jun and kazuya relationship questions

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tekken jun and kazuya relationship questions

Her exact relationship with Kazuya is very much unknown. Jun was determined to save him from Devil's possession, but the inner conflict within Kazuya was the . As stated in her Tekken 5 / Dark Resurrection prologue, Asuka is also known as being a "nosy kid" who likes to solve other people's problems, "usually by knockout". . Sebastian · Heihachi Mishima · Kazuya Mishima / Devil · Jinpachi Mishima · Kuma about Asuka's role in the story and her possible relation to Jin Kazama. i love playing tekken but im just curious about asuka and jin. younger? how come they didn't recognize each other? hehe sorry. many questions power to cure Jin from his devil power, like what Jun has done for Kazuya.

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tekken jun and kazuya relationship questions

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tekken jun and kazuya relationship questions

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