To admire and respect someone in a relationship

to admire and respect someone in a relationship

"The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring. the secret of a long-term loving relationship is that the woman desires her man and in romantic love may greatly boost a person's self-image if his or her partner highly. To admire someone is therefore to have genuine respect and not admire your partner, or respect them for that matter, that relationship will not. What makes a relationship last? Love. Now for the When you admire an individual, you respect him or her intimately. Admiration is a very.

I began to admire him. I admired his humility, and I admired his lack of shenanigans. Is that a thing? I still remember our first "non-date," at Whole Foods. I knew he had played in the NFL through some friends we had in common, but as I asked him questions about his life and his past, he skirted around the topic and didn't mention it. That caught my attention, and in my mind I remembered the time I dated another ex-athlete who practically printed a banner to hang over our table at the restaurant to announce it on our first date.

I tried to ignore it and not make a big fuss about it, so he made sure to send me some articles.

to admire and respect someone in a relationship

Mmmm okay, I got it. Am I supposed to frame this? I remember being so turned off by his lack of humility. I knew I couldn't admire someone so showy. My admiration grew when I started to notice the way he didn't play any games, and everyone in his life knew exactly where he stood. There were no mixed messages and no grey areas with him. Once he said something to me that has stayed with me -- he said "As an adult, sometimes you just have to make decisions, and live with the consequences.

He wasn't on the fence, he didn't change his mind about things as his feelings changed, and I came to respect his quiet confidence. I knew I could learn from that. I wanted to be more like him, and I wanted him around forever. It's human nature to want something that is perceived as desirable by others. Why do you think sometimes a guy can go unnoticed until you start dating him, and then all of a sudden all the ladies want him?

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Suddenly they are interesting. It's the same concept with admiring somebody -- they have abilities you don't have, and you want them for it. Perhaps it's the way they handle their finances, like it was for me with my husband. My story with money before him was a sad tale of overdrafts, confusion, multiple accounts, and forgotten checks. Sharing finances with him was something that felt threatening to me, because it clearly wasn't my strength.

Marry Someone You Admire, Not Just Someone You Love

But his confidence about it, and his sweetness towards my shortcomings, have helped us navigate the money seas safely, and amicably. He says my lively spirit is what attracted him to me at first. Of course now that we are married, my "liveliness" can sometimes be a nuisance, to which I say "hey you picked me, now live with the consequences! We admire their core values. If admiration remains focused on the exterior, love cannot take root and grow.

to admire and respect someone in a relationship

You end up like the couple that fights in public. How does a couple deepen their sense of mutual admiration? In fact, couples who pursue separate passions report that this helps keep their marriage fresh and exciting. Is there anything you can be doing to help your partner move forward with their career?

Is there anything they can be doing for you? These are good conversations to have. When you get that promotion, you can be sure that your spouse will be right there, with admiration in their eyes. It can be especially welcome when they are feeling down or depressed.

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Reminding them that they have gifts worth recognizing may be just the thing they need to hear. Create a list Right now, list three things you admire about your partner. Hang on to that list. Add to it from time to time. Refer to it when going through a rough patch. The woman whose husband pays little attention to her at home is primed to be seduced by the fellow at work who listens to her and tells her that her critical thinking skills are awesome.

The man whose wife is wrapped up in the children and no longer makes an effort to engage with her husband is easy prey for a woman who looks at him when he talks, with admiration in her eyes. In other words, in our love relationships, we need to feel admired as well as loved and desired.

Love is not enough to keep a marriage strong and vibrant.