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See more ideas about Jadine, Yassi pressman and Nadine lustre. Andre Paras , nagpapalipad-hangin na kay Yassi Pressman http://www. . To God be the glory." .. James, Nadine on how to make their relationship work | News | irobot-roomba.info . Kapuso actor Andre Paras is on the cover of Spotted Magazine's July issue. We asked “Girlfriend for Hire” star Andre Paras this wonderful question: “If God upcoming romantic comedy movie starring Andre Paras and Yassi Pressman. new ways and concepts about relationship had grown more aggressive and. As in all quite strong, deep, and close romantic relationships, tensions of day-to- day Ranay and stars Nadine Lustre, James Reid, Yassi Pressman, and Andre Paras. . theories on love and romance as well as for his devout belief in God.

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Looks like we have a perfect couple in the making. I bet the AlDub nation will like this. Bad news, JaDine fans. It seems like two Roosters are unlikely to be in one cage, for the most part. Does it mean, no chance for hubby and wifey?

Unlike two Roosters, a pair born both in the year of Pig is a different story. Ooooh, looks like the funny man, Andre, is suited for Barbie too. Maybe his humor plays a big part. Everyone loves the funny one.

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Is it too soon to think that they will be a great couple in the future? Because I think they will be.

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Chinese believe it too. Having their six years age gap, they are said to be incompatible. The King and Queen is definitely a match-made in heaven. Somehow, they share similar interest in music. What could you ask for? What a wonderful pair. And the bestfriend slash loveteam turned out to be well-suited for each other.

The Philippines has a sizeable presence in this community, so when there's a market and when there's demand, it's a winning formula for studios eager to cash in on the craze. Kathniel so I'm approaching this as objectively as I can.

Both movie and book are about an ugly girl named Eya Nadine Lustre who becomes the personal maid to Cross Sandford yes, that's really his name, and he's played by James Reid who is a total asshole. But as it turns out he's just tsundere and he kinda likes his new servant. I feel like I'm missing a lot from the books because Diary ng Panget feels like a loose mishmash of scenes that have little to no coherent structure behind them.

Most of the scenes exist to elicit 'kilig' from the audience or to show us James Reid's abs, if you're into that sort of stuff.

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To be fair, a good number of these scenes were genuinely entertaining and some even made me laugh. I just wish they had a better vehicle for their love team. Fans, of course, will lap it up. The source material reads like a weeaboo's wet dream, filled with cliches from shoujo manga particularly Hana Yori Dango, but take your pick with a gang the Lucky 13, which is like F4 times three plus one and kaomoji polluting the text.

Thanks to a misunderstanding, he gets into a fight with plucky Sam Nadine Lustre but eventually falls for her.

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Shoujo-style hijinks ensue, but only more exaggerated. Sadly, there's a lot gone from the books, including Sam's relationship with Red, TOP's right hand man. The story tends to focus on the dynamic between Sam and TOP, but that isn't fully realized either.

By the time the story ends, you feel a lot of context has been removed and the ending feels incomplete as a result.

I feel this movie would have been better served as a TV series rather than a movie.

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This movie feels exactly the same as Diary ng Panget, and it shows: It comes off worse than Diary ng Panget because it feels like such a retread.

If you're looking for the better movie, it's Diary ng Panget. Heck, if that makes someone a gangster, then I guess you could call me John "Fatman" Tawasil because I had a small group in high school too.

But beyond that, She's Dating the Gangster is actually a very entertaining movie. They fight; and it seems that Kenneth has mommy issues another recurring theme with all of the male leads so far which makes him hate his dad. Unfortunately, his dad gets into an airline incident. Kenneth sets off to find him and meets Kelai Kathryn Bernardo who is also looking for Kenji. Why she is doing so, and her aunt's relationship with Kenji, forms the basis of this film. The acting is okay.