16 and pregnant season 1 meet the cast of outlander

‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan on Jamie’s Unlikely Journey and Tackling History in Season 2 – Variety

'Outlander' Has Discovered New Magic in Season 3: Eternal Youth By Ben Lindbergh Nov 6, , pm EST At the end of Season 2, the pregnant Claire (a 20th-century English nurse who in the first season “We have two actors who happen to be incredibly beautiful people,” Davis says. “It is hard. OUTLANDER season one will finally premiere on UK television tonight, three Meet Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe and more PUBLISHED: , Thu, Jun 29, | UPDATED: , Thu, Jun 29, When does Outlander season 1 start on More4? .. Enough already, we get it, you're pregnant!. Each episode follows a month period in the life of a teenager as she A documentary series that follows four of 16 & Pregnant's first season stars, Follow these addicts as they reveal their strange addictions and meet with Series cast summary: I will continue watching it and I cant wait to start teen mom 1 & 2!!.

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While the fate of the rest of the Artemis crew is still up in the air the ship has foundered a few miles away, but who has made it out alive? What about Fergus, Marsali, and Young Ian?

16 and pregnant season 1 meet the cast of outlander

Season 4 of showrunner Ron D. Filming is currently underway in Scotland, which will stand in for 18th-century North America and feature a location beloved by fans: The fourth season will introduce two more time travelers to the series: Brianna Randall Fraser and Roger MacKenzie we were introduced to them back in Season 2, but they will be new to the whole time-travel thing when Season 4 arrives.

Gabaldon's books are so rich in characters we couldn't include them all, but here are some of the new faces Jamie and Claire are likely to meet in Season 4. So far, only two characters have been cast: Stephen Bonnet and Jocasta Cameron.

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Stephen Bonnet Ed Speleers An Irish pirate and smuggler, Bonnet was condemned to hang for piracy but managed to escape the gallows, crossing paths with Claire and Jamie, who spared his life, a decision the Frasers end up regretting for years to come. The character will also cross paths with Brianna and Roger, and will be replacing Black Jack Randall as one of the most despicable characters of the Outlander book series. By the time we meet her for the first time, Jocasta has already been widowed three times.

Jocasta is a strong-willed woman who runs River Run, a large plantation in North Carolina even though she is now blind. She meets her nephew Jamie, Claire, and her great-nephew Young Ian in the summer ofwhen they arrive at River Run. Duncan Innes One of the men who were imprisoned with Jamie at Ardsmuir, the character was introduced in the third book of the series, Voyager.

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After the men were sold as indentured servants in America, Jamie found Duncan living in poverty in Edinburgh, since he could no longer make a living after he lost an arm. Thing is, Duncan has never been introduced in the series, and it's likely he never will be. Instead, it is widely believed Duncan will be replaced by the still-very-much-alive Murtagh Fraser who died at Culloden in the books, but not on the serieswho was also at Ardsmuir with Jamie, and well on his way to losing an arm thanks to a nasty infection.

How does it feel to finally have the whole season out in the world? How did you approach those scenes? We rehearsed the scenes for maybe the week before, we went over all the text with the writers and director.

16 and pregnant season 1 meet the cast of outlander

Both Tobias and I come from a theater background so it felt quite comfortable and it felt like we were there supporting each other and we were both making suggestions about the characters, about the script — we did a little bit of cutting down of it and some changes. It was just about plotting the relationship and where it goes, and I think pretty much over the two weeks we shot it, I think we barely spoke, to be honest [laughs].

16 and pregnant season 1 meet the cast of outlander

It was a very dark room, very claustrophobic, pretty depressing and it kind of worked for those scenes. You were also wearing a number of elaborate prosthetic makeup pieces for much of the final two episodes, which I imagine probably put you into a pretty dark mindset anyway? It honestly, in a little way, felt like some sort of mild torture, it was very easy to get into that mindset at first.

‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan on Jamie’s Unlikely Journey and Tackling History in Season 2

And certainly there were some great times when I could get outside and take a break, but taking it off in the evening was a way of getting out of the character again, it was a time when I could enjoy them ripping this thing off my back. What did director Anna Foerster bring to the table in those last two episodes? She was terrific, she was very diligent and did a lot of prep. She really pushed me a lot, she kept challenging me and it was almost like a mind game, it was very interesting.

16 and pregnant season 1 meet the cast of outlander

She was very caring and thoughtful but she would definitely try to get some interesting performances out of us and I think she did that.