Meet me under the mistletoe shirt old

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meet me under the mistletoe shirt old

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Though, at the moment, his attention was snared elsewhere, as two things occurred to him. Kakashi had cheated And… Mistletoe was both Satan and his guardian angel. If I could get Sakura under the mistletoe… Of course this wasn't the first time he'd thought of it this night, but for once it didn't seem impossible, if only he could be certain that there would be no one else around. After all, Sakura was shy, as proven by that little escapade under the mistletoe, so the best time to truly ask her out would be in private, under the mistletoe, where words just weren't needed.

Which was good, since he always seemed to fuck up when it came to talking about feelings.

meet me under the mistletoe shirt old

He grinned broadly as an idea struck him. When there was no immediate reaction to his sudden announcement, Naruto looked out from the corner of his eye looking for the dark hair that framed a pale face. Black eyes stared out blankly, as though he was dazed and it confused Naruto further wondering if maybe he hadn't spoken aloud after all—he had a tendency to do that after Kyuubi had opened up a mind link in an attempt to "keep-his-annoying-ass-alive"—when Sasuke seemed to snap out of it.

Kakashi had never said anything about them teaming up to kick his ass. What the hell was that just now? Kakashi was going to pay for that cheap shot. His lower eyelid twitched. Last thing he needed was for Sakura or Kakashi to see him leaving the bath early. He looked like the four-year-old the group had been assigned to watch not that long ago. Wisely, he kept that bit of information to himself… for now. Naruto scowled, and couldn't stop himself from retorting a quick, "You wish, teme.

He was slightly surprised that bathing together like they normally did when on a mission—or simply the times that Sasuke would stay at his place or visa versa before or after missions for reasons neither wished to discuss, about that time in the land of waves—wasn't more uncomfortable after having been forced to kiss so often, but it was like it never happened at all as they fought over the shampoo and soap bar like usual.

Naruto scrubbed at his cheek as he entered the room Sasuke and himself would be sharing—surprisingly enough, Kakashi had coaxed Iruka into sharing his room so as not to be stuck with the "children"—reminded of the feeling of Sasuke's slightly sticky lips on his face from their last kiss of the evening.

It had been mildly shocking that Sasuke had just shifted over and planted that soft caress to his cheek as Naruto had been ready to complain about the unfairness of it all. Though, if he hadn't, we probably wouldn't have been able to make our point… Naruto admitted to himself, as he shut and locked the door, throwing the pile of dirty clothes he'd brought out of the bathroom on the floor, not even glancing at the extra towel and set of clothing bearing the Uchiha crest which he'd swiped from the bathroom.

Nor would I have such a good reason to finally attempt this very risky, suicidal, prank. Naruto thought with a grin as he changed clothes, shaking his wet head free from the clinging cloth of his blue PJ's and bounced back over to the desk Iruka had in his guest room. Dragging out a blank paper and a pen, Naruto quickly scrawled out the message he'd been plotting since getting into the doorway with Sasuke that final time. His brow crinkled and he scribbled it out starting again on the next line.

For a brief moment he thought of putting them on, just to annoy the perfect student more, but thought better of it. Sasuke wouldn't have a problem with stripping him naked to retrieve his clothes, but then again, how would he even get out of the— The door knob jiggled, and he heard another curse, before a dark killing intent rolled through the wood.

He wouldn't… Naruto was stunned when the door flew inward, the frame ripping off of the wall to display a wet, naked Uchiha with sharingan blazing before him.

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The blow stung and Naruto could taste the blood that his split lip gave him, still he couldn't stop grinning. Sasuke had just been forced to traipse through Iruka's house butt naked, only to find the door to his room locked, and thus forcing him to bust said door down.

As far as Naruto was concerned this was his best prank ever. The dark head bounced slightly and the Uchiha winced a bit before kicking out with his feet as Naruto hopped on top of him, attempting to pin him to the floor. A foot caught him in the stomach, knocking the wind from him, so Naruto returned the favor with a head-butt, gaining a groaned out curse and a sharingan glare.

Naruto smirked, knowing that Sasuke had little left to attack with, as he crawled atop of his legs, pinning those with some controlled chakra as he did the same to pin his wrists. Sasuke would have to admit de— Naruto jerked at the moist feel on his mouth, the taste of onigiri assaulting him once more, this time tainted with the tang of rust.

Sasuke had just bit his lip. Yes, definitely a suicidal prank. Stupid fucking…" Sasuke's words dissolved into more bizarre cursing that Naruto could only guess he'd picked up from Itachi, but the mental image of Itachi ever calling someone a piece of ape shit was both amusing and horrifying. Again Naruto blushed, realizing that his prank really had backfired on him. Now he had to explain, a wet, naked Uchiha straddling his lap, both their hands linked between them in a slackened, forgotten, tug-of-war.

Or is it just foreplay I'm seeing? Icha Icha, Mistletoe, and pranks pulled on Sasuke were all against him, he decided as he quickly bucked Sasuke off of himself, jumping to his feet to point an angry digit at the silver-scarecrow. We were just fighting, because I just beat Sasuke!

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Naruto was pleased to see that he wasn't the only one looking like an idiot in this situation. He still squirmed uncomfortably as Kakashi looked between them with that unreadable, perverted expression, eye sparkling with evil intent. Had I known of your plans Naruto I wouldn't have interrupted, though I must say its easier to penetrate when you too are na—" Naruto was certain all the blood in his body was currently in his face as he gaped like a fish, mind fried from the mental images that last comment had provoked.

Luckily, Sasuke was still feeling pissed as a kunai wizzed through the room narrowly missing Kakashi and slamming into the doorframe with a clear, "THUNK! As the two shared a violent staring contest, Naruto turned his attention back to the door. The kunai was imbedded impressively deep in the wood. Iruka would be pissed when he saw that, and somehow, Naruto just knew he would get blamed for it and spend their next day off tacking it closed again. This prank really didn't have any good outcomes.

His lower lip stuck out further than necessary as he thought over things. Kakashi was lecturing now, the words a sort of murmur that made no sense to his ears, and Naruto sighed.

Yeah, anything that had to do with Sasuke never quite ended the way he expected or would have liked. The sensation of being watched dragged his eyes away from the door jam and back to the other two. It wouldn't be shocking to find Kakakshi turning his lecture onto him, but it wasn't the jounin facing him.

meet me under the mistletoe shirt old

Sasuke stood with his towel securely around his hips, one hand holding the knotted cloth securely in place, pale skin exposed and slightly reddened in some places, as though rug burned. A sharp shiver teased his back and made him twitch in response. Naruto had no explanation for it, as he wasn't cold, nor frightened, but his body felt hyper sensitive as those dark eyes focused so intensely on him.

He had always assumed that look was a glare what with the intensity of it, but that wasn't really true. It was simply intense.

meet me under the mistletoe shirt old

Naruto shifted a bit, wishing he knew what the Uchiha was thinking as he stared at him like that. It happened far too often for Naruto's comfort, hell if he were honest, most of the looks he'd interpreted as glares and homicide stares were in fact just like this one.

meet me under the mistletoe shirt old

Sasuke seriously hadn't glared at him at all this evening except for when he broke the door down just now. Naruto bit his lip and again chose to interpret the look as a glare even though he knew better. He simply didn't want to face what else it could mean, and so, he returned the look with a scowl of his own.

Thos dark eyes narrowed and he looked away and back to Kakashi his perfect Uchiha demeanor now a gnarled mask of contempt. It made his stomach feel sour but Naruto pushed the thought from his mind completely. He had other things to worry about right now. He fingered the letter in his pocket and tried not to think about Sasuke. He'd opted not to write her name on the front as Iruka would recognize his hand-writing and would tell Kakashi and who knew what the pervert would do.

Naruto checked behind him just one more time before creeping down the hall toward the bathroom. Sakura had just been sent for her turn in the furo, which meant if he just slipped the letter underneath the door to the changing room she'd see it when she stepped out to get her clothes. It was brilliant, perfect even and as he slipped it under the door, Naruto felt his hear flutter a little in his chest.

There was no way he could screw this up this time. Without waiting to see if she found it or not, he ran back to the room and flopped onto the bed with the excess of energy. It was nearly ten minutes later that Sasuke walked back into the room, dressed in his pajamas. Those eyes were boring into him again, that disconcerting look that seemed to want to consume him.

He tensed and watched the other warily from his snuggled position on his futon, and the awkward moment stretched on into countless minutes. God you are such an ass-hole! You already ruined the door, no fighting or copulating in that room Naruto! They are implying that we would… that we could…" His face ached from the burn of embarrassment and he hid his face in his pillow.

God this was humiliating. The shifting of bed sheets alerted him to Sasuke's movements and he peaked out of the corner of his eye to see the darker haired boy peering out him from the expanse of the room. Those entreating eyes were watching his every move and calculating him.

Ignore them and it will stop. He was just not up to being teased right now. He knew they didn't mean anything by it, but when most of the village thought he was deranged and held no morals, it was hard to take a little teasing in jest, especially when he wasn't certain what he actually felt for Sasuke, or what the other boy thought of him.

Liking Sakura was easy, it was expected, just as it was expected of him to fight with Sasuke. Their teasing was made because it wasn't plausible and Naruto wasn't comfortable with the insecure feelings it brought about, not to mention the question he was going through. What did Sasuke mean to him?

Maybe if he tried hard enough he could smother himself and escape his embarrassment. What the hell was that? Whining about my life, god how uncool… Those eyes continued to bore into his back for nearly an hour before Sasuke finally rolled back over and fell asleep as well. Naruto relaxed if just barely into the bed, mentally counting down the hours until he had to go back out. A childish grin broke over his features and he squirmed happily at the memory. Soon, Sakura would understand his feelings and he'd get the best Christmas gift of all.

He tried not to imagine the events after the kiss, or the fact that something told him that once the rush wore off, the moment would be somehow less exciting, but that was normal. Once attained the desired object would become commonplace, it was natural, all the same, Naruto hoped it wouldn't happen, that maybe the stories he'd heard about true love and all that rot were true.

That even after getting together with the one you desired, your desire would only grow and never fade. He hoped, but he doubted all the same. Sakura is the one for me and we will be happy together. Naruto nodded and pushed all other thoughts from his head.

Miracles happen on Christmas. Maybe one will happen for me… Naruto closed his eyes to nap until midnight. Iruka had left the Christmas tree lit, its soft multi-colored lights leaving the front room awash with shaded colors.

It was beautiful, like looking through a kaleidoscope, and Naruto couldn't help but grin at the sight. This holiday was something he could understand being sacred.

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The night really did seem magical with a full house, a good meal and warm bath. It was probably what having a real family would feel like.

Naruto sniggered to himself imagining the expressions on Iruka and Kakashi's faces if he were to tell them they made great parents. Iruka might take it as a compliment but Kakashi would probably give me another thousand years of pain… Glancing at the window Naruto noticed that it was nearly midnight. He'd placed the meeting time as fifteen after the hour.

Knowing Sakura, hell any ninja with proper training, she would arrive fifteen minutes earlier than the predetermined time, which would mean she'd arrive exactly on midnight when it became Christmas, and on the very dawn of that day, Naruto would kiss her and hopefully get his very first Christmas gift.

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Maybe even a miracle. It was also too dark in the corner of the doorway he stood in, the Christmas lights not completely lighting it. It was perfect, this way he could get his message across to her before she could clearly see him, and he wouldn't lose his nerve. Naruto breathed in and out slowly settling the last of his nerves.

This was it, there was no turning back. His heart was beating so quickly its thrum was visible in the soft tissues of his throat and elbow. His stomach was in knots and his nerves were firing. It was quite uncomfortable but it was still thrilling. He just hoped this went better than the last time he'd attempted to confess to Sakura.

Am I just chasing her because of that? As an extension of being recognized, a way to prove myself to her? He didn't want to think poorly of himself or his actions, but he knew that even if he wasn't thinking like that then that one line would probably haunt him for the rest of his life. That couldn't be healthy. Damn it, I'm just over thinking it! Naruto shook his head and stood taller banishing all of it from his mind. It was too late to second guess his decision.

This is what I wanted so why am I acting like this? Damn it, Naruto man up and go for it! For some reason Sasuke came to mind then, but with the way Sakura acted around the Uchiha of course he would come to mind. What if she says no because of Sasuke? Naruto frowned at the mixed feelings that gave him and shoved them aside.

With that lingering worry Naruto noticed an outline arriving from the hallway beside the kitchen. With the set up, neither would pass directly by the tree, he wondered if that was for the best seeing as the tree really did set the mood, but it was already too late to rethink his choice. He needed Sakura to meet him under the Mistletoe, otherwise it would seem odd, he could morn the lack of a romantic setting later, besides maybe it wasn't really as romantic as he thought it was.

He was really just moved by the significance the tree held at the moment. Sakura moved with a silent grace through the kitchen, the soft muted glow hardly able to give her form a fuzzy outline as she drew near the doorway, but he could clearly see the sheet of paper in her hand. Swallowing hard, Naruto shifted a bit, no longer leaning against the door frame. His heart was racing again and he licked his lip in his impatience. Well, this is it. Sakura was directly in front of him now, she was surprisingly quiet in the shadows.

Then again, maybe the moment was overwhelming for her as well. His palms were sweating and they felt clumsier than usual, but he was still able to reach out and grab ahold of her shoulders. She tensed under his grip, her breath hitched and the cotton that made up her pajamas was soft and worn. It clung to his damp, calloused palms and fingertips. He rubbed his thumb over the shirt enjoying the feeling of a warm body under equally warm cloth.

It reminded him of Sasuke for some reason, and his mouth fell open in shock. Why is he ruining this moment even now? Snapping his mouth shut Naruto shook his head and felt Sakura's sudden indrawn breath. If she spoke now he'd lose his nerve, it didn't matter if she thought he was Sasuke, or if it wouldn't work out, he had to get his feelings across at least once. Honestly, and without restraint.

Even if he was seriously starting to question if these feelings even belonged to the girl. No, I'm just messed up from the forced kisses from before! I don't like Sasuke! Pulling himself together, and Sakura closer, Naruto stepped into her space and brought his face in close to hers.

They were soft and thin, pliant under his own, slightly chapped. He moaned a little from the intimate feel and the erotic warmth that came from his close proximity. One of his hands slipped from a tense shoulder, up a smooth neck and into soft hair, thumb cradling the jaw and lobe of an ear.

She twitched at the touch, and for a moment he feared she would pull away, but in the next moment she relaxed and arms came up and around him.

meet me under the mistletoe shirt old

A hand fisted tightly in his hair the arm curled around him and under the one he had lifted to cradle her cheek. The other wrapped tightly around his waist and pulled them flush together as the mouth slanted and lips pated. The motion caused his own to part and a slick tongue slid smoothly inside his mouth. Excitement uncurled in his belly and raced up his spine and tingled in the back of his skull and the low portion of his back where a strong hand held him possessively against a hard body.

A very flat body. It was then his mind registered that the salty flavor filling his mouth was more than just pleasant, it was recognizable. Shock made him freeze and his eyes flew open to stare at the close face of the other.

It was still far too dim to really make out anything, but when those other eyes opened, he felt them. Puling back, lips pulling apart slowly, mingled spit making lips moist and plump from the pressure, Naruto gaped unsure of what he was feeling. Sasuke's kiss had felt so good, his tongue in his mouth had been exciting but, now he was far too confused.

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