Meet the press sanders

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meet the press sanders

SANDERS: What I said -- what I said Chuck -- what I said several months ago, Bernie Sanders: "Interview with Chuck Todd of NBC News' "Meet the Press",". Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on NBC's Meet The Press, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on CBS' Face The Nation, Treasury Secretary. Also worth noting: Bernie Sanders will appear on CNN's State of the NBC's Meet The Press: Preempted for Premier League soccer; CBS'.

To his credit, Sanders refused to take the bait. Todd, however, had no interest in having a serious debate on the issues; he followed up with: Can you explain this essay? Here is his full response. You can read it here.

Meet the Press

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meet the press sanders

To date, Todd has not distinguished himself as moderator of MTP, although he may get better as he gains more experience in this format. And Sanders, unlike former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, showed that he could handle himself on the national stage, which perhaps should not surprise us given his years in public office at the national level. We've started this campaign off at 3 percent in the polls and now we're closing in, in Iowa.

Meet the Press -

And we're doing really well in New Hampshire. So I think in the next few weeks you're going to see a lot of nonsense being thrown around. This is nonsense -- I mean you did change your position on this. What I said -- what I said Chuck -- what I said several months ago, having a D-minus voting record from the NRA having voting to ban assault weapons way back inyes, that was a piece of legislation that I wanted to relook at. But what that legislation had among other things is a prohibition on armor-piercing ammunition designed to kill police officers.

meet the press sanders

It had language in it for a child lock safety for our kids -- important provision. There were things in it that I did o not like and I was willing to rethink. We have rethought it. There's a bill apparently being introduced, I like that bill, it makes some good changes and we will be supportive of it. Another thing that's going to come up on the issue of gun safety is the issue of a waiting period.

The Clinton campaign is hitting you for supporting only a three-day waiting period or instant background checks and not being in favor supportive of something longer like a five-day or seven-day window. And the reason this is being brought up is that if Dylann Roof -- the man who killed those nine folks in Charleston last year -- if there had been a longer waiting period he might have been prevented from buying a gun.

Look, what we saw here in Charleston is a tragedy of unspeakable dimensions. I sit in prayer with people that takes out a gun and shoots nine people. I hope we don't have to politicize that issue. I believe very strongly in instant background checks. I think we have to expand it.

Bernie Sanders: Interview with Chuck Todd of NBC News' "Meet the Press"

I think we have to make sure percent that we keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have that, people with criminal backgrounds, people who are mentally unstable. That has been my view from day one.

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But you know, Chuck, I think the reason that the Clinton campaign is getting defensive is they see that we have the momentum. They see that the issues that we are talking about, a disappearing middle-class and almost all new income and wealth going to the top 1 percent, a corrupt campaign finance system where people like Secretary Clinton can raise millions of dollars through super PACs.

Those are kind of issues which they don't want to discuss.

meet the press sanders

So tonight we're going to be discussing a lot of issues and the main issue for me is why the rich get richer, almost everybody else gets poorer and the fact that we have got to stand up to the billionaire class and change those dynamics. So you're not in favor of a longer background check?