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meet the pyro backwards design

For such a cartoonish-looking first-person shooter/war-themed hat simulator, Team Fortress 2 does have its moments of horror. As a Moments subpage, all . Oct The Pyro - Team Fortress 2 - Moby Francke. moby franck TF2 soldier design Character Design Inspiration, Character Illustration, Illustration Art, Game . Dlc episodes are now playable on xbox one as backwards. Ricardo De . The Pyro in Chinatown is a community-created cosmetic item for the Pyro. The eye lights are simple circles that don't connect on the top, while the vent covers have designs. The Pyro in Chinatown was contributed to the Steam Workshop. . 42 · El Jefe · Ball-Kicking Boots · Backwards Ballcap · Hermes.

His melee weapon is a baseball bat. The Scout was the fourth class to receive new equipment. Sentry guns, because they automatically lock onto enemies so the Scout can't dodge it like most things.

Tight corridor makes it much more harder for the Scouts to dodge incoming enemy fire, especial explosion damage. Has his moments when he's not being a raging asshole. He's supposed to be from Boston, but sounds like he's from Brooklyn which is intentional. The simplest explanation for this would be that he was just born in Boston and moved to Brooklyn when very young. He's fast and he has buck teeth, as well as rabbit-like screaming.

The following domination lines support this: After the community made jokes about similarities between Scout and Jermait turns out they share the same first name. A surprisingly effective strategy for Scouts, just bum-rush the objective, preferably using Bonk. Works extremely well in Capture the flag or Payload.

The youngest of his eight brothers, and probably the youngest member of the team, assuming Pyro is older than him. I'm a force of nature. Being a baseball fan, his default melee weapon is an aluminum bat, and an unlockable wooden bat.

It's even the name of one of the Scout's achievements Perform double jumps. In "Meet the Sandvich". When receiving rare items on Mann vs. Machine mode, he will sometime say this. He considers killing enemies his entire purpose in his whole existence. Has a live bird sealed in his chest after surgery, that was never removed. On rare occasions, when he gets gibbed, the bird will fly out unharmed.

Just listen to his lines for about 5 seconds. It's a fair guess that he's meant to sound annoying. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Especially on Competitive Mode: I didn't want to say it, but they do.

Their hats are terrible, their faces aren't very good or attractive Even though he's from Boston, it certainly counts. You'll never hit my tiny head! It's so tiny, I've got a fricken' Atomic Punch allows the scout to "dodge" all damage for a short period of time, while also being unable to attack. After the buff wears off, the Scout gets a slow debuff that varies depending on how much damage was prevented. Cannot Spit It Out: He's got a hell of a crush on Miss Pauling, but just can't work up the guts to ask her out, much to Spy's amusement.

Asking out that dial-tone again, I see?

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Go to Hell, Spy. While he's got plenty of one-liners for single mothers and whatever girls he comes across, attempting to ask out Miss Pauling leaves him faltering and stammering. Not so much in-game due to a lack of female characters, but in the online comics he hits on nigh-on every woman he sees, with very little success. One of the pages for the Halloween update includes a dating advert that's obviously written by the Scout - the gratuitous amounts of self-praise mean it couldn't have been made by anyone else.

In "A Cold Day in Hell" he passes up what's probably one of the few chances he'll get to have sex with a decent woman Heavy's sister, Zhanna because he's convinced Miss Pauling will like him if he keeps waiting. A cutaway in the short "Expiration Date" shows he actually can score girls, and has before, however, said girls are implied to also not be very We both got buckets of chicken. You wan' do it? The Scout trained himself to run everywhereoriginally so he could reach fights in time to have some fun before his seven older brothers got there.

This translates to 25 feet per second, or And that's not taking into account his jumping abilities. Initially Scout's interest in Miss Pauling was treated as nothing more than macho posturing by him that was ignored by her out of disgust.

This was supported by mentions of other attempts by him to pick up chicks such as on the description for The Fast Learner. Then "A Cold Day In Hell" hinted that Scout's crush on her might actually be sincere, followed by "Expiration Date" recharacterizing their relationship. He then stabs the final two members of the team over the score of the outro.

The music is also genuinely tense and unsettling, perfectly expressing the terror and paranoia a Spy can create for the enemy team.

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Oh yeah, and it's also menu music, which means it can play whenever the game launches. It doesn't help that the song name is "Right Behind You".

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We always knew Pyro is a psychopath, but we really never saw Pyroland coming. Rather than just seeing them wandering around killing people, we get to see how much they terrify their own team. Oh, and if you hoped you'd see a face, hear an interview in that video I fear no man.

Beast From Below

No, I ain't — I ain't talking about that freak, alright? Even scarier is that the Spy can produce massive paranoia and fear in the enemy team, and takes pride in it. And even the Spy cannot comprehend the Pyro. Pyrovision goggles show this on maps without the sugar sweet candyland theme and effects: Your enemies and allies are still flinching from gunshots and the like, but instead of making noises of pain, they laugh jovially as they are shot, lose it on dying and break into hysterics on bloody gibbing.

Flamethrower to the face. Complete with Sniper screaming in agony as the Pyro looks down at him — tilting its head in a Shout-Out to Michael Myers ]] as seen in the image above. After the signature outro, the Pyro is shown walking through Pyroland, then zooms out to reveal a gaping hole in the BLU Soldier's torso, who's holding his organs in his hands, and dies with a stifled, agonised groan as he falls down.

meet the pyro backwards design

Then it zooms out furthermore to show the dismembered corpses of the massacred BLU team, with the Pyro whistling to the song playing in Pyroland whilst the entire town burns down around them. It doesn't help that in their head, they're bopping along with the music happily. Change to real life, and they're just walking slowly and methodically as they murder each member of the BLU team. BLU Medic's death was also horrifying. He gets forced into a barn, which subsequently has the door barricaded with an axe handle before being set on fire.

The worst part is the look on his face as he realizes his impending doom And then of course there's the bone-chilling soundtrack that played in reality.

Hell, just Pyro's brutal, remorseless rampage in its entirety has to qualify as one of the most frightening things in the whole series. Although all the death and destruction that goes on is usually played up for comedy in the Meet the Team videos — it's played entirely straight here, complete with the BLU team being reduced to utter primal terror by the Pyro as it single-handedly massacres them.

Somehow, the fact that Pyro is completely oblivious to the destruction they're causing and, in their head, they're simply spreading rainbows and joy around them, is creepy on many levels. The screams of pain from the other classes in "Meet the Sandvich" are chilling. While rather hilarious, just trying to imagine the images the Soldier and Scout are providing is enough to make you shudder.

It gets even worse with some of the cut lines — including Soldier begging Heavy to kill himand Scout frantically and tearfully begging him to stop. You call that killing me? I am not dead! Cracking noise as his tone becomes noticeably more panicked Now I am ordering you to kill me!

There is a checkbook in the left-rear pocket of my fatigues! I will pay you all of my money to stop! On the verge of tears I regret everything! I regret everything I've ever done!

Give me back my leg bone! Just about the first half of Meet the Medic. The Medic is literally holding the Heavy's heart, and it explodes. Oh, and lest we forget that Heavy is fully conscious throughout the entire operation. Although the horror factor is mostly subdued due to the fact that the Heavy did not seem to feel any pain apart from the breakage of a rib bone.

He even laughs to the Medic's joke while his organs are exposed. It's pretty possible that the Quick-Fix and the other Mediguns can nullify most pain, so the patient isn't in too much danger.

HazMat Headcase

The BLU Spy's head, which early versions of the video explained as a dead, decapitated enemy spy's head falling into the accidental chemical mixture which would inspire the Medic's Mediguns. Said mixture made the head fully alive, aware, and unkillable, much to the BLU Spy's horror.

By the events of Meet the Medic, he seems almost used to his horror of an existence, but still begs the RED Medic to kill him. And then The Stingerwhere Scout walks out of the operating room saying "You will not believe!

In short, Scout has a live bird in his chest. In game, if the Scout is killed in such a way that he's completely evisceratedthere is a 1 in chance that a dove will fly out of the carnage. Apparently, bread gets green fleshy tumors when put through a teleporter Actually it's just some sort of self-aware beauty mark, doesn't make it any less terrifying however. What about all the Heavies with Sandviches that go through teleporters?

The bread they used was made from dolphin milk, fed only on pre-chewed grass. So Heavy's sandwiches should be fine. During Expiration Date, Spy pins Scout in a door and holds out his knife. He was perfectly willing to murder a teammate who wasn't a threat to him at that time.

And topping it off, said teammate was later officially confirmed to be his own biological son. Though, considering what the Scout was putting Spy through just minutes earlier, Spy's actions could be somewhat justified. Comics and Other Supplemental Material The online comics can be straight-up disturbing at times: Every day I'm dead a little longer, Mr.

meet the pyro backwards design

I have seen the other side. There is nothing there. In the Mann vs Machine updates, entire battalions of robots are heading to all Mann Co businesses.

And since Mann Co is a Mega-Corpthese robots are practically all over the entire world. Oh and by the way, observant players can find the carrier tanks in the backgrounds of some maps. Despite the game's comic nature, Gray Mann's actually a pretty creepy guy. While there are several funny bits in the comic he appears in, he's much more serious than most of the characters in the game. Even some of the funny moments had a scary side. For instance, Gray was swiped out of his cradle by a female bald eagle, who raised him alongside her chicks.

Redmond and Blutarch are visibly repulsed.

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Then, as seen in this page, he wins. The Administrator - the most powerful, controlling character in the whole Team Fortress 2 universe to date - runs away, and leaves a one word message to Miss Pauling: Some time before the Halloween update, the Spy's head in the website banner became a skull. While not that scary by itself, there was no other indicator to it, so you'd be simply looking at a blog and give yourself a Jump Scare. Skulls in general tend to have a neutral expression, but Spy here seems to be