Meet the robinsons lewis older women

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meet the robinsons lewis older women

Meet the Robinsons is a American computer-animated science fiction comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt. Meet the Robinsons Out of all the failed adoption interviews Lewis has, why has Goob To get to the future that Lewis sees, Older Goob and the Crapsack World had to be .. Fritz marries a woman called Petunia, who has children with him. Disclaimer: I do not own Meet the Robinsons, nor do I own its characters. . If Cornelius hugged that old friend, William or whatever, like that in . "Likewise, little lady," Wilbur said, winking and slinging an arm around Lewis'.

For her future husband, Lewis. Word of God stated that Franny's body model was used for Lewis's mother as well. As a child, Franny is able to push around Wilbur, who is much taller and older than she is. As previously mentioned, she attacked a T-Rex when it tried to grab Lewis. Franny is feisty, sweet, and was willing to adopt Lewis the first day she met him. She doesn't because he turns out to be the younger self of her future husband.

Black hair and a light complexion. Wears a red bowtie in her head and red heels, she's also one of the good guys. Implied to be this with Gaston. Single Woman Seeks Good Man: When Lewis and Franny first meet at the science fair, Franny gets lovestruck gaze after her future husband tells her he believes in her dream of teaching frogs to sing.

An expert in karate and would rather teach frogs to sing then play with dolls.

meet the robinsons lewis older women

Cornelius Robinson Click here to see Cornelius Voiced by: He is in charge of Robinson Industries. Of Robinson Industries, the leading scientific company in the world. A brilliant scientist who was responsible for the inventions that led to the good future. He met his future wife, Franny, when they were both kids and at the science fair.

He's this with inventing stuff. His motto isn't "Keep Moving Forward" for nothing. A major plot point, in fact. He kept the same spiky hairstyle he had in his youth when he went by Lewis. This is the reason Wilbur kept Present! Lewis' hair covered with a hat.

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He has shades of this with his wife. After all, she is always right. He's pretty darn good looking, even with wearing a labcoat and his necktie. In reality, Cornelius bares no resemblance to his voice actor.

Lewis (Meet the Robinsons)

Thanks to the memory scanner, he was able to show what he could do, even owning his own company and building the inventions in them. Though having a scientist for an adopted mom probably helped matters.

Harland Williams The robot butler and honorary member of the Robinson family. Towards the end of the movie, Doris kills Carl by impaling him with her arm weapon. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: By Doris, when Carl and Wilbur go to rescue Lewis. Carl is a shiny, golden robot. Carl has shown to be consistently polite and helpful. He is the least strange member of the household Pick Your Human Half: Carl is completely robot in appearance and has the character traits of a human.

To the Robinsons, but especially Wilbur. He is considered part of the family, even he's not blood related, and is treated like a Robinson. He works for the Robinsons and doesn't hide his snarky side. Stephen Anderson Grandma Lucille Voiced by: Lauri Metcalf Uncle Art Voiced by: Adam West Uncle Gaston Voiced by: Don Hall Cousin Tallulah Voiced by: Ethan Sandler Cousin Laszlo Voiced by: Ethan Sandler Uncle Joe Voiced by: Unknown Aunt Billie Voiced by: Ethan Sandler Lefty Voiced by: Nathan Greno The rest of the unique family.

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When the T-Rex attacks Lewis, Billie slams its with her lifesize "toy train. When Lewis first meets Grandpa Bud, he is hunting for his false teeth, in quintessential Robinson style. Petunia, her "daughter" Tallulah, and her "son" Laszlo. They show their fiery nature when Petunia's children were arguing while painting the house.

A few minutes later, Petunia slaps her husband. Aunt Petunia berates and smacks him around Uncle Art most of the time, Uncle Gaston when food-fighting with Franny. You don't understand what's at stake here; Uncle Joe's seen the toast! We're past the point of no return! He is briefly shown sucking his thumb a bit later. Franny's brothers, Gaston and Art, who all have black hair and light complexion.

Implied to be this between Gaston and Franny.

meet the robinsons lewis older women

Played straight with Dmitri and Spike in a doorbell ringing contest. Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Art Framagucci is tall, muscular, has dark hair, and is quite handsome. Uncle Fritz, who seems to be the "voice" for his "wife" and puppet, Aunt Petunia. Stephen Anderson "Everyone will tell you to let it go and move on, but don't!

Instead, let it fester and boil inside of you! Take these feelings and lock them away. Let them fuel your actions. Let hate be your ally, and you will be capable of wonderfully horrid things. He's more pathetic than villainous. Doris, on the other hand No one could interrupt that, not even if Wilbur came up with the brilliant idea of play dates. Oh God, that sent Lewis reeling. Wilbur had to be a trouble tyke when he was a baby, he just had to be.

And if Wilbur played with his own son when they were both children, something in the time stream would have to go wack. Not to mention, little Lewis could become as horribly attached to his dad-best friend as his father and grandfather had. Would it run in the family forever? She was only born after my grandma could take care of a child No one really knows who he is now, or if he died or something. All be know is that he used to be Lewis, and that he'd be a teenager around this time, wherever he is.

Wilbur felt less amused and more puke-ish; he was the one who had married his cousin — even by accident — and succumbed to inbreeding. How fortunate for him I'm sure I met him in the future, right? Louise laughed and shook her head. Apparently, he doesn't consider you and future Cornelius as the same person. She was oblivious to Wilbur's hesitation with her, and she loved the Robinson with all her heart.

Obviously, Louise would be enthralled in family life. Wilbur didn't love Louise, a fact that was painfully obvious to everyone but his spouse herself, and a child with her would have seemed less lovable, Lewis thought. But as he watched Wilbur play gently with the newborn, he smiled. Wilbur loved Lewis — little Lewis — more than anyone else could.

It wounded Lewis' heart, somehow, as he watched his best friend — now at the age of twenty-four, which was an oddity for him to come back so far — kiss the baby's forehead. Maybe he was yearning for kids; something too queer for a boy of sixteen to conscider natural. Maybe he just wanted consistent parents since birth, like little Lewis had. Or maybe, just maybe, he wished there was no Louise, no little Lewis, no delicate time stream.

Just Lewis, the original, and his best friend, who was definitely something more, though there hadn't been time for such titling, of all time — which was a fitting title in such a circumstance — with a bright future ahead of them, where nothing would change. Where Lewis wouldn't suddenly find himself as Wilbur's fatherly figure. It was useless to wish, Lewis thought, as he said his goodbyes to the family of three.

It was useless to even think of anyone, anyone at all, except Franny. As much as he hated seeing the three happy — even moderately — together, he would hate it more if there was an accident, if he deleted Wilbur from the face of the earth, future or not. Little Lewis would go, too, and his namesake couldn't bear the guilt. Not when little Lewis made Wilbur happy.

And it was that happiness that really mattered to Lewis. If he would have to be only Cornelius to Wilbur while Louise was around, so be it. If he had to be only Cornelius forever for Wilbur, that was fine. Wilbur hated to admit it, but he was really starting to hate his mother… "It's Wilbur, Franny," Lewis murmured quietly, and Franny waved it off nonchalantly. I'm sure Lewis doesn't like you spending so much money just to visit. There's a reason he invented holo-chat, you know. Or do Canadians not have holo-chat?

I can't fathom such a good friend of Cornelius' not having his amazing inventions. And it's North Montana. Good to see you, too. After all, my nickname is Lizzie Borden.

I can't say that I like being called a murderer, but…" "Lizzie Borden isn't your real name? When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one. She shook her head and sighed; some people were just so weird… "Hey, Lewis! Lewis sighed and his hand moved from Franny's waist to massage his temples. He knew this night wasn't going to end well… "Lucky guess," Wilbur replied, shrugging nonchalantly.

Both she and Lewis raised an eyebrow, and Wilbur didn't at all care about their confused looks until Lewis leaned in, his breath tickling his ear dangerously, and whispered that feng shui wasn't any type of martial arts.

Fortunately for your tush, though, I'm also a hardcore pacifist. I couldn't just let it swallow you whole like some tasty fruit snack! Too bad, though, Francesca, because he'll always like me better than you, even if I did cause him to spontaneously combust one day.

And knowing me, I would. Right, el Human Torch? Can't you keep peace for one night? You don't even deserve to call me your girlfriend, you sleazy, super-intelligent, fruity bum-ninja!

Fruity bum-ninja… Yeah, that was definitely Lewis… "Wilbur Robinson, you just made your mother cry and you're laughing? Besides, you're the one who made her cry. He knew he didn't mean it, but still, Wilbur couldn't help but frown as Lewis trudged after Franny, practicing his apology under his breath. The boy with the cowlick frowned; he wished Lewis would do the same stuff he did for Franny for him. It wasn't fair; just because of the circumstances, Franny got his affection.

True, it was only so he could be born, but she still got it. In the end, she won. Lewis followed Franny to the senior courtyard, where a gazebo was lit up in the center.

She had sat down in it, sniffling through her dwindling tears. Lewis sighed; he didn't like to see Franny upset, for even though he didn't love her, he still harbored a deep friendship towards her.

I'm sorry I offended you. I didn't mean to… Please, I'm sorry. You're busy with your inventions or your stupid Canadian friend visits or you're messing around the ballpark with Michael, but you never remember to spend time with me.

He's weird and funny and random. Heck, I think if I had a chance, I'd name my son after him. The cowlick fits right in with my family, you know. But… I get so jealous. You just pay more attention to him and everything else than me. Sometimes I think you lied. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Wilbur was watching from the doors leading into the gym, a pained look on his face.

You said you wanted to marry me, to have children with me, to grow old with me, because it felt right. Well, I think you lied.

meet the robinsons lewis older women

Or maybe you're having second thoughts…" "Franny, you know I…" Lewis started, but Franny cut him off with her finger pressed against his lips. Something that's not true. Cornelius, I love you, but to be with you I want that feeling to be reciprocated. I don't want to be dragged along because you pity me, or because you're afraid this relationship.

If you love me, then say it. You've never said it. And if you don't love me, if you can't love me, then I'm leaving, because I deserve better. He was going to say it… Both his mom and his dad had told him that they professed their love at the prom. He had to listen, he had to get in through his head… He didn't belong. He did love her, but he still deceived her. He didn't love her as a wife, nor as a sister. He loved her as a friend, as a mother to the one he truly adored the most.

That was what he needed her for. And, Wilbur realized, Lewis still needed Franny. That was what made him Cornelius. His fists clenched and his palms grew sweaty.

Lewis's Mother

He bit his tongue ruthlessly, forming bruises on its surface. And then, he finally turned away, tears dripping from his tightly shut eyes. His parents… They just looked so right.

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And he had messed it all up. If he hadn't gone back in time, if he hadn't just tried to face his own problems… He wouldn't hurt. Everyone would be fine. Wilbur made up his mind. He was leaving the dance.