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meet the robinsons quotes wikiquote

That meat lover's pizza is NOT loving me back! All my training has prepared me for this moment. [rushes at the guard] DIE! DIIIE! There's no truck that I know that. 2 Quotes about Arthur H. Robinson; 3 External links There is also a considerable tendency to define the subject as a kind of meeting place of science and art. 3 The Coopers and Robinsons (played by all). Series One . Visiting the Robinsons' stately home .. Why are we meeting in the pub, man? 'Cos this is it, .

meet the robinsons quotes wikiquote

I thought you'd be pleased to see me happy through spirituality, unlike most young men of my generation, who find happiness through pornography and drugs…which I'd be tempted to use had we not been related to every pharmacist and newsagent from here to Nuremberg! My husband's after me! Yes, I might have guessed.

meet the robinsons quotes wikiquote

Is he stifling you with his phallocentricpatriarchal hate crimes? No, he chased me out of the house with a big knife! He's coming this way! OK, just pull up a bean bag and we'll take a few details. But he'll be here any second!

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Episode One[ edit ] An Englishman is breaking up with his Asian girlfriend, because her nationality is no longer fashionable Woman: My parents are gonna be devastated! I mean, how could you do this to them? I know, I know, and I love your Mum and Dad. I mean, they went perfectly with my Rajasthani coffee table.

meet the robinsons quotes wikiquote

Everyone will be going on the escape disguised as German soldiers Ginger: That's a good point, Ginger. Boarding the bus to freedom Gestapo official: But I've got an engagement ring from Ravi Rao. Goddammit, bullshit to hell, yah!

Arthur H. Robinson

Robinson, David Woodward, and the Creation of a Discipline " The author took the only course in cartography available to him in ; it must have been fairly typical of the few being offered in America: No textbook was used because there was none in English. Jake Coolidge " Arthur H. A Look at a Career ".

Oct 15, Robinson projection of the world. I started with a kind of artistic approach I visualized the best-looking shapes and sizes. I worked with the variables until it got to the point where, if I changed one of them, it didn't get any better Robinson in The New York Times as cited in: John Noble Wilford " Arthur H. The New York Times November 15, About the development of the Robinson projection. Take an orange and draw something on it -- say, a human face. Now carefully remove the peel, trying to keep it in one piece, and flatten it against your kitchen table.

meet the robinsons quotes wikiquote

You'll see that in making a two-dimensional object out of a round one, something has to give. Either the face gets distorted and looks all 'mushed out,' or in flattening the peel, it breaks into segments, dividing the face as well into several parts.

A cartographer chooses between a series of those kind of lesser-of-two-evils alternatives. Robinson in Chicago Tribune; As cited in: Myrna Oliver "Arthur H.

November 17, Happiest day of my life, was when the Defense Department took down its Mercator I started learning how to make maps while on an Army payroll.

meet the robinsons quotes wikiquote

So getting to see mine in the Pentagon, flanked by generals, is a little like being a prophet who is finally honored by his hometown. Myrna Oliver I decided there ought to be another way of balancing out the various distortions without doing it mathematically.

Robinson in The Times; As cited in: While doing illustrative work for Roderick Peattie, from him I learned the value of the unorthodox. Peter Keller Cartographic design: This is exemplified by Eckert.

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He pleads for artistic imagination and intuition in cartographic portrayal and claims that the inter-action of such talents with scientific geography produces the aesthetic map.