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Step Up 3D () Goofs on IMDb: Mistakes, Errors in geography, Spoilers and more. Jump to: Character error (1) | Continuity (15) | Revealing mistakes (2) | Spoilers (2) But later in the movie, when Moose and Camille are making up, Moose . In the final scene, the Pirates meet up with Natalie in Grand Central Station. Step Up 3D () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Film Editing by. Andrew Marcus. Casting By. Joanna Colbert. Step Up 3D is a American 3D dance film written by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer and However, he soon stumbles upon a dance battle, meeting Luke Katcher and his House of Pirates 1 Plot; 2 Cast; 3 Soundtrack; 4 Home media; 5 Critical reception and box office; 6 Accolades; 7 References; 8 External links.

step up 3d meet the characters movie

Moose is majoring in electrical engineering after promising his father that he would not dance anymore. Moose follows the shoes and then stumbles upon a dance battle, where he beats Kid Darkness from the dancing crew House of Samurai. Luke takes him back to his place, an old warehouse converted into a club.

Luke shows Moose his dance crew, the House of Pirates, whom he later teams up with to compete in the World Jam dance contest. Jacob informs Luke the warehouse will be put up for auction if the overdue repayments are not paid. Luke meets Natalie at the club and notices her dancing abilities, enlisting her to become part of his crew, but is unaware of Natalie's motives.

Moose has to choose between his studies and dance, between a test and a dance competition. He goes to test, but seeing the paper and receiving a message from Luke, he rushes to the competition just in time.

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Luke and Natalie become close as the movie progresses. Luke explains his true intentions with his recordings and dance interviews. Natalie is hiding the fact that her brother is Julien, the leader of the House of Samurai, and lies about everything but the love connection between her and Luke.

step up 3d meet the characters movie

Natalie faces a hard decision between her love and her family. She confronts Luke and asks what happened with him and Julien. He says that Julien was a member of the House of Pirates, but has a gambling problem and he once wagered against the Pirates and threw the battle, so the Pirates kicked him out. Gondor Calls for Aid: Maybe for Moose and Camille. There are several signs that they are, even though it's never explicitly stated. Mack after Skinny's death. He wasn't exactly bad but he decides to completely give up a life of crime.

All the main characters but Emily are blue-collar workers, but they throw huge and complex flash-mob performances that would need at least 5-figures budgets. Several times on a few weeks.

Step Up 3 is about saving the lead character home, where several runaway dancers live for free. The place is fully equipped with training rooms, a functional boombox wall, and a whole display of high-brand sneakers, complete with lighting to show them off.

That on the first floor. The ground floor is a free-entrance club that is shown as succesful, but it doesn't help to pay the bills. The only one who seems to be working to afford it all is the lead character After their place seems to be definitely lost.

Step Up 3D: Meet The Characters

And he promptly quits when Moose calls him back. The first movie the main character is a car thief and one of his friends is killed in a drive-by. The rest of the series is not as edgy. Like Goes with Like: Andie and Sean both split up with their upper-class lovers by the fifth movie, and end up with one another. They're from similar social classes and both have passionate, competitive personalities. For Revolution, the Summit Entertainment logo gets spray-painted, seen here.

Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Shades of this in the fifth movie with Violet, with her mohawk, no-nonsense attitude, and somewhat stocky figure, contrasted with the more fey Chad.

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Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! The fourth film has an instance of this when Eddy, frustrated with how things were going between him and Sean, stages a MOB outing that decidedly looks more like an act of terrorism than a traditional MOB performance, which ends in the MOB being DQ'd from the YouTube competition that they were trying to win for the community.

How Camille and Moose actually met is never explained. Perhaps if Camille had been the star of the second movie In Step Up Revolution, the whole crew and their families and friends live in a humble Latin neighborhood, mostly as blue-collar workers.

The budget needed for every one of their flash mobs goes easily into several hundred or even thousand dollars.

In Step Up 3, they need to win the contest that they've been after for the whole movie or they won't be able to keep their only shelter, where many of them are lucky to be able to live