Team fortress 2 meet the pyro machinima etc

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team fortress 2 meet the pyro machinima etc

March 15, - SFM Team across multiple countries, and for those teams, getting to meet each other in person on the Valve trip was a fantastic extra bonus. A page for describing Headscratchers: Team Fortress 2. Where's TF 1? Wait . The Great Flame War of Pyro's Gender Meet the Scout at Mysterious Place. You have dismembered heads, people opened up for surgery, insanity, people getting stabbed, blow up etc. .. I've been working on a machinima as one of my hobbies and was . They released all the "Meet the" trailers for TF2 before Episode 3/Half-life 3 was ever shown. Team Fortress 2: Episode 1.

That means no evidence of the shooting except the bullet itself gets left behind. And that is a very handy property for someone like the Spy. Invulnerable Train Tracks In Payload, why doesn't the defending team just destroy the train tracks to prevent the bomb cart from moving.

team fortress 2 meet the pyro machinima etc

Yes, I know its a game and if they wrecked the track there would be no game, but is there any attempt to lampshade this? I think there actually is some lampshade and the level designs, like Goldrush I believe the starting area for BLU is a gold mine. If RED destroyed the tracks, it would stop the bomb, but it would also stop the flow of whatever resources were being moved along those tracks before BLU put their bomb on it.

So the tracks are vital to both sides, gotcha! I think the tracks are made of Australiumthus are indestructible! I was going to add 'why don't the RED guys destroy the wheels of the BLU cart then throw it from one of the convenient high places, then? Probably the same reason that they don't cover up the huge bomb hole in Mv M mode. Melee crits are accompanied by a special animation, right? Heavy's uppercut, Pyro's horizontal chop, Soldier's backhanded swing, etc.

So why don't the classes always swing their weapons that way for guaranteed crits? Ranged weapons only crit when their projectiles are covered in lightning aura, but the melee weapons don't have this restriction; it's just a different motion on the user's part. The Heavy and Engie both have Ph.

Ds, they should be able to figure this out. It's alleviated somewhat by the fact that most of the melee weapons have very high crit rates compared to the others, hinting that they're aware different motions have some kind of unique, lethal effect. Besides, the Heavy's degree is in Russian literature. When crit-boosted by for example a Kritzkrieg or winning a roundall weapons will have the user perform the special animation. However, the crit damage can still fail to apply, for example when hittin an enemy under the crit-negating effect of Battalion's Backup.

Video game Critical Hits in general are meant to simulate a lucky hit, so just doing the motion may not be enough for the characters.

A horizontal axe swing can get lodged in your ribcage and puncture your heart, or it can just graze your arm. So even if the Pyro always did horizontal swings, that would not guarantee him crit damage. In-universe, they don't do that because they are smart. In a real fist-fight, you can't just throw the same punch over and over and hope that the opponent won't figure that out. If the Heavy is capable of carrying and firing a minigun without any problem, why must he use his fists to fight?

Where's his giant war hammer? He likes using his fists to fight. He's good with them anyway, and a war hammer would add extra weight. He's also got experience in boxing.

team fortress 2 meet the pyro machinima etc

Because only babies need weapons to help with melee combat. Can you imagine the amount of damage a giant war hammer swung by a hulking man like Heavy would do? Heavy has an entirely different persona, he needs different weapons! Wasted Education So why does a man with eleven PhDs who is also skilled in building a variety of deadly contraptions run around a battlefield with a wrench constructing the same four things over and over, while getting shot at?

Seriously, he has eleven PhDs. Anyone who can say that should not choose a job with any sort of physical danger involved. Exposure to Australium is known to mess up the brain.

And many sources imply that these mercenaries are paid a LOT! Plus, remember that every person on the team is insane in one way or another. Perhaps this is the Engineer's insanity. Cue one of the Halloween TF comics where Heavy gives a crying child half a dozen large wads of money to get him to stop crying.

My theory is that he does it because he HAS to do it. Saxton Hale suggests that these Merc take the Administrator's jobs because they seriously fouled up at some point and can't scout around like other Mercs - the Administrator has something on them, or they need something from her. Trying to keep them fed.

Or taking them trick-or-treating. Knowing the mental age of Soldier is about 8, I'd say he was out trick-or-treating with them, and he too wanted candy. It is the law! It seems the only purpose of the righteous bison is to allow the Machina to fire tracer rounds. Why wouldn't the Sniper just leave that out? The purpose of the Bison is to let the bullets go through multiple targets, not make tracer rounds.

Yes, but how often does he get the chance to headshot two people at once?


Seems like an unfair trade-off. If the Righteous Bison was left out, then it would just be an ordinary Sniper Rifle. By the logic of crafting, urine can be crafted into marble, soda can turn wood into aluminum, and food, wood, and animal hides can be smelted to make metal.

Very few of the crafts make any logical sense. To me, only the Soldier and Pyro seem to be truly insane. The others are just a bit casual about killing. That doesn't make them insane. He's more like the Least Insane Man. I'd argue the Pyro may not be insane because we don't know what he's thinking, but the Administrator has stated in the comics that they're all psychopaths.

Now that Meet The Pyro has been released, the Pyro looks like it may be the most insane out of all of them. Insanity has many meanings. Engineer only seems less crazy because he's friendly and soft-spoken in his video, but the guy's still an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist workaholic with a touch of paranoia. It's just that he's solidly a Defence class and doesn't usually kill with his hands. Just because you aren't violently delusional like Soldier or deeply sadistic and lacking in any kind of ethics like Medic doesn't mean you aren't severely mentally unbalanced.

You can still be polite and courteous. You can still appear like you could fit seamlessly into society. It's called sociopathy of which there are many forms and results in a total lack of empathy for anybody, and that's Spy. As for the Scout, he's a complete narcissist. And like all the other characters, he kills for money on a daily basis. What bothers me is that people talk about the mercenaries as though being psycho keeps them from being likable characters. I love every single one of these characters, and I'm not psycho.

Otherwise he would have little role on offense for Payload. I'm pretty sure the question asked how the Scout can push the cart with the strength of two people. The cart itself is a little confusing - all we see is a cart with explosives or a vehicle with teethbut it acts like a dispenser, providing ammo, metal, and health to the BLU team. It can also roll backward on its own, if unattended for a while.

So it must be a magic cart that responds to Scouts better in the same way control points do. You're assuming Scout is physically weaker than other classes because he's a Fragile Speedster. With the right technique, he could actually be very good at pushing carts. He's wearing cleats, and can get a better grip than Heavy or Soldier, with their flat-souled boots. However, the Scout and Spy here are on the same team BLUmeaning Scout should have seen the Spy, with a paper mask with the kid's face on it, if it were the Spy.

However, he must've just saw the kid, no masks involved, because the kid wasn't the Spy, so he wouldn't have confused them. What's up with that? The masks may be only for players to know if the Spy's on their team, while in universe his disguises are perfect to anyone. May or may not be a choice on the Spy's part.

Scout could also just be dumb, and think it's really Spy, even though he should've known he should be able to see the paper mask if it really was Spy. Does this mean that the RED and BLU Soldier are either the same person, or that the two Soldiers are so eerily alike that they even have similar roommates? The comics were made by different artists so I'm pretty sure it was just a mistake by the artist of the Smissmas comic.

Kind of like how "Meet the Director" had a lot of errors when it came to the mercenaries' uniforms. They share the same appearance so them sharing the same type of roommate as well isn't so odd. Maybe Merasmus can split himself into two people or he has his own double. They're just considered part of the class as a whole. Take, for example, the Spy.

It's "The Spy is sleeping with the enemy Scout's mom". He's just the Soldier's roommate. One opinion is that Scout's mom is a slut. In-Universe it's never explained if there are two of each class.

In the Mann Co. What Do You Say, Shovel? Why do noticeably enough fans posit that the Soldier talks to his shovel? Sure, he's used it for more than a decade, but it doesn't mean he must get that attached to it. I'm being pedantic about canon here, I know, but is there any source for this assumption?

As far as I can tell, it's that a there's a predecent for this sort of thing by other characters in the game read, Heavy and Sashab Soldier once had a tea party with several cardboard cutouts and chatted to them and c It's Soldier. Medic's 2nd Opinion When Demoman claims to have shagged the Medic's wife, does that mean the Medic is actually married? Or does Demo just think he is for some strange reason? What sort of woman would want to marry an unlicensed Mad Doctor who's off being a mercenary all the time, anyway?

Is she even a normal person?

team fortress 2 meet the pyro machinima etc

Or maybe she's The Baroness and way scarier than he is and he's totally whipped. Or is Demo just implicitly calling Heavy a woman, if you see what I mean? Although that would tend to backfire a bit; it would be a little odd for a s mercenary to brag about shagging a man twice his size Anyway, it seems most likely that Medic is in fact a bachelor, but Demo doesn't know that and figures that if he were married, that remark would offend him.

You seem to have answered your own question. We may never know whether or not the Medic is married, though this is a domination line, so it's meant to insult in a Your Mom sort of way. This will probably open another can of wormsbut I remember reading a fanfic that said the Medic does have a wife, and they're in an open relationship. They don't see each other much anyway. There was also a statement along the lines of "but, he thought, of all people, she could've chosen someone better than the opposing Demoman".

All fanon, but amusing to think about. Your 'most likely' possibility seems to hit the nail on the head nicely. Alternately, Demoman is constantly drunk. He could just be sleeping with Scout's mother and got confused. Adding to the Your Mom theory: Part of why "Meet The Spy" is so funny is because it's the one time out of maybe a couple hundred that the person has actually slept with the person. Most of the time, it's just a stock easy way to piss people off. They usually have never met the person's mother, or their mother turns out to be a kind of woman that person would never want to sleep with.

With another mercenary who's presumably only off the job at the same times her husband is Or she's just as crazy as he is. From what we've seen of Mags, Helen, Zhanna, Yana, Bronislava, the mercs' moms, and even Pauling, "women aren't on the team because they're too sane" is no longer an excuse.

The entire universe the game is set in is insane, and that includes the women. Airblast Jump Kinda had a moment of fridge logic here: The magic, not quite understood system called game balance.

If the Pyro could use the flamethrower's compression blast in a jump, players could theoretically get jumps before landing. I know that its obviously for game balance I'm simply point out the fridge logic involved. On another note the airblast seems to defy Newton's Third Law for every action there is an equal and opposite reactiononce again if it can knock back the Heavy of all people, shouldn't the Pyro suffer more recoil then what he seems, woo more fridge logic.

Well, there you go. There are a lot of game elements can't can't be explained. Equal and opposite reaction doesn't necessarily mean the pyro has to be blasted backwards every time he uses it. It just means the pyro is hit by the same amount of force. By using the blast at a certain angle, or having boots with a very strong grip, or some other technique, the pyro can still blow away other people and not get blown back as well.

Or supporting the robot theory, pyro is so heavy it can take that amount of force and still not be moved by it. It could be that the Pyro's flamethrower uses vectored thrust like plasguns do in Shlock Mercenary when not in Rocket Mode so he feels no net force while firing, and this extends to the compression blast. Although that raises further questions about how he doesn't have any noticeable effect on people behind him How are they going to demonstrate the Pyro spy-checking in Meet the Pyro?

Will Pyro just be that good at picking out a spy just by looking at them instead? Or they could turn friendly fire off. That would be physically impossible. Well, the answer's out: Perhaps that is why the Pyro's team is so afraid of it - he is constantly burning them in an attempt to find hidden spies!

Alternatively, they do know that wizard that likes to manipulate time I saw it as a simple Mythology Gag myself. There is a simple answer to this. It has been stated on the Catch up comic, that TFC takes place in the 's.

One would expect any of the teams to eventually beat the other at least by accident over such a long time, but it didn't happen, and this is due to the Administrator's actions. She controls both teams, and supplies them with equipment, keeping both teams carefully matched so none of them manages to fully defeat the other.

The administrator might have eventually noticed that she could spend much less on supplies and still keep the teams on stalemate if she just gave less stuff to both teams equally, and get the same result she wanted by spending much less. Un-Hats Hats that remove hats. How does that work exactly? Why can't you just have an option for the Sniper for exampleto just take it off? You expect Valve to pass up an opportunity to have more hats?

To Valve, the concept of not wearing a hat when you own a hat is quite alien. It requires extra effort to go without your hat. So how did that trip into Pyro's mind happen in-universe?

Is Pyro trolling us?

Team Fortress 2 / YMMV - TV Tropes

Only the ones before Meet the Director were filmed by the crew. Since Meet the Spy, they dropped the concept of interviewing.

Meet The Pyro

Meet the Sandvich was from BLU Spy's perspective, Meet the Spy was some action sequence paired with BLU team talking about him camera angles are simply to impossible to be placed by crews and Meet the Medic was just a private conversation. Though they brought back the interview style back in Meet the Pyro. But only for his fellow co-workers to talk about him. After Spy's comment the interview style ends. You know those Pyrovision goggles?

How they let you see as if you were looking through Pyro's eyes? Maybe a Pyrovision lens was put on the camera for certain shots of the recording. Meet The Pyro When the cherub version of Heavy trips on a lump in the path in Pyrovision when he's running toward the Pyro, did the actual Heavy trip for no particularly good reason too?

Considering how tiny and disproportionate his legs are, it kind of makes sense he might be clumsy, but imagine the chaos it could cause on the battlefield if he was The Klutz. Maybe he fell over for an actual reason, but it didn't fit with the way Pyro sees things. In real life, the Heavy had to stop for a second to turn around and rip apart a RED enemy with his minigun. How the heck can the Pyro tell apart friend and enemy? Is he helping his team by scorning them in Pyroland?

If you let even one of them get through your defenses with the bomb, you are screwed. Mecha Engineers teleport onto the battlefield and unless you find them before they set up, they put up a LV 3 sentry and a teleporter.

They will also endlessly repair their buildings, with an infinite metal reserve, and will move their buildings forward if your team is pushed back. So basically Word for the wise: Don't camp the teleporters, either; enemy bots exiting this way are Ubered for three seconds. Even the Sentry Busters. Bowman Snipers can overlap between this and Goddamned Bats.

They're the only offensive type of Sniper that don't come in occasionally for support, and they wield the Huntsman, which is already considered a powerful weapon to begin with because of Hitbox Dissonanceand the fact that a well-placed headshot can One-Hit Kill most classes.

Now imagine a horde of these enemies coming at you and pelting you with a Rain of Arrows. Without a good Medic to counter the arrows no way will a Pyro be able to reflect so many at oncethese guys will overwhelm you very fast. Mannhattan adds large Bowman Snipers, which take a fair bit of punishment and are certain to one-shot you, while being protected by a Medic.

However, they're not considered Giants, so a backstab can take them out To clarify, they are all essentially One-Hit Kill machines regardless if they're giant or not that even with maximum resistances upgraded, they will still kill you in shots, with uber canteens only lasting for a few seconds, you can bet much hair-pulling ensues when a team tries to finish a wave for dozens of these pests The jumping Samurai Demoknights exclusive to Two Cities missions.

They're mildly durable and strong to boot, but their main claim to infamy is the high jump they do before charging and circling around mid-air. This will very rarely not kill you, since their midair circling makes it incredibly difficult to land a hit, they charge for a long time in midair and thus will pretty much always charge crit if they're not already perma-kritzed, and said charge crit is a melee attack, which is not a damage type you can protect from with upgrades.

Since they're using the Half-Zatoichi, any kill they happen to make can undo much of the progress to destroy them, and the final kicker is that they're technically not giants, so they can get all three bomb buffs. Bonus Ducks, as of the End of the Line Update let-down. Depending on who you ask, the game has either recently come out of one or has simply transitioned to a different one in recent years.

In the years after 's Uber Update, which made the game Free to Play a year after microtransactions were added, there was a sharp decline in the frequency and arguably quality of the major updates aside from holidays.

For a concise list: Halloween updates that, while having amusing gimmick modes, never have anything substantial as their content is restricted to Halloween Mode and Full Moons.

Not to mention in when Bird Heads and a My Little Pony inspired hat were added for the classes, which did nothing to help the "The art style has been ruined by hats" debate. Smissmas updates that mostly just add hats, though had the bonus of adding Grordbort items for Pyro and Engineer. Which were either seen as ridiculously overpowered or completely worthless in the years that followed.

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