The legend of korra episode 8 when extremes meet online

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the legend of korra episode 8 when extremes meet online

There are many wonderful moments from this episode, so it's difficult – Sci-Fi Comic Books Movies and TV Online Video Blog Show The Legend Of Korra “When Extremes Meet” Episode 8 Review (BLOG). The Legend of Korra Episode 8: When Extremes Meet so I watch each new episode online and Nick uploads the new ones on Mondays). The Legend Of Korra Episode 8 “When Extremes Meet” Airing Today writer for the site and host the site's podcast, The Avatar Online Podcast.

But even more epic was Korra's face-off with Tarrlock afterwards. Korra kicked some serious butt! But perhaps the most jaw-dropping moment was when we got to see Tarrlock bloodbending Who knew the guy had it in him?

When Extremes Meet

It'll be interesting to see if they address how he learned that in a future episode. Additionally, we got a few more flashes of Aang, Sokka and Toph. And was it just me, or did the accused Yakone? I'm just spitballing here, but it's something to keep in mind. Until next week, it seems like we're left on a pretty brutal cliffhanger. At first, it seemed like the phone call was a red herring.

Episode ends with everyone headed to live on Air Temple Island with Korra.

the legend of korra episode 8 when extremes meet online

Meelo has an insta-crush on Hoe Cake and gets his kindergartner charm on. Jinora gives the new guys a breathless tour, which basically is a useless-information dump. Jinora knows her shizz, though. Air Temple Island is like a big crazy family with all these weird, awesome kids living there. Tarrlok—le SNAKE—has managed to bully his way into a position of power by getting the new Chief to consult him on all Equalist-related matters, which is pretty much all anyone cares about these days anyway, so Tarlock is basically the de facto CoP.

The Legend of Korra S01E08 - When Extremes Meet - video dailymotion

He really sucks so much. He was condescending, patronizing, and horrid, and leaves Korra on the verge of tears. Tenzin tells her to meditate on it. He had his friends. AWWW, tug the heartstrings! Guys, something about me: Tenzin opposes the law, arguing that it restricts the rights of the nonbenders.

Nevertheless, the rest of the Council votes in support. Innocent nonbenders are arrested by metalbending officers. After hearing reports of an Equalist threat, Team Avatar arrives on the scene only to discover that the Councilman had cut the power to the Dragon Flats boroughleaving an entire block inhabited by nonbenders without electricity.

The pleas of the people for help prompt Korra to discuss the issue with Tarrlok, though she is completely ignored; furthermore, Tarrlok starts arresting the people, claiming they are Equalists.

When Korra opposes him, he arrests Asami, Mako, and Bolin.

When Extremes Meet

The Avatar lifts two huge slabs of earth and aims at Tarrlok, who threatens to arrest her in response if she does not stop and go back to Air Temple Island. At Mako's plea, Korra reluctantly drops the earth slabs and assures her friends that she will talk to Tenzin and resolve the entire issue.

the legend of korra episode 8 when extremes meet online

When Tenzin arrives, he immediately seeks the release of Korra's friends and the innocent nonbenders, saying that they are entitled to due process of law. Chief Saikhan directs him to Tarrlok, explaining that he is the one he would need to address to resolve this issue. Korra denounces Saikhan as the worst Chief of Police ever, a statement affirmed by Tenzin. That night, Korra rides Naga to City Hallwhere she confronts Tarrlok, saying that his actions are exactly what Amon claims is wrong with benders, namely using his power to oppress and intimidate people.

Tarrlok retaliates by pointing out that she is doing the same thing by trying to intimidate him to make him release her friends, claiming they are similar in their determination to gain what they want, though Korra instantly refutes the idea.

The Legend of Korra Episode 8 When Extremes Meet Review

Tarrlok offers to release Korra's friends if she heeds his demands in the future. Korra refuses and declares the councilman to be "just as bad as Amon".

Outraged, Tarrlok lashes out at Korra, forcing her back against the wall away from him with his waterbending. To shield herself against the razor sharp icicles, Korra creates a wall of earth and manages to gain the upper hand by earthbending the fountain wall against Tarrlok, pushing him out of the room and down into the main room of City Hall. Tarrlok uses bloodbending to subdue Korra without a full moon.

the legend of korra episode 8 when extremes meet online