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Current Time /. Duration Time Remaining Time Stream Type LIVE. Loaded: 0%. Progress: 0%. Fullscreen. Mute. Playback Rate. 1. We play Blue's Clues to figure out what present Blue wants for her birthday. a land where we meet characters (celebrity guest stars!) from our favorite stories. Blue wants Steve to bring to college, Joe writes all the clues in his new notebook. Throughout the playdate, we play Polka Dots Puzzles as Polka Dots pops out. Skidoo into Season 5 of Blue's Clues for more pawprinted games and surprises! Join Joe for his first full season in the Blue's Clues house! Meet Polka Dots!.

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- Женщина лукаво подмигнула. - Меган, - сказал он печально.

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- Я полагаю, что у вашей подруги есть и фамилия. Беккер шумно вздохнул.